Enemy LaslowEdit

Birthright Chapter 12Edit

Pre-Battle Quote Edit

“Hey! Don't look at me like that!”
—Laslow's pre battle quote

Vs. Corrin Edit

  • Corrin: "Who are you? I don't remember you from the castle..."
  • Laslow: "Oh, that's too bad. I've always had the highest opinion of you. I'm Laslow, one of Lord Xander's retainers."
  • Corrin: "And I suppose you're here to stop me like the others.."
  • Laslow: "Yes, per Lord Xander's orders. It does seem unfortunate."
  • Corrin: *sigh*


“Blast. I hope Xander doesn't restrict my leisure time for this...”
—Laslow's defeat quote

Birthright Chapter 26Edit

Pre-Battle Quote Edit

“My duty is to protect Lord Xander and the kingdom of Nohr, in that order. May the gods have mercy on anyone who stands against me.”
—Laslow's pre-battle quote.

Death Edit

“Haha! *cough* *cough* Sorry, friends... I won't be able to... return with you...”
—Laslow's death quote.

Revelation Chapter 13Edit

Pre-Battle QuoteEdit

“ Um... My name is Laslow. I'm sorry we had to meet this way. However, as Lord Xander's retainer, I must remove anyone in his path. Hey, why are you staring? Stop it! It's embarrassing me...”
—Laslow's pre-battle quote.


“Why are you getting in our way? Do you know something we don't?”
—Laslow's defeat quote.

My Castle Edit

Castle Grounds Edit

Alone Edit

  • "I'm in fine form today. So fine, in fact, I think my popularity might soar!" (surge)
  • "With my weapon in such condition, I'll never be caught off guard." (weapon proficiency improved)
  • "Oh, someone's dropped something. Could it have belonged to a young lady?" (found item)
  • "I do like to look sharp for the ladies, so please--pick something good, all right?" (accessory gift ask)
    • "Oh no, I can't accept this. It's way too sweet! Well, if you're sure... thank you!" (accessory gift given, item loved)
    • "You picked this out just for me? Thank you, Lord/Lady Corrin!" (accessory gift given, item liked)
    • "Wh-what? Why are you giving this to me? I won't be able to perform the Awakening!" (accessory gift, Emblem Shield)
    • "Wow, this mask brings back some really great memories! Can I try it on? Please?!" (accessory gift, Butterfly Mask)
    • "What in the... Are you serious? This even stinks like a bear!" (accessory gift, Bear Hat)
    • "Just looking at this gives me the most unwelcome, unpleasant feeling." (accessory gift, Dragon Feather)
    • "HUH?! Oh my. Oh no. I don't really get the joke, but my face is all red..." (accessory gift, Bath Towel)
    • "I don't want to be accused of being all flash and no substance. Never mind..." (accessory gift refused)
    • "You remembered my birthday?! Wow! Thank you, Lord/Lady Corrin!" (friendship birthday gift)
    • "Thanks for my birthday gift! Meeting you... It's how I know me coming here was fate." (married birthday gift)
  • "Lord Xander expects a lot from me... I must do my best not to disappoint." (idle)
  • "Thanks for stopping to chat for a bit!" (idle)
  • "WAAAH! Oh...hi. I was just dancing. A bit. I, um, thought I was alone." (idle)
  • "Ah, hello, Lord/Lady Corrin! Would you perhaps consider tea for two?" (idle)
  • "Ah, if it isn't Lord/Lady Corrin! We should spend some time together today." (idle)
  • "Lord/Lady Corrin, you should try and relax a bit. You're always working so hard." (idle)
  • "I know how hard you work. That's why I appreciate every moment you can give me." (idle, married)
  • "Oh, a traveler! Give me a call if you'd like someone to keep you company." (visiting another castle)

Asking - Normal Edit

  • "It seems I have some time to spare. What do you do in your spare time?" (hobby)
  • "Let's fight together during the next battle. Together we can conquer anything!" (team up)

Replying - Normal Edit

  • "I love to dance whenever I can. But don't we all?" (hobby)
  • "I would love to fight at your side-- thanks for asking! I'm looking forward to it." (team up)

Asking - Married Edit

Replying - Married Edit

Asking - Child Edit

Replying - Child Edit

  • "Thank you. Ha, only kidding. I don't need anything except you." (gift)

