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“Brother, my loving brother, Reyson. The pain and sadness is in you, brother. It clouds your very soul. To see you like this, to watch you. It hurts me. not lose yourself to hate.”
—Leanne to Reyson, in Path of Radiance

Leanne is a non-playable character in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and a playable character in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. The fourth princess of the Heron tribe of the Laguz, she is the younger sister to Reyson and Rafiel and daughter to Lorazieh.

When she first awoke, she could only speak the Ancient Language. But under Nealuchi’s guidance, she has steadily learned the Tellius Language, gradually becoming able to speak it in broken sentences.


A survivor of the Serenes Massacre and the burning of Serenes Forest, on the night of the massacre, Leanne was sent to sleep by her sisters’ magic, and safely survived the ordeal, having been asleep in its depths. However it would be twenty years before she would awaken again. Prior to her discovery, Reyson and Lorazieh, her elder brother and father respectively, presumed her dead along with the rest of the Serenes herons.

Path of Radiance[]

In the midst of The Mad King’s War, Ike of the Greil Mercenaries enters the devastated Serenes Forest in search of the wayward Reyson and to capture Begnion’s Duke Oliver. Deep in the forest, Ike and his comrades are surprised to bump into a young female heron, Leanne. Ike tries to speak with her, but Leanne says something in the ancient tongue and begins to run away, only to faint on the forest floor with Oliver appearing and ordering his men to capture her. Upon hearing this, Ike grabs Leanne and fights with her on his back, Leanne still being unconscious. After Oliver's men pull back, Reyson, Tibarn and his two vassals, Janaff and Ulki, all see Ike with Leanne on his back and agree to aid them in the fight, although they remain Other Units. At this point, Leanne awakes and speaks to the two; she explains how her sisters took her to a small shrine and sung a galdr to make her sleep. The two are both surprised that she survived, and Reyson thanks the forest for keeping her safe. They also ask what Ike’s business in everything is, and he explains that he works for Begnion’s Apostle Sanaki, who wishes to make amends for the Serenes Massacre. Reyson is cynical at first, but agrees to meet with her.

Sanaki appears and immediately kneels down before the heron siblings. Although she understands it will do little to ease their pain, she apologizes on behalf of her citizens, for causing the tragic event. Reyson appears unmoved, but Leanne moves to Sanaki’s side and forgives her, asking her to stand back up. Leanne says that Sanaki’s apology was sincere and tells Reyson to forgive her. Reyson is infuriated; he tells Leanne that there’s no way he can ever forgive Begnion, and he says that she wouldn’t know anything since she was asleep the whole time. Leanne replies saying that she knows, because the forest told her everything. Moreover, she explains how she cannot bear to see Reyson live his life clouded by hatred, like he currently is. Reyson understands and, although reluctant, forgives Sanaki. Soon afterwards, Reyson and Leanne invite everyone to the forest altar for a special display. The two sing the galdr of rebirth, a powerful song that restores life back into the forest; the ruined trees and soil become green once more.

With everything seemingly resolved, Reyson and Leanne together go to Phoenicis, where her bedridden father resides and under the supervision of King Tibarn. But as Ike and the Crimean Liberation Army make their first advance at Tor Garen, Leanne reappears with Reyson, Tibarn, Ulki, and Janaff. She goes back to Phoenicis with only Tibarn accompanying her and she stays there. However, the Black Knight captures her at Ashnard's command in hopes of having her release the dark god in Lehran's Medallion, although in actuality she cannot. She is imprisoned in Gritnea Tower in Crimea. It is here that she is rescued by Naesala while Ike and Tibarn make their advance on the tower. After the final battle, Leanne notices that Ashnard’s wyvern mount, who is still barely alive, might be a Laguz. Reyson is unsure, but agrees to check to be on the safe side. The two sing the galdr of rebirth, just like in the forest, and sure enough the wyvern returns to its original form- Rajaion, a dragon Laguz. Ena is then able to be with Rajaion, her sweetheart, in his final moments. Finally, Mist approaches Reyson and Leanne, and offers to return Lehran’s Medallion back to them. Reyson tells Leanne to take it, and Leanne graciously accepts the medallion. She then goes with Reyson to Gallia as guests of the king, taking their father along with them. Before leaving, Leanne thanks her Beorc friends for everything that they’ve done.

