Intro Cutscene Edit

  • "If you pine for oblivion so... who am I to deny you? In fact, I'll help you along!"

Switching to Character Edit

  • "I'll happily fight."

Ally Assist Edit

Healed by Elise

  • "I'm sorry you had to see me in such a pathetic state, Elise."

Help Edit

  • ""

Awakening Lines Edit

Awakening Mode

  • ”You can’t hide from me!”

Strike Beginninng

  • "I will erase you! Brynhildr!”


  • ”Contemptible fool.”

Critical Lines Edit

Alone Edit


  • "Nothing but cinders!"


  • "You should've surrendered."
  • "No mercy for you."
  • "So unworthy."

Dual Strike Lines (neutral) Edit

As Vanguard

  • "Let's show these fools."

As Support

  • ""


  • "You face us now!"

Dual Strike (special) Edit

With Corrin Edit

With Corrin as Support

  • Corrin: "Leo! Win and my tomato stash is yours!"
  • Leo: "Really!? Excellent!"

With Corrin as Vanguard

  • Leo: "There's no time like the present."
  • Corrin: "Yes, leave it to me!"
With Takumi Edit

With Takumi as Support

  • Takumi: "You can handle these guys, right?"
  • Leo: "I could ask the same of you, Prince Takumi."

With Takumi as Vanguard

  • Leo: "Our foes must be mad."
  • Takumi: "Heh, wait until you see them after this!"
With Sakura Edit

With Sakura as Support

  • Sakura: "Leo, can we do this together?"
  • Leo: "Through action we grow stronger."

With Sakura as Vanguard

  • Leo: "Easy does it, Princess Sakura."
  • Sakura: "Here I am!"
With Camilla Edit

With Camilla as Vanguard

  • ""With Camilla as Support
  • Camilla: "Shall we fight side by side, Leo?"
  • Leo: "After you, Camilla."
With Elise Edit

With Elise as Vanguard

  • Leo: "You must time this carefully."
  • Elise: "I knew I could count on you!"

With Elise as Support

  • Elise: "Let's attack over here, Leo!"
  • Leo: "Do not stray from my side, Elise."
With Cordelia Edit

With Cordelia as Support

  • Cordelia: "Will you help me, Lord Leo?"
  • Leo: "At once, Cordelia."

With Cordelia as Vanguard

  • Leo: ""
  • Cordelia: ""
With Niles Edit

With Niles as Support

  • Niles: “Allow me to help, Lord Leo!”
  • Leo: “Very well, Niles. We shall join forces!”

With Niles as Support (Support Level A+)

  • Niles: “I’m all over this, Lord Leo!”
  • Leo: “Don’t overstep your bounds.”

With Niles as Vanguard

  • Leo: “Assist me, Niles!”
  • Niles: “Anything for you, Lord Leo!”

With Niles as Vanguard (Support Level A+)

  • Leo: “You’ll clean up after this, yes?”
  • Niles: “Oh yes. I know how you like it.”
With Minerva Edit

With Minerva as Support

  • Minerva: "Do you mind, Leo?"
  • Leo: "By all means, Princess Minerva."

With Minerva as Vanguard

  • Leo: "Shall we, Princess Minerva?"
  • Minerva: "Yes! Whenever you're ready!"
With Owain Edit

With Owain as Support

  • Owain: "Awaken and join me! Prince of Darkness!"
  • Leo: "Yes yes, you shall have my cooperation."

With Owain as Vanguard

  • Leo: "Is this the Luminary Uppercut routine?"
  • Owain: "You named our dual special attack?!"
With Tharja Edit

With Tharja as Vanguard

  • Leo: "Shall we curse them together, Tharja?"
  • Tharja: "If you think you can keep up."

With Tharja as Support

  • Tharja: "Let's combine our spells..."
  • Leo: "It's worth a shot. Let's go!"

During Battle Edit

When an Ally is defeated

  • "Ungh... That wasn't supposed to happen. I thought..."

Facing/Defeating an Enemy Edit

Defeating an officer

  • "A savage beating is the best way to introduce oneself to an enemy."
  • "In a contest of style, none can compare."
  • "That was an uncommonly enjoyable bout."
  • "Consider their commander crushed."
  • "This has been a day well spent."
  • "You seem well suited to groveling."

Defeating a Hoshidan

  • "You? You are powerless before Nohr.”

Defeating Rowan

  • "You're showing promise. But a style of pure offense won't work against me."

Defeating Takumi

  • "Challenge me anytime, Prince Takumi. I'll defeat you without fail."

Defeating Xander

  • “I...beat Xander? No... He must have been holding back.”

Defeating Niles

  • "I had to win. It wouldn't do to be seen defeated by your own retainer."

Praise Lines Edit


  • "Nicely done. Don't think your prowess has escaped my notice."

To Xander

  • Leo: "You're as fierce as they say. I hope to be just as strong someday soon."
  • Xander: "Have patience, Leo. One day you'll be even more powerful than me."

From Xander

  • Xander: "Well done, Leo! Even I'd hate to go up against you."
  • Leo: "If I did well, it was by your example. I hope my performance pleased you."

To Camilla

  • Leo: "You are a terror to behold, my sister. I couldn't take my eyes off the carnage..."
  • Camilla: "You're powerful yourself, Leo. I shall be keeping a very close eye on your growth."

From Camilla

  • Camilla: "Remarkable, Leo! I'll be keeping a close eye on your progress."
  • Leo: "Please do. I strive ever upward when it comes to power in battle."

To Elise

  • Leo: "Not bad, Elise. But you have a ways to go yet..."
  • Elise: "Maybe I'll become even stronger than you, Leo."

From Elise

  • Elise: "You're as clever as you are smart. Typical big brother!"
  • Leo: "This is average, I'd say. Anyone who's clever can easily do at least as well."

To Celica

  • "You're a marvel on the battlefield, Celica. It's a pleasure to watch you work."

From Celica

  • Celica: "You're in fine form, Leo! Even your collar is on correctly."
  • Leo: "Yes, I double-checked before setting out. ...But that has nothing to do with it!"

To Niles

  • Leo: "Was that all for me, Niles? You make me proud to be your lord."
  • Niles: "There is nothing I wouldn't do for you, milord."

From Niles

  • Niles: "No one can bring as many men to their knees as you, Lord Leo."
  • Leo: "There's no other way you could phrase that, is there? Thank you for the...praise."

Base in Danger Edit

  • (at risk) "Too much attack and too little defense."
  • (in peril) "Ugh... To the base, and quickly! We haven't a moment to lose!"

Death Lines Edit

  • "I'm in no shape to fight... This is galling, but I am forced to withdraw."

Game over Line

  • "Damn! This is unacceptable..."

After Battle Edit

Victory Cutscene Edit

  • "Obviously..."

MVP Edit

  • "

Level Up Edit

  • "I grow more fearsome each day."
  • "I draw strength from my royal blood."
  • "As I'd expect."

Support Increased Line Edit

  • "
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