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The Leicester Alliance (レスター諸侯同盟 Resutā Shokō Dōmei) is one of three nations on the continent of Fódlan.


The Leicester Alliance is located in eastern Fódlan, a temperate region of plains and mountains. Leicester Alliance Founding Day is celebrated annually on the 8th of the Horsebow Moon.

In contrast with the other two countries of Fódlan, the Alliance's relationship with the Church of Seiros is neither especially warm nor antagonistic.

Garreg Mach Monastery in central Fódlan organizes its students into three houses, with each house representing a different nation. Students from the Leicester Alliance are members of the Golden Deer.


Unlike other territories, the Leicester Alliance is a league of multiple noble families who refuse to swear fealty to any king or emperor. Instead, the Alliance is ruled jointly as a republic through roundtable conferences between the five most prominent allied dukes called the the Five Great Lords, which is led by House Riegan and joined by the heads of House Goneril, House Gloucester, House Ordelia and House Edmund, all of which convene at the capital city of Derdriu. Each house's territory is technically an autonomous region, though they all swear reciprocal oaths of allegiance to each other.

Although membership in the Roundtable is generally hereditary, it is not permanent; House Daphnel was once a member of the Roundtable, but forfeited their seat to House Edmund after an internal dispute led to half of its members defecting to the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and forming House Galatea.


The Alliance's military is derived from the troops maintained by each of its noble houses, which cooperate for mutual defense. In particular, House Goneril is chiefly tasked with military strikes and defense against the aggressive neighboring kingdom of Almyra. Soldiers of the Alliance are known for their skill with bows.


In Imperial Year 801, only a few decades after the secession of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus from the Adrestian Empire, the nobles of the Leicester region also rebelled against the Empire, which found itself unable to reassert control. The Kingdom saw an opportunity to increase its political power and invaded, occupying and annexing Leicester. In 861, the three sons of the late King Klaus I divided the Kingdom between themselves, with one prince ruling Leicester as an archduke. In 881, upon the death of the archduke, the nobles of Leicester rejected his heir and launched a second bid for independence led by the influential Duke of Riegan, who himself belonged to a cadet branch of the Blaiddyd royal family. The Crescent Moon War ended in 901 with the nobles of Leicester gaining independence from the Kingdom and forming the Leicester Alliance.

The neighboring kingdom of Almyra invaded the Alliance in 961. The invasion was narrowly turned back with the help of an army from the Adrestian Empire. In 1101, the Alliance cooperated with the Empire and the Kingdom to construct Fódlan's Locket, a fortress in the mountains of Fódlan's Throat designed to counter further invasions from Almyra.

At some point, Godfrey von Riegan, son and heir of the reigning Duke Oswald von Riegan, passed away and left the house's future in jeopardy. In 1179, Claude von Riegan, grandson of Oswald through his mother, was legitimized as House Riegan's heir.

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After Edelgard declared war on the Church, Claude returned to Leicester and took charge of the Alliance. The country was fractured between the faction who supported the Church, led by Houses Riegan and Goneril, and the faction who supported the Empire, led by Houses Gloucester and Ordelia. Claude spent the next five years deliberately stirring up conflict between the factions in an effort to maintain a pretense of neutrality.

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Possible futuresEdit

The Alliance's history after 1180 differs depending on which student house that Byleth chose to teach at the Officers Academy.

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If the Golden Deer was chosen, after retaking the monastery to use as a base of operations, Claude and his allies launched a campaign against Adrestia by taking the Great Bridge of Myrddin on the Imperial-Alliance border to use as a foothold. After a brutal three-way battle between Adrestia, Faerghus, and Leicester known as the Battle at Gronder, which resulted in the death of exiled Prince Dimitri and the effective end of the Kingdom, Claude conquered Fort Merceus. He then invaded Enbarr and slew Edelgard, bringing an end to the war and the Empire. Afterwards, Claude learned of a secret cult called "Those Who Slither in the Dark" who were planning to conquer Fódlan for themselves and had a key role in triggering the war between the Empire and the Church. Claude led the invasion of the cult's stronghold, Shambhala, and defeated both their leader Thales and the Liberation King Nemesis, resurrected in a last-ditch effort to wipe out the people of Fódlan. With the conflicts plaguing Fódlan finally over, Claude disbanded the Alliance and helped found the United Kingdom of Fódlan to govern the continent under Byleth's rule.

If the Black Eagles were chosen, and Byleth sided with the Church upon learning of Edelgard's desire to overthrow it, Claude aided the resistance forces by attacking Gloucester's army so that the Resistance could conquer the Great Bridge of Myrddin. He later led an invasion of the Empire, but vanished after the Battle at Gronder. The Alliance effectively ceased to exist after Claude's defeat, and its territories were absorbed by the nascent United Kingdom of Fódlan.

If the Black Eagles were chosen and Byleth sided with Edelgard upon learning of her desire to overthrow the Church, their reawakening decisively tipped the war in the Empire's favor. Adrestia invaded Leicester as a precursor to their conflict with the Kingdom and Church. Claude drew Adrestian forces to Derdriu with the intent of ending the conflict as quickly and with as few casualties as possible; he was defeated and either killed or forced into exile, and the Alliance was annexed back into the Empire.

If the Blue Lions were chosen, Claude aided Kingdom forces by attacking Gloucester's army so that the Resistance could conquer the Great Bridge of Myrddin. He later led an invasion of the Empire, but was defeated and forced to retreat at the Battle at Gronder. Imperial forces led by Volkhard later took advantage of the damage done to Leicester and the Kingdom army being occupied with the liberation of Fhirdiad to launch an invasion of the Alliance. Claude lured the Imperial forces to the Alliance capital of Derdriu, where Dimitri arrived in time to rescue him and crush the imperial forces in a pincer attack. In the aftermath, Claude disbanded the Alliance and ceded its territories back to the Kingdom.

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Leicester is a city and unitary authority area in the East Midlands of England. It is said that the city was founded by King Leir, then known as Cair Lerion. Leir was also the basis of the character eponymous character from the Shakespearean play King Lear, whose daughters' names also appear as locations in the Leicester Alliance: Goneril, Riegan, and Ordelia, likely derived from Cordelia. Other characters from the play referenced as locations include the Earl of Gloucester and his son Edmund.


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