Private Quarters Edit


  • "I'm planning to chat up some girls later. Mind if I run some lines by you?" (Invite)
  • "Did Odin leave his notebook in here again? Come on! Let's read it!" (Invite)
  • "What is it, Lord/Lady Corrin? Did you want to train together?" (Invite)
  • "Well, this party just got a lot more interesting..." (Invite, Married Corrin)
“This has been fun, but I need to get in some dance practice today. Hey, I do more than just flirt!”
—Laslow's Friendship Bonding quote
“It's been great spending this one-on-one time with you. Please invite me over more often... I mean if you want to.”
—Laslow's Friendship Bonding quote
“I have finally found someone I completely trust. Here's a little secret for real name is Inigo. Shhh, don't tell anyone.”
—Laslow's Friendship Rank-Up quote


  • "Welcome home. Let me give you a squeeze!" (Entrance)
  • "At last! You've returned. Let me sweep you off your feet..." (Entrance)
  • "Welcome home, Corrin. Being here with you is like a wonderful daydream..." (Entrance)
  • "This is the happiest I've felt in a long time. Do you mind if I hold you for a while?" (Exiting)
  • "Ah, welcome home, Corrin. My face is flushed from sitting in the bath too long." (Cool Down, Entrance)
  • "Oh... Corrin! That was... amazing. Will you let me try that on you sometime?" (Cool Down, Good)
  • "Hey... that tickles! Stop, stop! I'm getting up." (Awakening, Bad)
  • "Welcome back! I got something for you—flowers almost as pretty as you are." (Flowers)
  • "I've never been so close to someone. It's a little embarrassing... Maybe we should cuddle until I feel better."
  • "I love you, sweet princess. No matter what happens, I promise to look after you for the rest of forever."
  • "From the bottom of my heart and across space and time, thank you for being my darling wife."

Armory Edit

“Please, enter! I will do my best to find you the best partner for battle.”
—When entering his shop
“Am I allowed to buy gear while I'm on duty?”
—When buying for him while he's the shopkeeper
“Just browsing here is so much fun!”
—When buying something for him
“I can't abuse my position as a shopkeeper”
—When selling his items while he's the shopkeeper
“It's embarrassing to sell something so well worn.”
—When selling his items
“Need something else? I'm here to help.”
—Before leaving his shop

Goods Edit

“Do stock up on items. You never know when you'll need one in a pinch.”
—Upon entering the shop
“Am I allowed to buy gear while I'm on duty?”
—When buying for him while he's the shopkeeper
“Just browsing here is so much fun!”
—When buying something for him
“I can't abuse my position as a shopkeeper”
—When selling his items while he's the shopkeeper
“It's embarrassing to sell something so well worn.”
—When selling his items
“Need something else? I'm here to help.”
—Before leaving his shop

Smithy Edit

“I will forge what you need. How sad that I must use our pretty ore!”
—When entering the smithy
“Will I have a deft touch, forging my own weapon?”
—When forging his weapon when he is the smith
“May I request a more dazzling weapon?”
—When forging his weapon
“Need something else? I'm here to help.”
—Before leaving his shop

Lottery Shop Edit

“I love hanging out here, I get to find out what everyone wins!”
—When entering the shop
“I do hate being the bearer of bad news. But it could have been better...”
—Upon getting a wooden ball
“Well done! It's a good prize. Try tomorrow for something even better!”
—Upon getting a silver ball
“Congratulations! You've won-big time! You'll never forget this day, will you? ”
—Upon getting a gold ball
“Need something else? I'm here to help.”
—Before leaving his shop

Arena Edit

“There's no way I can fight here! There are too many people watching...”
—When entering the arena
“I can't let you go into the arena alone. Please, let me fight by your side!”
—Partnering up with someone
“Heehee, I'm so happy that I might just start dancing around!”
“This is humiliating... All these people witnessed my defeat.”

