The Leteena Event is a term referring to the recruitment of Leteena in TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. In order for it to occur, the following nine steps (ten, if the player wishes to keep her) must be completed:

  1. After Map 8, put both Kreiss and Arkis in Holmes's army.
  2. After Map 10, in Holmes's route, go back to Wellt Castle and select Ezekiel (alternatively, the player can select him before Map 2). Note that Sasha (recommended), Kate, Roger, Raffin, Estelle, or Norton must be in Holmes's army.
  3. Go to Verge (the town between Maps 1 and 2). An event will occur.
  4. After Map 13 but before Map 14, visit Marl Harbor and watch the cutscene. Afterwards, go back and visit Verge again. Make sure Kreiss has an Healing Drop in his inventory.
  5. After Map 15 but before Map 16, head back to Verge. This time, make sure Kreiss has an Amulet in his inventory.
  6. After Map 19, go back to Verge.
  7. After Map 23, put Kreiss in Runan's army.
  8. In Map 25, the Leteena Event will occur in the lower right house between Leteena and Marco, one of the Dragon Knights. Make Kreiss defeat Marco, and then visit this house. Afterwards, Leteena will join instead of Rebecca.
  9. After the third route split up, an event will occur between Kreiss and Leteena.
  10. From here, the player will have two options, either A) Leteena will leave, or B) both Leteena and Kreiss will leave, unless Ezekiel is recruited.
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