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This page contains Paralogue maps from Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

For other maps, see Battle Maps, Main Campaign Maps (White Clouds, Azure Moon, Crimson Flower, Silver Snow, Verdant Wind) and Side Story Campaign Maps (Cindered Shadows).

Warning: Story spoilers ahead

Character(s) Paralogue Location Grid Layout Spawn View Party Size
Alois, Shamir Sword and Shield of Seiros Derdriu
Cm fe16 sword and shield of seiros
Derdriu Spawn View-0
Ashe, Catherine Falling Short of Heaven Brionac Plateau
Cm fe16 falling short of heaven no fog
Brionac Plateau Spawn View
Bernadetta, Petra Foreign Land and Sky Brigid
Cm fe16 foreign land and sky cf
Brigid Spawn View
Claude The Sleeping Sand Legend Sreng
Cm fe16 the sleeping sand legend
Dimitri The Silver Maiden Arianrhod
Cm fe16 the silver maiden
Arianrhod Spawn View
Dorothea, Ingrid Rumored Nuptials Ailell
Cm fe16 rumored nuptials
Ailell Spawn View-0
Edelgard Insurmountable Fódlan's Throat
Cm fe16 insurmountable
Fodlan's Locket Spawn View
Felix True Chivalry Fraldarius
Kingdom2 Grid Layout
Kingdom2 Spawn View
Flayn, Seteth An Ocean View Rhodos Coast
Cm fe16 an ocean view
Rhodos Coast Spawn View
Hanneman, Manuela Oil and Water Remire (Mountains)
Oil and Water Paralogue Map
Mountains Spawn View-0
Hubert Darkness Beneath The Earth Garreg Mach Monastery (Forest)
Cm fe16 darkness beneath the earth
GMM Forest Spawn View-0
Ignatz, Raphael Death Toll Gloucester
Cm fe16 death toll
Myrddin2 Spawn View
Leonie, Linhardt Legend of the Lake Lake Teutates
Cm fe16 legend of the lake no fog
Lake Teutates Spawn View
Lorenz Land of the Golden Deer Myrddin
Cm fe16 land of the golden deer
Myrddin Spawn View
Marianne Forgotten Hero Garreg Mach Monastery (Forest)
Cm fe16 forgotten hero no fog
GMM Forest Spawn View
Sothis Tales of the Red Canyon Zanado
Cm fe16 tales of the red canyon
Zanado Spawn View
Sylvain The Forgotten Gautier
Cm fe16 the forgotten
Kingdom Spawn View
Dedue War for the Weak Kleiman
Cm fe16 war for the weak
Hilda, Cyril Dividing the World Fódlan's Throat
Cm fe16 dividing the world
Mercedes, Caspar The Face Beneath Garreg Mach Monastery (Forest)
Cm fe16 the face beneath
Rhea Eternal Guardian Holy Tomb
Cm fe16 eternal guardian
Ferdinand, Lysithea Retribution Hrym
Annette, Gilbert Weathervanes of Fodlan Fraldarius
Cm fe16 weathervanes of fódlan
Anna, Jeritza The Secret Merchant
Cm fe16 the secret merchant
Yuri, Constance A Cursed Relic
Balthus, Hapi Black Market Scheme
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