Accessory Shop Edit

“Feel free to look around. These accessories also make fine gifts.”
—When entering the shop
“Need something else? I'm here to help.”
—Before leaving the shop

Mess Hall Edit

“This may come as a surprise, but I'm no slouch in the kitchen.”
—When entering the mess hall
“Wait just one minute!”
—Before cooking
“Here ya go! Go on... Try it! I can't wait to hear what you think!”
—After successful cooking
“I guess cooking and dancing don't mix. I should have done less dancing, more stirring.”
—After unsuccessful cooking
“This is incredible. Whoever made this is going to be the most popular chef around!”
—After eating good food
“I think this taste good, but I can see why it wouldn't be everyone's favorite.”
—After eating decent food
“*sniff* What's that rotten smell? I probably shouldn't eat this...”
—After eating bad food
“Need something else? I'm here to help.”
—Before leaving the mess hall

Prison Edit

“It's very isolated down here. I talk to the prisoners whenever I can.”
—When entering the prison
“I bet the prisoners are feeling lonely. Maybe someday, they will join our cause.”
—When persuading a prisoner
“Need something else? I'm here to help.”
—Before leaving his shop

Einherjar Shop Edit

“It's fun to buy Einherjar, but it's also sad because they don't have feelings. ”
—When entering the shop
“Need something else? I'm here to help.”
—Before leaving his shop

Hot Springs Edit

“I like the convivial atmosphere here. Maybe we can play a game together?”
—When a male Corrin enters the bath
“This is nice... It really is. I hope I can make time to come back again tomorrow.”
—Replying to the male Corrin in the bath
“Hey, I wouldn't mind you getting in here, but I think it's against the rules.”
—When a female Corrin enters (not married)
“I'm a bit embarrassed, meeting each other while wearing so little...”
—When he enters the bath with a male Corrin already present
“Huh? You want to join me? Sure, I'm OK with it if you are.”
—When a female Corrin enters (married)
“I feel it too. When I'm with you, every second brims with joy.”
—Replying to Corrin in the bath (married)

Gathering Spots Edit

“Wheat fields are really pretty. Vibrant green in the summer, golden brown in the fall...”
—Spoken to at the wheat fields
“It’s true! I’m a lover of bread, but I’ve been known to flirt with rice.”
—When spoken to at the rice field
“Look, Lord/Lady Corrin! I got some meat for you! Not bad, eh?”
—Spoken to at the hunting forest
“Got some veggies for you! Say…are our crops safe from wild animals here?”
—Spoken to at a daikon/cabbage tile
“I like the taste of fish, but I often forget how pretty they can be, too.”
—Spoken to at a fishing hole
“Just milked this dear cow here. I think she produced quite superb milk!”
—Spoken to at a dairy
“I heard there's a festival in Hoshido where they throw these at marauding demons...”
—Spoken to at a bean field
“With all the fruit we have around here, we should hold a harvest festival!”
—Spoken to at a peach/berry tile
“After a long day of mining, you're a sight for sore eyes. Here, have some ore!”
—Spoken to at a Nohrian mine
“My mother used ore just like this in order to ornament her dancing costumes.”
—Spoken to at a Nohrian mine
“I mined a great deal of ore today. I'm happy to share some with you and Lord Xander.”
—Spoken to at a Nohrian mine
“Look! You should take some of this ore. Just don't push me into the spring!”
—Spoken to at a Hoshidan spring
“Staring at these gorgeous stones fills me with joy. Here, share my happiness!”
—Spoken to at a Hoshidan spring
“Spending time at the spring puts pep in my step. And I find ore too!”
—Spoken to at a Hoshidan spring
“Nice to meet you, traveler. Our food is sure to bring a smile to your face.”
—Spoken to at a food gathering spot (visiting another castle)
“Hello there! Here, why don't you take this ore. Maybe it will remind you of your trip!”
—Spoken to at the mine (visiting another castle)

Confession Edit

“I love you, and only you. Your smile makes life worth living. I promise to keep you safe...and I swear, I'll stay by your side, always.”
—Laslow's confession quote

Roster Edit

A mercenary serving Xander in Nohr. His homeland and history are unknown. A friendly flirt, he is actually quite shy. He aims to be a dancer someday and is quite good. The biggest night owl. Born on 8/7.

Help Description Edit

Xander's shy and enigmatic retainer with a flair for philandering and dancing.

Hidden Truths Part 1: An Ylissean sellsword with a flair for philandering.

Hidden Truths Part 2: Inigo, with newfound power from Anankos, has a flair for philandering and dancing.

Birthday Edit

  • "Happy birthday, Lady/Lord Corrin. I look forward to many years of celebrating!"
  • "Happy birthday, Corrin! Besides our anniversary, this is my favourite day!" (Married)
  • Laslow Birthday happy birthday enjoy yourself
    Happy birthday, enjoy yourself!

