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“Aurelis was free, but Marth and his army- now known as the Archanean League- still had much work ahead of them. They followed the middleroad south, bound for Archanea Palace- a perilous route, for it took them right into Lefcandith Valley and the jaws of trouble. The countless fortresses lining the valley made it a veritable gauntlet, and compounding the danger was the presence of the Whitewings, a knightly order led by Princess Minerva of Medon. 'Twould be a fierce battle...”
—Opening Narration

Lefcandith Gauntlet is Chapter 7 of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. You will meet the Whitewings and your first Manakete.

Enemy Reinforcements

When entering the bottom half of the map, 4 Cavaliers will spawn each round in the 4 forts. The Cavaliers will eventually stop spawning, but the mechanics for how this is detected are unknown - note that if the forts are blocked for a long time, people have seen them still resume spawns afterward, so it's possible that 0-cavalier spawns don't "count" and just cause the wave to be pushed back to the next turn. Use caution!).

One of the reinforcements will carry a Ridersbane, so be wary if you send some of your own mounted units near the forts.


Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

Items Price
Iron Sword 400
Steel Sword 875
Iron Lance 480
Hand Axe 540
Iron Bow 440
Steel Bow 770


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Bantu, an old Manakete, can be recruited in this chapter. His stats are terrible, but if you picked up a Firestone while finishing up Champions of Aurelis, he proves to be a very powerful unit for 30 attacks. You will not find another Firestone until Chapter 17. It is recommended that you do not abuse him, because once he runs out of uses for his Firestone, he is completely useless in battle.


  • Minerva and her Whitewings will not attack you during this chapter, unless you attack them. She is being ordered around by Harmein and eventually, she and her Whitewings will leave the battlefield.
  • It should be noted that killing Minerva and her knights, Est, Palla, and Catria, will not eliminate them from the game. They will retreat, meaning you can kill them for the experience. However, defeating Minerva will cause the rest of her knights to immediately retreat.
  • If you ARE determined to attack them for exp, do not enter close-combat with Minerva. Her Hauteclare is the most lethal axe in the game, and will most likely kill any unit in a single blow.
  • Gordin, a reclassed Draug, or Castor can really shine here. Most of the time, a single arrow from an Iron Bow can kill any flying unit here for easy exp.
  • Harmein drops a Silver Axe, and you will probably need an Armorslayer or Hammer to defeat him, although the latter will be very inaccurate.
  • TIP: A strong archer like Frey, reclassed, will be useful for taking out the Pegasus Knights in this chapter.
  • TIP: Send Caeda and three weak cavaliers to block the forts in the bottom half of the map
  • TIP: You can block the two spawning cavaliers on each side with a single unit in front of them because they're between two peaks. With four unit for the third cavalier you can defeat each incoming waves for easy XP


Lefcandith appears to be named after the Ancient Greek town of Lefkandi, in line with other place names in Archanea, which are taken from Ancient Greek places.