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“Dogs of the Lycian Army... Come. I shall cut you down where you stand!”
—Leygance's battle quote

Leygance is a boss character in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. He is a former high-ranking general of the Ostian army and the boss of Chapter 8. After the Bern invasion of Lycia and death of Marquess Hector of Ostia, Leygance formed a rebellion in Ostia with the help of former Lieutenant Devias. The rebel group aimed to take over Ostia, then surrender it to Bern to avoid an all-out war.

The rebellion lead by Leygance began just as Roy and his company were reaching Ostia. After reaching the capital of Ostia, the city of Ostia, Roy launched an attack to reclaim Castle Ostia.

Devias led the defensive attack on the outside of the Castle, where he was slain guarding the Castle. The group then entered the Castle to continue the siege. Inside the Castle, General Leygance led the last of his forces in a last-ditch attempt to defeat Roy's forces. Leygance was killed in the Throne room of Castle Ostia.


Leygance is an arrogant, self-righteous, greedy man. Leygance is a man who believes in joining the strongest side, thus why he attempted to join Bern. He believed to the end that Lycia had no chance against Bern.

Leygance is also cowardly, expressed in some aspects of his plans. He planned to use Lilina as a hostage to force the Ilian mercenaries to surrender, but the plan eventually fell through as he realized some former Ostian soldiers following him would revolt if he did such a thing. During the battle to defend the inside of Castle Ostia, Leygance ordered Lilina to be quietly killed; however, Roy's forces overwhelmed the rebels before she was killed.



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As the first promoted Boss fought in the game, Leygance can certainly be a challenge to newer players. His high HP and Defense makes it tough for most physical attackers to damage him. Fortunately, Leygance sports similar weaknesses to all the Armored bosses fought prior to him. Weapons that deal bonus damage to Armored units will help greatly and Lugh can provide some nice chip damage by targeting Leygance's much lower Resistance. Despite using magic, it is not a good idea to send Lilina into combat against Leygance since her base stats are extremely low and she will be in great danger of being killed in one round of combat. If Bors is deployed on this map, he could potentially team up with Barthe and Gwendolyn to perform a Triangle Attack with a Hammer, bypassing its normally low accuracy. However, the effort required to set up such a situation is far from optimal.

Battle Conversations[]

With Lilina

  • Leygance: Lady Lilina? I see the assassination failed...
  • Lilina: Leygance... Why?
  • Leygance: Times are changing, milady. I won't be left in the dust. I'm not like Lord Hector. He was too foolish to accept the obvious.
  • Lilina: Hush yourself! I will not let you insult my father!

With Bors

  • Leygance: Bors! I see you yet live.
  • Bors: I do. And I see you took over Ostia in my absence...
  • Leygance: Do you have any grievances with that? Take it back yourself...if you can!

With Gwendolyn

  • Gwendolyn: Leygance! You shall fall here!
  • Leygance: Ah, Bors' sister, correct? You have the courage, but can you truly stand against me?

With Barthe

  • Barthe: Leygance, you miscreant! Have you no shame for your betrayal of Lord Hector?!
  • Leygance: "Barthe... Shut your ugly mouth. Lord Hector was a fool. His death was his own doing. I do not intend to fall along with him.
  • Barthe: You'll eat those words!

Death Quote[]

“How? You will crushed by Bern... How can you fight with such conviction...?”
—Leygance's death quote


  • According to a Japanese gaming news website, Leygance landed 69th place out of 80 in the character popularity poll for Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade.
  • Leygance's portrait is a palette swap of Morgan.