Larentia (ラレンティア Rarentia) is a playable character from TearRing Saga: Berwick Saga. Larentia is a dragon knight of Peshire. She was forced to abandon her country because she disagreed with its alliance with the Raze Empire.

In-Game Edit

Recruitment Edit

  • Mercenary: Appears as an enemy in Withdrawal Protection. Have her talk to Reese (either unit can initiate to conversation) and she will switch sides. She will then appear in the jail after the map's completion.
  • Permanent: Promote Reese to High Lord.

Base StatsEdit

Starting Class
Dragon Knight
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
BS SwordSword - 14
BS SpearSpear - 17
BS S ShieldS Shield - 5
Lady Shield

Growth ratesEdit

HP Str Mnd Agl Def Sword Spear S Shield
35% 25% 0% 20% 15% 30% 50% 20%

Support Relationships Edit


  • No One

Supported by

  • No One

Overview Edit

As the only recruitable flier, Larentia provides utility and contributions that cannot be replicated by anyone else. Due to the mechanics of flight in the game, Larentia can only be targeted by melee weapons if she initiates an attack, which can allow her to safely traverse certain areas with dangerous melee weapons. However, flight does have a disadvantage in that enemy units can pass through her position freely, though they cannot occupy the same tile.

Larentia's flight allows her to reach many difficult to reach enemies before anyone else, or block off points for enemies to escape the map. Additionally, because of her Watch skill, she can flush out hiding opponents (which often include archers, thieves, and assassins) to enable units to target them. This combines excellently with her flight since she can go pretty much anywhere she wants. In lategame maps, she can target Ballisticians and eliminate them before they can cause much damage. This is particularly useful on Chapters 12 and 14 due to the high might accuracy those enemies possess. She can avoid being shot down by using a Vanishstone in order to advance on them undetected.

While Larentia's stats are mediocre, she can be a more effective combat unit than those stats would indicate. Her class grants her excellent weapon selection and her status as a female unit enables use of the Ladyblade, which goes very well on her. She has exclusive access to Euphorones while she's a mercenary (as it's the only one in the game), which has high accuracy and able to inflict large amounts of damage.

Larentia also has a lot of utility with capturing, being one of the few units with Mercy, and arguably the best user due to her high mobility and access to accurate and damaging weapons. Because of this, she can be an important part for capturing strategies, making her very handy for gathering all the collector's items and full payouts for bounties.

While Larentia is no combat juggernaut, she is an incredible asset to the player and is useful in any playthrough.


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