Leif's Blade (リーフの宝剣 Rīfu no Hōken, lit. Leaf's Treasure Sword) is a special Sword that hails from Fire Emblem Awakening. It can be obtained by getting 1,500 Renown.

When equipped, it grants Despoil to the unit wielding it.

Weapon StatsEdit

Name Type

Leif's Blade FE13 Leif's Blade

SwordIconFE13 Sword

Rank Uses Mt Hit Crt Rng WEx Worth
D 20 4 95% 30% 1  ? 820*

Allows the wielder to steal a Bullion (S) if he/she defeats the enemy, with the activation percentage determined by his/her Luck. (Can activate if the enemy is slain with a Dual Strike)

*Sells for 1/4 of its worth instead of 1/2

Item LocationsEdit

Method Location
Event Tiles --
Barracks Lost item.
Renown Bonus Attain 1,500 Renown points to claim the sword; Only one may be obtained through this method per save game file.
SpotPass Leif


  • The appearance of the sword is based on the Thracia 776 design for the Light Brand, Leif's personal weapon in that game.
  • The Effect may be in reference to the capturing mechanic from Thracia 776


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