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Light Magic (光魔法 Hikari Mahō) is a type of Magic utilized in the Fire Emblem series.


Light Magic is typically used by Monks, Bishops, Light Mages, Valkyries, Light Sages, Light Priestesses and Sages. It is powerful against Dark magic but weak against Anima magic, though in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War and Fire Emblem: Thracia 776, light and dark magic are neutral against each other. It can be seen as the magical equivalent to the Sword.

Light magic is known for having the highest accuracy but lowest might of the three magic types. It is also known for the fact that almost all of its tomes have a critical rate, excluding Purge.

Due to primarily being used by Priest/Monk related classes, most Light Magic is associated with pious individuals, namely individuals from churches and monasteries. Only a small handful of notable antagonistic characters use Light Magic like Kenneth, Riev, and Lekain.

Light Magic used in Fire Emblem[]

Normal Light Tomes[]

Notable Light Tomes[]

* Nosferatu is a Dark tome in the GBA and 3DS games.

Legendary Light Tomes[]