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Normal Skills

Icon Skill Description Characters Classes Items
Big shield.gif
Pavise Level% chance of negating all damage General, Baron, Emperor
Wrath (SNES).gif
Wrath Always inflicts critical hits when HP is below 50% Tailtiu, Linda
Pursuit If (Attack Speed > Enemy's Attacks Speed) character double attacks Sigurd, Alec, Finn, Azelle, Midayle, Erinys, Beowolf, Oifey, Deimne, Julia, Ares, Hawk Swordfighter, Bow Fighter, Sniper, Swordmaster, Forrest, Master Knight, Thief Fighter, Dragon Master, Dark Bishop Pursuit Ring
Adept (Attack Speed+20)% chance of attacking twice Quan, Jamke, Lewyn, Julia, Hermina, Amid, Shannan, Ares, Hawk, Hannibal Swordmaster, Ranger, Falcon Knight, Mage Fighter, Sage
Steal (SNES).gif
Steal Steals enemy's money upon landing a hit Thief, Thief Fighter Thief Bracelet, Thief Sword
Charm Allied units within 3 spaces get +10 Hit/Avoid Lachesis, Laylea Emperor, Queen
Nihil Nullifies sword skills and critical hits (and weapon effectiveness by proxy) Alec, Ayra, Deirdre, Julia
Miracle When HP<11 as a result of combat damage, Avoid +10*(11-Current HP) for 1 turn. Effect is negated if character is healed. Finn, Sylvia, Daisy Prayer Ring, Circlet, Prayer Sword, Tyrfing
Critical (Skill+Weapon Kill bonus+Combination bonus)% chance of doing a critical hit Naoise, Ethlyn, Lewyn, Oifey, Tristan Killer Bow, Mystletainn, any weapon with 50 or more kills
Vantage Always attack first when HP is below 50% Arden, Lex, Dalvin, Iuchar, Ares, Hannibal
Charge (Attack Speed-Enemy's Attack Speed+(HP/2))% of activating another round of combat. Only activates if character's HP is above 25 Naoise, Midayle, Jamke, Beowolf, Iucharba, Asaello
Shooting Star Sword.gif
Astra Skill% chance of attacking five times. Sword Skill Ayra, Shannan
Luna Skill% chance of negating defence. Ensures hit. Sword Skill Chulainn
Sun Sword.png
Sol Skill% chance of restoring HP equal to damage dealt. Ensures hit. Sword Skill Dew
Life (Skill).gif
Renewal Restores 3~10 HP at the beginning of each turn Life Bracelet, Circlet, Yewfelle
Paragon User recieves double experience Lex, Linda, Charlot Elite Ring
Bargain Grants the character a 50% discount in the shops. Dew Bargain Bracelet
Dance (SNES).gif
Dance Command: When used, gives another turn to all adjacent allies Dancer

Hidden Skills

These skills do not appear on the skill menu. They do have unused icons, however.

Icon Skill Description Classes Items
Holy Sword ???% chance of increasing damage dealt by 20 or decreasing damage taken by 20. Unused
Darkness Sword ???% chance of doubling of tripling damage dealt or decreasing damage taken by 20. Unused
Return Command: when used, returns the character to Home Castle Return Ring
Canto Hidden; Allows user to use up leftover Movement after performing an action. All mounted/flying classes Knight Ring
Recover Fully heals the character at the beginning of each turn Recover Ring