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This page contains campaign maps (Black Eagles route) from Part 2 of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

For Part 1 Campaign Maps see: White Clouds. For Part 2 Campaign Maps, see Azure Moon, Silver Snow, Verdant Wind.

For other maps, see Battle Maps and Paralogue Maps.

Warning: Story spoilers ahead

Chapter Mission Location Grid Layout Spawn View Party Size
13 The Great Bridge Coup Myrddin Bridge
13- Myrddin Grid Layout.jpg
13- Myrddin Spawn View.jpg
14 Capturing Derdriu Derdriu
14- Derdriu Grid Layout.jpg
14- Derdriu Spawn View.jpg
15 Protecting Garreg Mach Garreg Mach Monastery (West Wall)
15- GMM West Wall Grid Layout.jpg
15- GMM West Wall Spawn View.jpg
16 The Siege of Arianrhod Arianrhod
16- Arianrhod Grid Layout.jpg
16- Arianrhod Spawn View.jpg
17 Combat at Tailtean Plains Tailtean Plains
17- Tailtean Plains Grid Layout.jpg
17- Tailtean Plains Spawn View.jpg
18 The Fight for Fhirdiad Fhirdiad
18- Fhirdiad Grid Layout.jpg
18- Fhirdiad Spawn View.jpg