 Final Chapter Edit

Endgame (Conquest) Edit

“You cannot die. That is not what the future holds in store. You must keep fighting!”
—Laslow's final chapter quote.

DLC Pre-BattleEdit

Beach Brawl Pre-Battle Edit

“My, my! I can only imagine the sights on display up and down the beach. Lord Xander would be such a fortunate fellow to see such delights. First things first, I need to put a stop to your nonsense. Only then can Lord Xander relax. And my, does he need to!”
—Laslow's pre-battle quote
“I was hoping Lord Xander...would tell me all... about those tropical sights.”
—When defeated

Boo Camp Pre-Battle Edit

“Attention, ladies! Yours truly is about to sally forth into battle!


Hmph. It's not as much fun when no one is watching...”
—Laslow's pre-battle quote.

Museum Melee Pre-Battle Edit

“Now, now. No need to be so selfish about our weapons. Any ladies among you lot? Perhaps we can just talk this out over tea. No? ”
—Laslow's pre-battle quote.

Ghostly Gold Pre-Battle Edit

“My, my! All nighters are rough— even for a night owl like me. Still, who could pass on all that pillow talk? I heard such fascinating secrets!”
— Laslow's pre-battle quote.

Anna on the Run Pre-BattleEdit

“I despise snow. Some wag once threw a snowball as I practiced dancing. If I ever find out who it was, they're getting a load of ice down their back!”
—Laslow's pre-battle quote.

Hidden Truths 1 Pre-BattleEdit

“So there's a world out there with these awful things in it... How unpleasant. But that means they can spy on people without them knowing it! Ugh, what an awful thought! We must get rid of them as soon as possible!”
—Inigo's pre-battle quote.

Hidden Truths 2 Pre-BattleEdit

“Time to try out my new power! This is great! This collar is embarrassing, but losing here would be even more shameful. I've got to give it my all. Mr. Anankos is counting on us!”
—Laslow's pre-battle quote.

Level Up Edit

  • "I'm so powerful, it's almost embarrassing." (6+ Stats up)
  • "If I keep this up, the ladies will surely riot!" (4-5 Stats up)
  • "Well, that was disappointing..." (2-3 Stats up)
  • "S-stop staring! I'll do better next time..." (0-1 Stats up)
  • "This is all thanks to my many lady friends!" (0-1 Stats up, most stats capped)

Class Change Edit

"Do I look cool like this? I think I do..."

Battle Edit

Dual Support Edit

  • Laslow Dual i'll be strong for you
    "I'll be strong for you."
  • Laslow Dual i won't let you down
    "I won't let you down!"
  • Laslow Dual i will protect you
    "I will protect you."
  • Laslow Dual we're not alone
    "We're not alone."
  • Laslow Dual i'll help
    "I'll help!"
  • Laslow Dual i won't leave you
    "I won't leave you."
  • Laslow Dual come on smile for me
    "Come on, smile for me!"
  • Laslow Dual let's end this here
    "Let's end this here!"
  • Laslow Dual we'll be just fine
    "We'll be just fine!"
  • Laslow Dual let's go
    "Let's go!"

Dual Strike Edit

  • Laslow Attack stay sharp
    "Stay sharp!"
  • Laslow Attack it's not over yet
    "It's not over yet!"
  • Laslow Attack here we go
    "Here we go!"
  • Laslow Attack watch this
    "Watch this!"
  • Laslow Attack how bout a two step
    "How about a two-step?"

Dual Guard Edit

  • Laslow Guard you all right
    "You alright?!"
  • Laslow Guard i won't allow it
    "I won't allow it!"
  • Laslow Guard just in time
    "Just in time!"

Critical/Skill Edit

  • Laslow Crit stop staring at me
    "Stop staring at me!"
  • Laslow Crit shall we dance
    "Shall we dance?"
  • Laslow Crit you're not going to like this
    "You're not going to like this."
  • Laslow Crit you're right where i want you
    "You're right where I want you!"

Defeated Enemy Edit

  • Laslow Win why am i feeling shy now
    "Why am I feeling shy now?"
  • Laslow Win i hope some girls are watching
    "I hope some girls are watching."
  • Laslow Win its over now
    "Whew... it's over now."
  • Laslow Win well that's that
    "Well, that's that."
  • Laslow Win learn some new steps
    "Learn some new steps."