Radiant Dawn[]

After the Mad King’s War, Leanne lived in the care of Castle Gallia. However, her eldest brother Rafiel brought word of the truth behind the Serenes Massacre which caused the Laguz and Beorc to edge closer to war. In order to help put a stop to the conflict, Leanne and Nealuchi traveled to Castle Crimea together. Along the way, Leanne finds herself under attack by Begnion’s Wyvern Riders, who wish to claim her as their prize. Luckily, Queen Elincia was hovering around in the regions close by, and immediately comes to her rescue.

Back at the Crimean royal palace, Leanne tries to explain that she is looking for Ike for some urgent reason. It is revealed later that she has come seeking to tell him about the upcoming war between Begnion and the Laguz Alliance. However, Ike and his group have gone missing for a long time, so Leanne decides to stay at Crimea for a while.

During this time, Elincia uncovers a plot to overthrow her as queen. She sends Lucia to Felirae to uncover evidence of Duke Felirae’s involvement in the plot, and Leanne sneakily follows, hoping to be of some help. Lucia eventually finds suitable evidence and returns to the palace. At the same time, the investigation into Ike’s whereabouts also reap results, although ultimately they could not be found. Elincia is shocked when Leanne responds in the modern tongue, and Nealuchi explains that Leanne has since been studying the language. Elincia also realizes that she cannot hide her hurting feelings from Leanne, as members of the heron tribe can look into people’s hearts, and she cries into Leanne’s chest, with Leanne comforting her.

In Part 3, the truth finally comes out- the Laguz and Begnion have declared war against one another, following Rafiel’s revelation that the Serenes Massacre was caused by the Begnion imperial senate. Leanne originally tried to meet with Ike to find a way to stop this war, to save her brothers. However, in the end, the war goes ahead as planned. Leanne next appears with Tibarn at Orribes Bridge, where she temporarily substitutes for Reyson, who had collapsed from exhaustion. Afterwards, she stays in the backlines, watching over Lehran’s Medallion. In the Endgame of part 3, she is given the task of keeping Yune imprisoned during the fight while Reyson and Rafiel take to the battlefield on opposing sides. As the war reaches it climax, the chaotic energies of the medallion prove to be too powerful for even Leanne to handle, and she faints. Not long afterwards, the deity sealed within the medallion is released.

After Ashera awakens, Leanne goes with the Silver Army along with Naesala and can, depending on the player's choice of heron, accompany the heroes in the Tower of Guidance to the final showdown with Ashera. Near the beginning of Part 4, Leanne reunites with Naesala and Nealuchi. However, Naesala is under fire from Skrimir, who harasses him for causing the defeat of Phoenicis’ troops in the war with Begnion. Eventually Skrimir’s temper reaches its max and he threatens to attack Naesala. Suddenly, Leanne moves in front of Naesala and tells Skrimir not to “bully” Naesala any longer. Skrimir does not listen, which forces Naesala to lift Leanne, as well as Nealuchi, into the safety of the air. Skrimir angrily leaves and Leanne praises Naesala for his bravery.

After the world is saved, Apostle Sanaki returns possession of Serenes Forest back to the heron tribe. Leanne and the other bird tribe members agree to live there, together, in the new Kingdom of Serenes. Afterwards, along with her father, who was awakened by Rafiel’s ceremony, Leanne sings songs to motivate those in the process of building the new kingdom. Also, if she has an A Support with Naesala, they marry and raise two children: a heron girl and a raven boy.


