The Lion (獅子ライオン Raion) is both a race and a class of Beast tribe laguz that is exclusive to the Tellius Series of Fire Emblem. A group of Laguz that is able to assume the form of a lion at will, Lions lacerate their foes either with their Claws in Path of Radiance or their Fangs in Radiant Dawn. Like all other Beast tribe Laguz, the Lion class is vulnerable to Fire Magic.


Residing in the nation of Gallia, Lions are regarded as the strongest members of the country. As national traditions mandate that only those possessing supreme strength are deemed fit to rule, Lions are therefore recognised as the leaders of the country by both Cats and Tigers alike. A small segment of the Lions make up the royal family that presides over the laws of the country, with the only known members including King Caineghis and his nephew Skrimir.

The Lions may follow a color hierarchy of strength that is similar to the Dragon tribe Laguz. Giffca, for one, is a black Lion and considered a powerful general, but is lower-ranked on the social scale as compared to the red Lions.


Overview Edit

Lions tend to have a statline akin to Wyvern Lords and Warriors, more-so the Wyvern Lords. They possess high Strength, high Defense, with similar Skill and Speed, topping it with poor Resistance.

  • Note: "»" denotes the changes implemented onto stats upon transformation.

Base StatsEdit

FE10 (Skrimir)6619»383»614»2813»26016»329»187»917»2727»47FE10 Strike S
FE10 (Giffca)7321»424»822»4418»36020»4011»227»917»2727»47FE10 Strike SS

Maximum StatsEdit

FE10 (Skrimir)8024»485»1023»4617»343023»4612»247»917»2727»47FE10 Strike SS
FE10 (Giffca)8024»485»1023»4620»403523»4612»247»917»2727»47FE10 Strike SS

Growth RatesEdit

FE10 (Skrimir)90%35%5%35%25%40%50%5%----
FE10 (Giffca)40%35%10%35%50%25%30%15%----

Class SkillsEdit

FE9Roar (FE9)RoarOccult skill of the Beast tribe Laguz; can be assigned with an MasteryBookOccult Scroll.
Base skill of all foot units.
Mastery skill of the Lion and Tiger Laguz.

Notable LionsEdit

Path of RadianceEdit

  • Caineghis - The king of Gallia.
  • Giffca - The King's righthand man who is fondly regarded as his "shadow".

Radiant DawnEdit

Notable Lion BrandedEdit

Notes Edit

  • While typically the most powerful of the Beast Laguz, the Tellius Recollection chart of Laguz ages says Lion Laguz typically have the shortest lifespan. On average, Lion Laguz die at 180 years old.

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