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A List of Classes from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Icons Class Weapon Types Promotes to Notes
FE8 Eirika Lord Map Sprite.gif Lord (Eirika) Sword.gifSword Great Lord (Eirika) -
FE8 Eirika Great Lord Map Sprite.gif Great Lord (Eirika) Sword.gifSword - Horseback
FE8 Ephraim Lord Map Sprite.gif Lord (Ephraim) Lance.gifLance Great Lord (Ephraim) -
FE8 Ephraim Great Lord Map Sprite.gif Great Lord (Ephraim) Lance.gifLance - Horseback
FE8 Mercenary Map Sprite.gif Mercenary Sword.gifSword Hero or Ranger -
FE8 Hero Map Sprite.gif Hero Sword.gifSword, Axe.gifAxe - -
FE8 Male Myrmidon Map Sprite.gifFE8 Female Myrmidon Map Sprite.gif Myrmidon Sword.gifSword Swordmaster or Assassin -
FE8 Male Swordmaster Map Sprite.gifFE8 Female Swordmaster Map Sprite.gif Swordmaster Sword.gifSword - +15 critical rate
FE8 Thief Map Sprite.gif Thief Sword.gifSword Assassin or Rogue Can steal items
FE8 Rogue Map Sprite.gif Rogue Sword.gifSword - Pick skill, can steal items
FE8 Assassin Map Sprite.gif Assassin Sword.gifSword - Silencer skill
FE8 Knight Map Sprite.gif Knight Lance.gifLance General or Great Knight Armored
FE8 General Map Sprite.gif General Sword.gifSword, Lance.gifLance, Axe.gifAxe - Armored, Great Shield skill
Soldier-GBA-map-sprite.gif Soldier Lance.gifLance - Enemy or NPC unit only
FE8 Recruit Map Sprite.gif Recruit Lance.gifLance Knight, Cavalier or Recruit (2) -
FE8 Recruit Map Sprite.gif Recruit (2) Lance.gifLance Paladin or Recruit (3) -
FE8 Recruit Map Sprite.gif Recruit (3) Lance.gifLance - +15 critical rate
FE8 Fighter Map Sprite.gif Fighter Axe.gifAxe Warrior or Hero -
FE8 Warrior Map Sprite.gif Warrior Axe.gifAxe, Bow.gifBow - -
FE8 Enemy Brigand Map Sprite.gif Brigand Axe.gifAxe Berserker or Warrior Can cross mountains, enemy only
FE8 Pirate Map Sprite.gif Pirate Axe.gifAxe Berserker or Warrior Can cross seas
FE8 Berserker Map Sprite.gif Berserker Axe.gifAxe - +15 critical rate, can cross mountains and seas
FE8 Journeyman Map Sprite.gif Journeyman Axe.gifAxe Fighter, Pirate or Journeyman (2) -
FE8 Journeyman Map Sprite.gif Journeyman (2) Axe.gifAxe Warrior or Journeyman (3) -
FE8 Journeyman Map Sprite.gif Journeyman (3) Axe.gifAxe - +15 critical rate
FE8 Archer Map Sprite.gif Archer Bow.gifBow Sniper or Ranger Can use ballistae
FE8 Sniper Map Sprite.gif Sniper Bow.gifBow - Can use ballistae, Sure Strike skill
FE8 Ranger Map Sprite.gif Ranger Sword.gifSword, Bow.gifBow - Horseback
FE8 Cavalier Map Sprite.gif Cavalier Sword.gifSword, Lance.gifLance Paladin or Great Knight Horseback
FE8 Paladin Map Sprite.gif Paladin Sword.gifSword, Lance.gifLance - Horseback
FE8 Great Knight Map Sprite.gif Great Knight Sword.gifSword, Lance.gifLance, Axe.gifAxe - Horseback, armored
FE8 Pegasus Knight Map Sprite.gif Pegasus Knight Lance.gifLance Falcon Knight or Wyvern Knight Flying
FE8 Falconknight Map Sprite.gif Falcon Knight Sword.gifSword, Lance.gifLance - Flying
FE8 Wyvern Rider Map Sprite.gif Wyvern Rider Lance.gifLance Wyvern Lord or Wyvern Knight Dragon, flying
FE8 Wyvern Lord Map Sprite.gif Wyvern Lord Sword.gifSword, Lance.gifLance - Dragon, flying
FE8 Wyvern Knight Map Sprite.gif Wyvern Knight Lance.gifLance - Dragon, flying, Pierce skill
FE8 Monk Map Sprite.gif Monk Light.gifLight Bishop or Sage -