Partner Defeated Enemy/Healed Edit

  • Laslow Partner nice moves
    "Nice moves!"
  • Laslow Partner you won that round
    "You won that round."
  • Laslow Partner thanks

Defeated by Enemy Edit

  • Laslow Defeat i'm a lover not a fighter
    I am a lover... not a.. fighter...

Death/Retreat QuotesEdit

“I…could close my eyes and be at peace…But I want to go home someday…Sorry, everyone—I need to fall back..”
—Laslow's retreat quote (classic)
“...Well, shoot. This is a pretty deep wound. Sorry, Lord Xander... I need to fall back...”
—Laslow's retreat quote (casual)
“Damn... I couldn't avoid that in time! I'm sorry, everyone... I must retreat...”
—Laslow's retreat quote in Hidden Truths 2

Special/DLC Edit

Amiibo Edit

Vs. LucinaEdit

  • Laslow: "Hm? Why, behold a fair maiden standing near! Care to chat? How about we slip off for a lovely stroll—just you and I."
  • Lucina: "Inigo?!"
  • Laslow: "Huh? Lucina?!"
  • Lucina: "Right! Yes! It's me! But why are you in this world?"
  • Laslow: "Why? I could ask the same of you! By the by, could you do me the favor of not calling me by...that name?"
  • Lucina: "Ever the man of intrigue, aren't you? Oh, you haven't changed a bit. And to be asked off for a dalliance with you—how flattering. Tell you what. If you win, I'll gladly go off with you."
  • Laslow: "Hmm. Really, Lucina? You're not just toying with me? All right then. I'll win that stroll fair and square. I do have a few questions I'd like to put to you in private. Are you truly the Lucina I know? You're as beautiful as she..."
  • Lucina: "I didn't quite catch that."
  • Laslow: "Never mind. Brace yourself, fair maiden of mystery!"

Vs. RobinEdit

  • Laslow: "..."
  • Robin: "What's wrong? Have you lost your interest in this battle?"
  • Laslow: "No, not at all. Merely taking a moment to...observe my opponent. Let us continue. Though I'm not sure I can fight my best"
  • Robin: "Ha! What a line! But I'm not fooled. This is just some sort of ruse."
  • Laslow: "It's true! You saw right through it, as've known me forever. ... (I can do this... Old friend or not) (I must battle my best!)"

Before Awakening Edit

Speaking to Chrom:

  • Laslow: I know it isn't the same time as when I left, but it still feels so good to be back. So good in fact, it makes me want to dance one of my mother's dances! La la la...
  • Chrom: You're quite an excellent dancer.
  • Laslow: What the—?! Ah, hello, Chr— Err, I mean... You're Chrom, right?
  • Chrom: Indeed I am. Who are you?
  • Laslow: My name's... Laslow.
  • Chrom: Laslow, huh? It's not often we see such a skilled dancer around here.
  • Laslow: It's a hobby, really. I wouldn't call myself a professional by any means.
  • Chrom: Really? But you're so graceful.
  • Laslow: Thank you very much! I get embarrassed easily, and I don't want to be remembered... by you...
  • Chrom: That's... a bit strange. But I can respect it if you want me to leave. I apologize for bothering you.
  • Laslow: Oh, wait! Can I ask you one thing before you go?
  • Chrom: What's that?
  • Laslow: If you meet a woman one day... One who dances like me, maybe... If you meet her, could you tell her that she's an inspiration to me? Please? And that I wish all the happiness in the world for her and her family?
  • Chrom: I... suppose I can do that, as strange as such a request is. You actually think I'll meet such a woman?
  • Laslow: I'd bet my life savings that you will.
  • Chrom: That's some confidence. All right, I promise. But in return, promise me you won't give up on your dancing and that someday... you'll come back here to entertain us all.
  • Laslow: I promise.

Beach Brawl Edit

As the battle begins:

  • Xander: Let's do this. Peri, Laslow— I will expect your best. No slacking.
  • Laslow: My, my! I would never rest on my laurels, milord. I will dance circles around the competition to win your prize.
  • Peri: I never lose.
  • Xander: Very well. I think that says it all. You both do seem eager to win the day— more than usual.
  • Peri: Of course. I live to serve. Just bring me pretty-pretty seashells!
  • Laslow: And sketch a beach beauty for me! Don't skimp on the details!
  • Xander: What...? Oh, never mind. To battle! But we will discuss this another time.
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