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The Link Arena in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Link Arena is a game mode in which two or more players battle between two gaming cartridges on GBA or DS. First introduced in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, a team up to 5 units battles one or more other teams of up to 5 units. The Link Arena is available in all of the GameBoy Advance titles.

Up to four players can enter the Link Arena. A single player can also battle against up to three of their own teams under computer control by selecting Practice in the Link Arena menu. Players enter the arena with a team of up to five units from one of their chapter saves (the chapter save will not be changed by Link Arena activities).

Whether you are playing against another linked player or the computer, there are two victory conditions that can be selected in the Rules Options: survival or points. Under the Survival mode, the objective is to wipe out all of the opposing units; under the Points mode, the team with the most points wins.

In the match, players take turns, just like in the field. During a player's turn, they must select one of their own units, and then select an opposing unit, whom their own unit will Attack. Then the attacker selects which weapon their unit will attack with, just like in the field, and reviews the combat forecast before sending the two units into battle.

The units will be warped into the space in the middle of the arena to do battle, so there is no need to worry about movement and attack range. Otherwise, the battle proceeds just as in the field. If the attacking unit wields a weapon whose minimum range exceeds the maximum range of the defending unit's (for example, a bow against a sword), the defending unit will not be able to counterattack.

After the battle, the surviving unit/s are warped back to their original positions, and points are awarded to the players in the same manner as experience is earned in the field. Then the next player takes their turn, repeating this process until only one team remains, at which point that player gains 30 points for each surviving unit and the match ends.


  • If a unit gets poisoned by any poison weapons (poison lance, axe, sword), the condition will disappear immediately after the battle animation ends (eg. Poisoned units will flash purple during the combat sequence that they were afflicted with poison, but it will disappear immediately after the battle ends).