Life and Death (死線 Shisen lit. Line of Death in the Japanese version) is a Skill introduced in Fire Emblem Fates and appears in Fire Emblem Heroes as a type A passive skill.

In Fire Emblem Heroes it can be learned without inheriting by: Hana, Jaffar, Minerva, Zephiel and Sothe.


Life and Death is a powerful, but risky skill to use. It tremendously increases damage output but greatly adds to vulnerability, making it a good choice for attacking enemies that can't fight back, or when closely supported by allies who can shield the user during the opponent's turn. Life and Death works well with Vantage, which allows users to always take advantage of the extra 10 damage inflicted when on half health or lower. 


Fire Emblem FatesEdit

Name Activation Capacity
Line of Death Life and Death - -
Effects During battles, damage +10, damage received +10
Users Learned by Master of Arms at level 15 or higher.
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Fire Emblem HeroesEdit

Name Activation SP
FEH Life and Death 1 Life and Death 1 Passive 50
Effects Grants Atk/Spd+3. Inflicts Def/Res-3.
Users Rarity: ✯✯✯
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Name Activation SP
FEH Life and Death 2 Life and Death 2 Passive 100
Effects Grants Atk/Spd+4. Inflicts Def/Res-4.
Users Rarity: ✯✯✯✯
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Name Activation SP
FEH Life and Death 3 Life and Death 3 Passive 200
Effects Grants Atk/Spd+5. Inflicts Def/Res-5.
Users Rarity: ✯✯✯✯✯
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