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|title = A Soft Light Scatters<br>[[File:FEFatesBirthright14.png|250px]]
|title =Light Scatters<br>[[File:FEFatesBirthright14.png|250px]]
|game = [[Fire Emblem: Fates]]
|game = [[Fire Emblem: Fates]]
|objective = Defeat Boss
|objective = Defeat Boss
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|boss name = [[Daniela]]}}
|boss name = [[Daniela]]}}
'''A Soft Light Scatters''' (柔く光り散りて ''Yawaku hikari chirite'') is Chapter 14 of [[Fire Emblem: Fates]] in the Birthright Version.
'''Light Scatters''' (柔く光り散りて ''Yawaku hikari chirite'', lit '''A Soft Light Scatters''' in the Japanese version) is Chapter 14 of [[Fire Emblem: Fates]] in the Birthright Version.

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Light Scatters (柔く光り散りて Yawaku hikari chirite, lit A Soft Light Scatters in the Japanese version) is Chapter 14 of Fire Emblem: Fates in the Birthright Version.


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Your units are placed outside one of Nohr's border gates. Although there are not a lot of enemies and the fort seems deserted, it will not be after turn 2 ends. Make your way to Daniela's location, which is blocked by Benny and Charlotte. Benny uses a Beast Killer, so do not fight him with a horse or pegasus unit or he may severely wound or kill them. Most units can dispatch the duo with ease. The two also stand on a Dragon Vein tile, so use a royal unit to activate it.

The Dragon Vein in this chapter inflicts 10 damage to all enemy units inside the fort. There are three of these veins, so they should all be activated to weaken all the enemy units. This allows your units to easily dispatch the promoted units and gain experience in a relatively fast and risk-free way, including Daniela. Simply dispatch or capture her to complete the chapter.


Dropped Items

Enemy Reinforcements

  • A large fort garrison consisting of Knights, Outlaws, Berserkers, Generals and Heros will appear at the end of turn 2.


  • The Japanese name of this chapter is a reference to the song "If~ Hitori Omou/If~ One's Thoughts" sung by Renka, Azura's voice actress for singing. "柔く光り散りて" is a lyric in that song.

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