Leanne is very compassionate, and uses her ability to see into the hearts of others to give sympathy to those in need. However, due to her role in the Serenes Massacre, Leanne is innocent and somewhat childish. In some aspects, Leanne is much like her brother, Reyson, where she can be stubborn to the point of getting her way, as she has been stated by Nealuchi, and Elincia.

She also shows the more stubborn side to herself that refuses to yield when she puts her mind to something –whether it was the influence of her elder brother Reyson or already within her own nature is unknown. She even surprised Lucia by declaring that she wanted to accompany her to Felirae to find evidence that Ludveck was behind the rebellion.

In Game[]

Path of Radiance[]

NPC Stats[]

Starting ClassAffinity
FE9 Leanne Heron Sprite HeronFE9Wind Wind
SkillsWeaponStarting Items

Radiant Dawn[]


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Endgame
P 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 E P 1 2 3 E P 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 E P 1 2 3 4 5 E A1 A2 A3 A4 A5

◎=Forced ○=Available □=Available for selection ╳=Not allowed

Base Stats[]

Starting ClassAffinity
FE10 Leanne Heron (Untransformed) Sprite
Heron (Untransformed)

FE10 Leanne Heron (Transformed) Sprite
Heron (Transformed)
FE10Water Water








SkillsWeaponStarting Items
Blessing Blessing
Galdrar Galdrar
Shove Shove
Canto Canto
-FE10concoction Concoction

Growth Rates[]

HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
60% 0% 40% 10% 20% 80% 10% 40%


RD Biorhythm B

Bond Support[]


Secret Book (Artwork)
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.

Out of the three herons available in Radiant Dawn, Leanne is considered the most balanced. While transformed, she has more movement than Rafiel but less than Reyson. She is capable of refreshing two units per turn, while Reyson is capable of only one (untransformed) and Rafiel of four. The real downside about her is the low level she joins with, however the player can choose to spend their experience points on Leanne. She will always have high Luck, HP and Resistance, with the best Luck and Magic growth of all the herons, the former tied with Rafiel, focusing more on Magic and Luck. In the long run, Reyson is a more popular choice because how much easier he is to use. She is a rather good heron candidate for The Tower of Guidance.

Fire Emblem Engage[]

Bond Ring[]

Princess of Serenes on Tellius, a continent in another world. Miraculously escaped unharmed when her homeland was destroyed. She is pure of heart and can heal her allies' fatigue with her Galdr.
Bond Ring Leanne
FE17 C Rank Bond RingC Rank Lck +1
FE17 B Rank Bond RingB Rank HP +2 Lck +1
World FE17 A Rank Bond RingA Rank HP +2 Lck +1 Res +1
Micaiah Emblem Ring Dawn Maiden FE17 S Rank Bond RingS Rank HP +2 Lck +2 Res +1

Fire Emblem Heroes[]

Forest's Song
Princess of Serenes. Reyson's younger sister. She speaks the ancient tongue and has not yet mastered the language of Tellius. Appears in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.

Base Stats[]

Rarity: ✯✯✯✯✯

Heroes Leanne SpriteTitle
Forest's Song
Heroes Flying Flying
FEH skill offense Heron Wing
FEH skill support Sing
FEH Colorless Beast Beast


FEH skill offenseHatchling (Flier)---
Fledgling (Flier)---
Adult (Flier)---
Heron Wing-FEH Star Rarity 5-
FEH skill supportSing-FEH Star Rarity 5-
AFEH Warding Stance 1 Warding Stance 1--
FEH Mirror Stance 1 Mirror Stance 1FEH Warding Stance 1 Warding Stance 1-
FEH Mirror Stance 2 Mirror Stance 2FEH Mirror Stance 1 Mirror Stance 1FEH Star Rarity 5
BFEH Flier Formation 1 Flier Formation 1--
FEH Flier Formation 2 Flier Formation 2FEH Flier Formation 1 Flier Formation 1-
FEH Flier Formation 3 Flier Formation 3FEH Flier Formation 2 Flier Formation 2FEH Star Rarity 5
CFEH Hone Spd 1 Hone Spd 1--
FEH Hone Spd 2 Hone Spd 2FEH Hone Spd 1 Hone Spd 1-
FEH Hone Beasts Hone BeastsFEH Hone Spd 2 Hone Spd 2FEH Star Rarity 5


