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“Hm. Imagine a grand ship sailing on a vast sea, Caspar. One day, it crosses the path of a vicious storm and begins to sink. Some panic and jump overboard. Others resign themselves to their fates and let the tempest do what it will. Yet more rob their fellow sailors for meaningless plunder, while another group clings to the helm, searching desperately to reverse their fortunes. And us? We stand proud at the bow, serenading our crew as the waves lap at their feet. Our voices are like thunder piercing through the chaos... stirring the hearts of all those who stand face to face with death.”
—Leopold to Caspar

Leopold, also known as Count Bergliez, is a mentioned character in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and a non playable character in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. He is the Minister of Military Affairs in the Adrestian Empire and the head of house Bergliez. He possesses a Major Crest of Cichol and is the father of Caspar.


In 1168, Leopold's father retired and let him officially inherit the title of Count, and Minister of Military Affairs. In 1171, Leopold got involved in the Insurrection of the Seven, in which several Imperial nobles seized power from Emperor Ionius IX after the latter pushed reforms which would consolidate power to himself.

In 1175, during the Dagda and Brigid War, Leopold and the Imperial Army intercepted the armies of Dagda and Brigid in Nuvelle and Ochs territories, and managed to defeat them while also slaying the prince of Brigid.

It is implied in Three Houses, and later confirmed in Three Hopes, that Leopold, along with Waldemar, Duke Gerth, Volkhard, and other nobles involved with the Insurrection of the Seven made a deal with Edelgard behind Ludwig's back, which would allow the Imperial princess to ascend the throne in due time with no intervention from Ludwig and others, while also letting her assume the Empire's upcoming conquest against the Church of Seiros and later, the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and the Leicester Alliance, in which Leopold provided her access to the Empire's military.

Three Houses[]

After Edelgard's ascension, Leopold gets pardoned from his involvement in the insurrection and is allowed to contribute in the war effort.

In Crimson Flower, he is assigned governance of Leicester it is seized by the Empire, and remains alive during the rest of the campaign. In all other routes, after Edelgard's defeat, Leopold surrenders to Byleth's chosen faction and sacrifices his life to ensure that all the soldiers and officers who fought with him are given quarter.

Three Hopes[]

Scarlet Blaze[]

After Monica's rescue and "Tomas" is driven out of Garreg Mach Monastery, Leopold and Waldemar are contacted by Edelgard about her sudden coup against Volkhard and Ludwig with the support of the Knights of Seiros, and both men agree to support her efforts by blocking Ludwig's escape during Edelgard's strike while also fighting against his and Volkhard's forces. With Ludwig's capture and Volkhard/Thales' escape, Leopold and Waldemar resume their negotiations with the soon-to-be Emperor, and start making preparations for a prolonged war against the Central Church.

During the war, Leopold sends an army into Alliance territory, but is caught in a siege by Claude's army when Erwin pretends to defect to the Empire only to cut off access to the Great Bridge of Myrddin once Leopold's forces are firmly stuck in. Trapped behind enemy lines with their supply routes cut off, Leopold rallies the Bergliez Squadron through sheer force of will to buy time until Edelgard can send a rescue force to break the siege of the Riegan army and help him escape.

After the Bergliez Squadron is rescued and the Imperial army captures the Kingdom's fortress city of Arianrhod, Leopold is deployed to defend Arianrhod to prevent the Kingdom army from attacking it while Edelgard and her generals recuperate in Enbarr. Six months later, when the Imperial army prepares a full assault on the Kingdom after entering a non-aggression treaty with the Alliance, Leopold is transferred to Myrddin to keep an eye on Alliance troop movement.

Azure Gleam[]

While trying to defend Ludwig from the Kingdom army, Caspar is killed trying to protect him. Leopold then arrives to protect Ludwig and is assisted by Waldemar. However, he ends up losing to the enemy forces; while delighted to have found someone that could match him, Waldemar warps him away, as he saw him too important to die on the battlefield.

Golden Wildfire[]

Leopold leads the Empire's forces in defense against the Alliance as they counterattack, eventually meeting Holst in battle. Despite being weakened by several traps, Leopold still manages to hold his own against Holst. Just as the two were about to lunge at each other, Alliance forces order a retreat due to the sudden invasion by Almyra. Leopold was impressed by the encounter, telling Holst not to die so they could resume their fight.

As the Alliance forces retreated, Leopold correctly surmised that something had happened elsewhere alongside Monica. Caspar suggested getting revenge on the retreating forces after they had decimated their own during their retreat, but Leopold refused, stating that they were retreating through the breadbasket of the Empire and he could not risk it being scorched. Even then, they did not scorch the fields, which he respected. Monica reports this to Edelgard and Hubert, who then decide to repay the kindness by suggesting an alliance between the two factions.


A shrewd strategist and unrivaled fighter, Leopold is revered as the Empire's greatest general. His strength alone is so formidable that he is rumored to have killed a bear with his bare hands during his time at the Officers Academy. That said, he values the lives of his men above all else and would gladly lay down his life for them. In turn, his soldiers love and follow him unquestioningly. Though not bloodthirsty, he lives for combat and tests of strength. He put both of his sons through intense training from an early age, shaping them into tough and focused young men.

His second son, Caspar, has always felt expendable compared to his older brother, Leopold's chosen heir. Focused on grooming his eldest into the next Count Bergliez, he had showed favoritism and left Caspar feeling neglected as a result. Three Hopes, however, paints Leopold as proud of Caspar. In Caspar's Paralogue, Leopold even gives him the family treasure weapon, Járngreipr, as a sign of his pride.

Leopold has a history of disagreements with Waldemar von Hevring and their relationship is almost identical to that of their sons; Lifelong friends but constantly butting heads due to their clashing personalities.

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