Intro Cutscene  Edit

  • "I'm plenty strong! So don't call me delicate!"

Start of battle lines

  • “A battle like this... It’s not right!”



Switching to Character  Edit

  • "Yup, I've got this!"

Ally Assist  Edit

  • ""

Helping Others

  • (neutral) "If you're ever in a jam, I'll come running!"

In trouble

  • "Nooo! This is too much pressure!"
  • "Help! There's too many enemies! I'm in over my head."

Critical Lines Edit

Alone Edit

  • "Ta-da!"
  • "This is a big one!"
  • "This is how a lady fights!"
  • "If that's how you want it?"
  • "I may surprise you!"
  • "I had enough!"

Dual Strike Lines (neutral) Edit

As Vanguard

  • "Yeah, let's do it!"

As Support

  • "Ready?"
  • "This should be no sweat!" (A-support)

Dual Strike Lines (special) Edit

With Robin Edit

With Robin as Vanguard

  • ""

With Robin as Support

  • Robin: "Ready when you are!"
  • Lissa: "Oh! I was waiting for you!"

During Battle Edit

Praise Lines Edit

  • ""

Responding to Praise Edit

  • "I put in all that work so I could live up to your standard!"

Level Up  Edit

  • "I did it! I got stronger!"
  • "I can do anything I put my mind to! Anything!"
  • "Hah! Now I can do even more!"

Defeating Owain

  • "I can't let my own son beat me! Especially when he hasn't been born yet!"

Death Lines Edit

  • "I think that's it for me... Maybe I can help more later, but for now..."
  • "Oof... I know when I'm beaten..."

Game over Line

  • "Ugh! We lost?!"
  • ”Ugh, we lost...”

Victory Lines  Edit

  • "I had a feeling we'd pull it off!"
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