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Two Lion Head Statues in a shrine.

Lion Head Statues appear exclusively in Fire Emblem Gaiden and its remake, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.


Lion Head Statues are lion stone carvings on walls inside of a dungeon, usually found in or near a Shrine. These statues are fountains which have have special waters flowing from their mouths, granting whoever drinks from it additional power. These come in the form of a permanent one point boost to a particular stat. Each fountain has a limited number of uses, after which the water will run dry and cannot be used again. You can spread the uses out among multiple units, or give them all to a single unit.

In most cases, Lion Head Statues come in pairs. Collectively, the two statues share the same amount of uses between each other. For example, encountering a room with two Lion Head Statues, one for Defense and Resistance, the player can use any combination of usages. For example, one can use the Resistance statue for three of your units or using the Resistance statue twice while using the Defense once. Once all uses have been expended, the fountain permanently runs dry and will never flow again.

Lion Head Statues may also flow with two other abilities. One in particular is the ability to revive a fallen ally. In Gaiden, there are two springs, one in Alm's route and one in Celica's route. Each statues has a maximum usage of three times, meaning that the Statue can resurrect up to six characters per playthrough. In Echoes, a third spring is added, bringing the total to nine resurrected characters. These special statues are highlighted by their golden appearance. In several dungeons, a Stamina Spring flows from the Lion Head Statue, allowing the player to fully cure the fatigue of the characters brought into the dungeon. Unlike other fountains, Stamina Springs flow infinitely, allowing the player to use it however many times they wish.

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