FE8 Priest Map Sprite.gif Priest Staff.gifStaff Bishop or Sage -
FE8 Cleric Map Sprite.gif Cleric Staff.gifStaff Bishop or Valkyrie -
FE8 Male Bishop Map Sprite.gifFE8 Female Bishop Map Sprite.gif Bishop Staff.gifStaff, Light.gifLight - Slayer skill
FE8 Troubadour Map Sprite.gif Troubadour Staff.gifStaff Valkyrie or Mage Knight Horseback
FE8 Valkyrie Map Sprite.gif Valkyrie Staff.gifStaff, Light.gifLight - Horseback
FE8 Male Mage Map Sprite.gifFE8 Female Mage Map Sprite.gif Mage Anima.gifAnima Sage or Mage Knight -
FE8 Sage Map Sprite.gifFE8 Female Sage Map Sprite.gif Sage Staff.gifStaff, Anima.gifAnima, Light.gifLight - -
FE8 Mage Knight (M) Map Sprite.gifFE8 MageKnight Map Sprite (F).gif Mage Knight Staff.gifStaff, Anima.gifAnima - Horseback
FE8 Pupil Map Sprite.gif Pupil Anima.gifAnima Mage, Shaman or Pupil (2) -
FE8 Pupil Map Sprite.gif Pupil (2) Anima.gifAnima Sage or Pupil (3) -
FE8 Pupil Map Sprite.gif Pupil (3) Anima.gifAnima, Light.gifLight, Dark.gifDark - -
FE8 Shaman Map Sprite.gif Shaman Dark.gifDark Druid or Summoner -
FE8 Druid Map Sprite.gif Druid Staff.gifStaff, Anima.gifAnima, Dark.gifDark - -
FE8 Summoner Map Sprite.gif Summoner Staff.gifStaff, Dark.gifDark - Summon skill
FE8Phantom Icon.gif Phantom Axe.gifAxe - Monster, summoned by Summoners
FE8 Enemy Necromancer Map Sprite.gifFE8 Necromancer Map Sprite.gif Necromancer Staff.gifStaff, Dark.gifDark - Summon skill; exclusive to Lyon
FE8 Dancer Map Sprite.gif Dancer - - Can allow an ally to move again; exclusive to Tethys
FE8 Manakete Map Sprite.gif Manakete - - Transforms using Dragonstones; exclusive to Myrrh
Civilian.gif Civilian - - NPC only
FE8Fleet Icon.gif Fleet Bow.gifBow - Enemy only
FE8Queen-Icon.gif Queen Sword.gifSword - NPC only; exclusive to Ismaire
FE8Pontifex-Icon.gif Pontifex - - NPC only; exclusive to Mansel
FE8Zombie Icon.gif Revenant - Entombed Monster, enemy only
FE8Entombed Icon.gif Entombed - - Monster, enemy only
FE8Skeleton Icon.gif Bonewalker (melee) Sword.gifSword, Lance.gifLance Wight (melee) Monster, enemy only
FE8SkeletonBow Icon.gif Bonewalker (archer) Bow.gifBow Wight (archer) Monster, enemy only
FE8WightSword Icon.gif Wight (melee) Sword.gifSword, Lance.gifLance - Monster, enemy only
FE8WightBow Icon.gif Wight (archer) Bow.gifBow - Monster, enemy only
FE8Mogall Icon.gif Mogall Dark.gifDark Arch Mogall Monster, enemy only
FE8ArchMogallIcon.gif Arch Mogall Dark.gifDark - Monster, enemy only
FE8Mauthe Icon.gif Mauthe Doog - Gwyllgi Monster, enemy only
FE8Gwyllgi Icon.gif Gwyllgi - - Monster, enemy only
FE8Bael Icon.gif Bael - Elder Bael Monster, enemy only
FE8ElderBael Icon.gif Elder Bael - - Monster, enemy only
FE8Tarvos Icon.gif Tarvos Axe.gifAxe Maeldiun Monster, enemy only
FE8Maelduin Icon.gif Maelduin Axe.gifAxe, Bow.gifBow - Monster, enemy only
FE8Gargoyle Icon.gif Gargoyle Lance.gifLance Deathgoyle Monster, flying, enemy only
FE8Deathgoyle Icon.gif Deathgoyle Lance.gifLance - Monster, flying, enemy only
FE8Cyclops Icon.gif Cyclops Axe.gifAxe - Monster, enemy only
FE8GorgonEgg Icon.png Gorgon Egg - Gorgon Monster, enemy only
FE8Gorgon Icon.gif Gorgon Dark.gifDark - Monster, enemy only
FE8DracoZombie Icon.gif Draco Zombie - - Monster, flying, enemy only
FE8DemonKing Icon.gif Demon King - - Monster, enemy only; Summon skill