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This is a list of music from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. To unlock the Sound Room, you have to complete the game.

List of Songs by Number

Number Song Title Notes/How to Unlock
1 Ike's Resolution

Overworld theme for Chapters 6 and 7

2 Like Father, Like Son Overworld theme for the Prologue
3 The First Fight Overworld theme for Chapters 1 to 3
4 A Battle and a Beginning Overworld theme for Chapters 4 and 5
5 Greil Mercenaries Overworld theme for Chapters 8 to 14
6 Change of Scenery Overworld theme for Chapters 15 to 17
7 Crimea Attacks Overworld theme for Chapters 18 to 25
8 Congregation of Ambition Overworld theme for Chapters 26 to Endgame
9 Victory is Near Overworld theme
10 Side Battle Overworld theme for Trial Maps (Remix of 'Light and Dark' from Genealogy of the Holy War)
11 Clash Player's battle theme before Chapter 18
12 Decisive Attack Player's battle theme during and after Chapter 18
13 Defensive Battle Enemy's battle theme before Chapter 18
14 The Enemy Draws Near Enemy's battle theme during and after Chapter 18
15 Holding Your Own Boss battle theme
16 A Mighty Foe Boss battle theme for the Four Riders and etc.
17 Against the Black Knight The Black Knight's battle theme
18 To Challenge Ashnard Ashnard's battle theme
19 Moving Up Promotion theme
20 Plight! Event music
21 The Enemy Approaches Event music
22 Move Out! Event music
23 Victory United! End of chapter event music
24 Bittersweet Victory End of chapter event music
25 Wonderful Pirates Event music, plays when pirates appear
26 Power-Hungry Fool Event music, plays when Oliver appears
27 A Grave Fate Event music
28 A World of Sorrow Event music
29 With Us! Recruitment theme
30 Vow Event music (a remix of A Knight's Oath)
31 Abominable Memory Event music
32 The White Heron Event music, plays when Leanne appears
33 Quiet Days Event music
34 His Father's Son Event music
35 Father's Back Event music, plays in a certain flashback
36 Rally the Spirit Event music, plays when Ike makes a speech to his army
37 Memory of Mom Event music
38 Shadows Materialize Event music
39 Beautiful Princess Elincia Event music, plays when Elincia appears
40 Dreaming of Home Event music
41 A Messenger Event music, plays when Sanaki appears
42 Lion King Caineghis Event music, plays when Caineghis appears
43 Brave General, Brave King Event music, plays when Tibarn appears
44 On Black Wings Event music, plays when Naesala appears
45 A Trusted Ruler Event music, plays when Kurthnaga appears
46 To My Love Event music
47 Painful Wish Event music
48 The Black Knight Event music, plays when the Black Knight appears
49 Stratagem in Black Armor Event music, plays when Daein is involved
50 Burning Ambition Event music, plays when Ashnard appears
51 Limitless Power Event music
52 March Forward! World map theme
53 Fate Unstoppable World map theme
54 Puzzling Truth World map theme
55 For Victory Base
56 Rising Morale Battle Preparations
57 Young Warriors Tutorial
58 Requiem for the Fallen Game Over
59 A Fallen Comrade Ally dies
60 Final Farewell Ike dies
61 After the War Epilogue
62 Eternal Glory Epilogue
63 Life Returns Epilogue
64 Fire Emblem Theme Epilogue