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Original soundtrack album cover artwork by Hidari.

The following is a list of music in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. This music can be accessed in the main menu with the use of a cheat code from the original game, though the content will not be permanently available until the game has been beaten at least once. In some of the DLC, the map and battle themes are from past games throughout the series, while others are completely new.

Track list

Number Song Title Notes Duration
1 Echoes Main Menu Theme 1:16
2 Fire Emblem Theme Class Roll Theme 1:56
3 Where the Wind Rustles World Map Theme for Act I 2:11
4 The Ark of Dawn World Map Theme for Act II 3:29
5 Undiscovered Horizons World Map Theme for Act III 2:21
6 A Song for Bygone Days World Map Theme for Act IV 3:28
7 Truth Rigel Castle theme 3:29
8 Preparations: Deliverance Combat preparations theme for Alm's party 3:08
9 Preparations: Pilgrimage Combat preparations theme for Celica's party 3:07
10 Preparations: Reunion Combat preparations theme for merged party 1:55
11 March to Deliverance (Prologue) Alm's Party Map Theme for Act I 2:08
12 March to Deliverance Alm's Party Map Theme for Act III 2:11
13 What Lies at the End Alm's Party Map Theme for Act IV 5:46
14 With Mila's Divine Protection (Prologue) Celica's Party Map Theme for Act II 1:46
15 With Mila's Divine Protection Celica's Party Map Theme for Act III 3:17
16 The Sacrifice and the Saint Celica's Party Map Theme for Act IV 5:38
17 The Air of Brutality (Prologue) Enemy Phase Theme for Act I 2:21
18 The Air of Brutality Enemy Phase Theme for Act III (Alm's Party) 2:20
19 Disquieting Steps (Prologue) Enemy Phase Theme for Act II 3:00
20 Disquieting Steps Enemy Phase Theme for Act III (Celica's Party) 12:54
21 The Mad God's Blessings Enemy Phase Theme for Act V. Also played as the Treasure Vault Map Theme. 5:15
22 Courage in Numbers Prologue Map Theme / Ally Phase Map Theme 2:31
23 The Approaching Menace Prologue Enemy Phase theme 2:14
24 Lord of a Dead Empire Rudolf's Map Theme 5:02
25 Praise this Despair! Berkut's Final Map Theme 4:56
26 The Delusion of Power Opening of Altar of Duma when Duma is his dragon form 0:29
27 Twilight of the Gods Final Boss Map and Battle Theme 8:09
28 The Dauntless Blade Alm's Party Battle Theme 1:20
29 A Blade of The Wind Celica's Party Battle Theme 1:14
30 Those Who Challenge Gods Act V Battle Theme 2:07
31 The Fiends' Rapture Enemy Phase Battle Theme 1:14
32 Warring Powers Boss Battle Theme for Generic Bosses 0:44
33 The Fallen Knight Boss Battle Theme for Fernand, Desaix, Slayde, and Zeke 2:17
34 From the Land of Resentment Boss Battle Theme for Nuibaba, Jedah, etc. 2:25
35 Pride and Arrogance Berkut's Regular Battle Theme 1:41
36 The Scions' Dance In Purgatory Berkut's Final Battle Theme 2:36
37 The Fell God's Tempest Duma's Battle Theme 2:18
38 A Soothing Strain White Magic Theme 0:43
39 War Record Map Results Theme 0:54
40 Serenity Village Theme 2:58
41 Uprising Village Theme at Act V 1:50
42 Treason Event Theme 2:32
43 The Incorrigible Event Theme 2:21
44 March Alm's Party Map Theme. It also played visiting the Pirate Throne Interior and Grieth's Citadel Interior 2:26
45 Boarders Event Theme 2:15
46 Malediction Event Theme 2:35
47 Disquiet Event Theme 3:26
48 An Ordinary Day Event Theme 3:01
49 Spring Radiance Event Theme 3:28
50 Vestiges Masked Knight's Theme 1:53
51 Brother and Sister Conrad's Theme 2:16
52 Prince of Darkness Berkut's Theme 2:14
53 The Decadent Flower Nuibaba's Theme 3:07
54 Tension Emergency Theme 2:10
55 Schemes Event Theme 2:07
56 The Darkness Event Theme 2:07
57 Fate Event Theme. Also played when visiting the Temple of Mila 2:31
58 One Star by the Next Event Theme. Also played when visiting the Sluice Gate Interior and the Sage's Hamlet. 3:00
59 Parting Event Theme 3:58
60 A Distant Promise Alm and Celica's Love Theme

3:44 (Part 1)

3:59 (Part 2)

5:10 (Complete)

61 In the Silver Garden with You Event Theme 3:31
62 Revelations Goddess Mila's Theme 4:04
63 Dayspring Event Theme 4:26
64 Unity Recruitment Theme 1:49
65 With Pride in Your Heart Castle Theme 4:05
66 Song of Peace Priory Theme 5:20
67 Sea Winds and Travelers Harbor town theme 3:37
68 Where the Hammer Sings Forge theme 2:00
69 Melody of Water Lion Head Statue Theme 2:40
70 Undercurrents Regular dungeon theme 3:10
71 The Slumbering Labyrinth Fear Mountain Shrine and Thabes Labyrinth depths 4:34
72 Calamity's Advent Enemy alert theme 3:05
73 Forest of Wandering The Lost Treescape dungeon theme 3:11
74 The Pinnacle of False Belief Tower of Duma dungeon theme 4:49
75 Duma's Scourge Duma's Temple dungeon theme 3:45
76 The Faltering Prayer Ally Death (Classic Mode) or Retreat (Casual Mode) Theme 1:16
77 Afterglow Alm or Celica's Death Theme 0:27
78 The Afterglow Fades Game Over Theme. Also played during Emperor Rudolf's death. 3:40
79 Reminiscences Mila's Turnwheel theme 4:05
80 As You Will It Ally Promotion Theme

0:14 (Part 1)

1:41 (Part 2)

81 The Course of Gods and Men Ending Theme (Part 1) 6:18
82 The Voice That Calls You Ending Theme (Part 2) 3:13
83 The Heritors of Arcadia Credits Theme 4:16

DLC Music

Number Song Title Notes Duration
1 Inviting Truth Astral Temple Entrance 2:14
2 Mystery of the Divine Realm Astral Temple Sepulchers & Sanctum dungeon theme 3:45
3 Valor Everlasting Astral Temple Player Phase Theme (Expedition and Holy War Mash-Up from New Mystery) 3:36
4 Divided Land Enemy Phase Theme for all DLC 2:14
5 The Borders of Justice Rise of the Deliverance Player Phase Theme 2:51
6 Far Away Paradise Rise of the Deliverance Battle Theme 1:23
7 Fire Emblem Cipher Main Theme Cipher Companions Player Phase Theme 3:50
8 Stairway of Delight Alm's amiibo dungeon theme 5:07
9 Chasing the Wind on the Plains Celica's amiibo dungeon theme 4:06
10 To Starry Heights 3:14

Themes from Previous Games

Number Song Title Notes Duration
1 Path of the Hero King amiibo Marth's Battle Theme 2:01
2 Attack! amiibo Roy's Battle Theme 1:49
3 The Devoted amiibo Ike's Battle Theme 1:35
4 Id (Hope) amiibo Robin's Battle Theme 2:14
5 Rival amiibo Lucina's Battle Theme 3:08
6 Destiny by Blood amiibo Corrin's Battle Theme 2:11
7 Forbidden Sanctuary Thabes Labyrinth Final Battle Theme 5:41
8 Monstrosity The Creation Battle Theme 2:24