Chapter InformationEdit

Light and Shadow (named The Dragon's Table in Mystery of the Emblem) is the third part of the final chapter of Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem and the final chapter of Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem. This chapter takes place at The Dragon's Table. This is where Medeus is defeated by Marth and his army for the second and final time.

Initial EnemiesEdit

The enemies in this chapter are Medeus as well as numerous dragons of every kind, including Earth Dragons, which are instantly banished by the Binding Shield, but Medeus is also protected by Lena, Maria, Nyna, and Elice, making surviving and recruiting all units difficult.


Reinforcements, all dragons of different kinds, will spawn from the altars surrounding Medeus. However, the Earth Dragons will immediately be banished upon the Player Phase due to the Binding Shield.

Recruitable CharactersEdit

All recruitable characters in this chapter are weak, low level Bishops. They need to be taken to safety immediately. A Rescue Staff can come in handy if you have one. Should one be left unrecruited, Medeus will devour that Bishop to fully recover his HP, so be fast. There is no way to reclass them and change the advantage.

Lunatic and Lunatic' strategy Edit

Currently, if you don't want any character die, you have to use Marth with Falchion. His Speed MUST be capped, also other stats except Magic and Resistance need to be high. One Again staff (at least 2 uses) is required.

Marth must land a crit (not counting the finishing blow when Medeus's health is low, as it has to be a critical hit). After Medeus is weaken enough, if Marth ended his turn, other characters can finish the job.


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