The following is a list of classes in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light.

Icon Class Weapons Promotion Notes
FE1 Marth Map Sprite Lord Sword - -
FE1 Mercenary Map Sprite Mercenary Sword Hero -
FE1 Hero Map Sprite Hero Sword - -
FE1 Thief Map Sprite Thief Sword - Can cross rivers
FE1 Freelancer Map Sprite Freelancer Sword - Can transform into another character
FE1 Fighter Map Sprite Fighter Axe - -
FE1 Pirate Map Sprite Pirate Axe - Can cross seas
FE1 Archer Map Sprite Archer Bow Sniper -
FE1 Sniper Map Sprite Sniper Bow - -
FE1 Hunter Map Sprite Hunter Bow - -
FE1 Horseman Map Sprite Horseman Bow - -
FE1 Cavalier Map Sprite Cavalier Sword, Lance Paladin -
FE1 Paladin Map Sprite Paladin Sword, Lance - -
FE1 Knight Map Sprite Knight Sword, Lance - -
FE1 General Map Sprite General Sword - -
FE1 Pegasus Knight Map Sprite Pegasus Knight Sword, Lance Dracoknight Flying
FE1 Dracoknight Map Sprite Dracoknight Sword, Lance - Flying
FE1 Ballistician Map Sprite Ballistician Ballista - -
FE1 Mage Map Sprite Mage Magic Bishop -
FE1 Priest Map Sprite Priest Staff Bishop -
FE1 Bishop Map Sprite Bishop Magic, Staff - -
FE1 Manakete Map Sprite Manakete Dragonstone - Can transform into dragons
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