Secret Book (Artwork)
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.
Base Kit[]

Leanne introduced as one of the first Beast units in Heroes and the first Colorless Beast unit as a result who also happens to be a Flier unit as well. As one of the weapon types' heralds, Leanne fills the role of a Supportive unit unlike the offensive oriented Tibarn, Nailah, and Naesala introduced alongside her and her brother Reyson. Her excellent Spd and solid Res are her strongest traits, the latter allowing her to run Ploys if needed, especially if she has a Boon in it. Unfortunately, she has low Atk, which means that despite her likeliness to double her enemy, she will not be dealing particularly noteworthy damage. Much like her role in Radiant Dawn, she is not supposed to be used for combat. Instead, her strength comes from her ability to Sing for her allies, granting them another turn. In tandem with her Beast weapon, she is an incredibly strong refresher unit who works wonderfully on any sort of team, but is particularly strong on Beast/Dragon oriented teams.

Heron Wing innately grants her a +3 boost to her Spd and any ally within two spaces of her at the start of her turn will heal 7 HP. When either not adjacent to an ally or adjacent only to Beast and Dragon units, she transforms, granting her an additional +3 Atk and one extra movement. This gives her superior mobility and allows her to travel essentially the range of a cavalry unit to dance a unit.

Mirror Stance increases her Atk and Res by 4 when attacked, boosting her to a decent extent, but ideally she should not be fighting at all if possible. Nonetheless it can help against taking hits from Mages and Dragons who are ideally the only units she should be exposed to if necessary. Should she find herself untransformed or with a movement debuff, Flier Formation gives her further mobility on Flier teams by placing her adjacent to any flier within two spaces of her. Hone Beasts is a valuable supportive Skill C when used on Flier teams and increases the threat of powerful Beast units like Tibarn, Caineghis, and Nailah.


Leanne's Def and physical bulk as a whole is pitifully low and any sort of physical unit can dispatch her with ease. Bows in particular can kill her in a single volley, if not a single hit. Raventomes, despite targeting her higher Res, inflict a color disadvantage on her, which is further increased when they have Triangle Adept further dampening her damage and increasing theirs. Bridal Fjorm and Mila can also easily inflict her with [Isolation] which disables her ability to Sing, as both handily outstrip her in the required stats (HP for Fjorm, Def for Mila).

Skill Inheritance[]

Lacking a Special skill, Moonbow is a good option as Leanne's low Atk needs the partial Def ignoring effect of it to deal decent damage. Her Spd and Res can also be used to run Iceberg as well. Wings of Mercy is still a worthy option just to ensure that she can get to her injured allies in a pinch despite her already massive movement range. Chill skills can also be considered to give her better synergy with her teammates if not worried about the movement ranges. Hone Beasts is her best option if used on Beast teams, but Hone Fliers can give her a place on Flier teams as well. Otherwise, Skill C can be flexibly built for mixed teams and she can run Ploy skills as she has enough Res to inflict the debuff on a decent portion of the Heroes cast.

Should heavier investment be desired, Leanne can be kitted to better fight dragons and mages. Distant Ward will give additional boosts to Atk and Res if she is attacked with magic and allows her to counterattack ranged magic users. Leanne can also inherit Rein skills as she is a flier, which will drop the stats of all enemies within two spaces during combat; Attack Speed Rein is recommended as it increases the survivability of both allies and Leanne herself. Speed Resistance Solo is a strong Sacred Seal option as she will be encouraged to be alone on non-Beast and non-Dragon teams, which will ensure she gets healthy boost to both of her most important stats. With enough Spd and Res stacking, Glacies becomes a viable option for a Special - it will seriously cripple or kill all but the hardiest enemies with her Res stacked so high, and she has the Spd to activate it fairly often if she sticks to tanking magic.

