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Not to be confused with a character with the same name from the Tellius series.

“Lady Olwen, the valley is under attack! You must ride for Fort Dandrum at once and warn them—I'll keep the enemy at bay.”

Largo is a boss character in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. He is one of the generals of Friege. He, along with Olwen, held Kempf in contempt for his cruel orders. At Noel Canyon, as Leif's forces were crossing into the region, Largo orders Olwen back to Dandrum. Largo stands firm to stop Leif's forces from entering Friege but in the end is either slain or captured. If Leif does the latter Dryas will praise him for avoiding needless bloodshed and sparing his opponent's life. As Largo carries a Great Lance, a Great Bow, a Horseslayer, and most importantly a Knight Crest, capturing him offers both a hefty challenge and a suitable reward.



Starting Class
FE5 GeneralGeneral
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
-FE5 Sword Icon Sword - A
FE5 Lance Icon Lance - A
FE5 Axe Icon Axe - D
FE5 Bow Icon Bow - C
Great LanceGreat Lance
Great BowGreat Bow
FE5knightkillerKnight Killer
Knight Proof (FE5)Knight Crest


Secret Book (Artwork)
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Like Gomes, Largo's stats are terrifyingly high for his point in the game. Largo basically sets the standard for the many General and Baron bosses the player will be facing in later chapters. A good number of the game's remaining bosses will have statistical loadouts nearly identical to those of Largo, varying only in their Magic stat and weapon loadout. For comparison, Palman, a general fought at least 7 chapters later, is no more challenging than Largo. Largo does lack access to a Master Weapon and to Magic, but somewhat makes up for this with his Leadership stars, movement stars, abnormally high luck, and nonzero Follow-up Critical Multiplier.

As with all bosses of his mold, Largo has a sizable vulnerability to Armorslayers, Hammers, and Magic, as well as a lesser vulnerability to follow-up criticals. This myriad of weaknesses renders an otherwise formidable opponent into a very beatable foe.

With high con, high luck, reasonable speed, and a nearly unbeatable 27 defense thanks to his throne, Largo is extremely difficult to capture. Players will need to weaken Largo, then send a high-build axe unit armed with a hammer to deal the finishing blow, though Largo will still have a significant chance of evading such an attack. Because units cannot be captured during the enemy phase, and because Largo possesses Movement Stars, bringing a cavalier to rescue whoever is attacking Largo would be a good idea.

If the player is incapable or unwilling to capture Largo, his Knight Crest, the most important item in his inventory, can be stolen by Lifis.


“What's the meaning of this?! Why do you trespass on our rightful land?”
—Largo's battle quote
“Argh…! So… this is how it ends…”
—Largo's death quote
“I spit on your mercy, invaders! Why not just take my head?!”
—Largo's release quote