Meet Some of the Heroes[]

Forest's Song Leanne
Leanne forests song pop01 Leanne is a princess of the heron laguz. Some say she's the most beautiful of all the laguz… She certainly looks like a fairy-tale princess! (Meanwhile, I'm just an ordinary princess…)
Leanne forests song pop02 There was a bitter divide between the laguz and the beorc, which led to the Serenes Massacre. That night, Leanne received the protection of Serenes Forest and fell into a seemingly endless slumber. While wandering the forest, she eventually encountered Ike and friends!
Leanne forests song pop03 Leanne takes the form of a heron with brilliant white wings when she transforms. Much like her brother Reyson she supports her allies by singing galdrar, songs with magical power.
Leanne forests song pop04 When the war between the Laguz Alliance and Begnion started, Leanne took her brother's place on the battlefield. She's a princess who's brave as well as kind!
Closely Associated Characters
Reyson Prince of Serenes, the former kingdom of the heron laguz. Brother of Leanne. Frail, but strong willed. Some time after the Serenes Massacre, he is reunited with Leanne, who was under the protection of the Greil Mercenaries.
Naesala King of Kilvas and leader of the raven clan. He uses his cunning as a weapon and won't shy away from dirtying his hands. A childhood friend of Leanne's.


Death Quotes[]

“(Ahh! Such a wound... Please, don't be angry with me.)”

If Ike is in the party[]

  • Leanne: (Aah......)
  • Ike: Leanne...! Retreat for now! Your life's worth more than your songs. Don't throw it away.
  • Leanne: (I'm sorry, Ike, sir...)

If Nealuchi is in the party[]

  • Leanne: (Aa... Brother... F-Father...)
  • Nealuchi: P-Princess Leanne!? Princess! Princess!!!

Part 2, Prologue[]

  • Leanne: (Ah... Nealuchi...)
  • Elincia: No! Princess Leanne! There's nothing... I can do... Why couldn't I save you...

Endgame, Part 1[]

  • Leanne: (Ow...)
  • Ike: Leanne! That's enough. Fall back. We can make do without your galdr, but we need you alive.
  • Leanne: (My apologies, Sir Ike...)


Leanne/Heroes Quotes

Possible Endings[]

Mesmerizing Chanteur (麗しき歌姫)
Leanne and her father made the forest echo with songs to stir pride in all those toiling to build the new kingdom.
Leanne and Naesala
Leanne was united with Naesala, whom she had always loved. Together they raised a heron girl and a raven boy.

Non-Canon Appearances[]

Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher)[]

Leanne is illustrated in the trading card game Fire Emblem Cipher with the following cards:

Choose Your Legends Placement History[]

Round Placement Character Version Votes

CYL1 277 CYL Leanne RD Portrait
Radiant Dawn
309 CYL Leanne POR Portrait
Path of Radiance
CYL2 142
CYL Leanne RD Portrait
Radiant Dawn
CYL Leanne POR Portrait
Path of Radiance
CYL3 183
CYL Leanne POR Portrait
Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn
CYL4 310
CYL Leanne RD Portrait
Radiant Dawn/Path of Radiance
CYL5 324
CYL Leanne RD Portrait
Radiant Dawn/Path of Radiance
CYL6 302
CYL Leanne RD Portrait
Radiant Dawn/Path of Radiance

CYL7 290
CYL Leanne RD Portrait
Radiant Dawn/Path of Radiance


  • In Path of Radiance, you can see Leanne's stats by looking at Ike's and switching to his traveler's.
  • During the same chapter, Leanne's affinity is seen as Wind, yet in Radiant Dawn, it is Water.
  • She is noted to be at least 70 years of age in Radiant Dawn, thirty or so years younger than her brother Reyson, who is 100.


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