Big shield
Pavise Level% chance of negating all damage Xavier Baron, Emperor (unused)
Wrath (SNES)
Wrath Always inflicts critical hits after being attacked on enemy phase Orsin, Brighton, Sara, Miranda, Xavier Berserker Wrath Manual, Beo Sword, Gáe Bolg (unused), Gungnir (unused)
Adept Attack Speed% chance of attacking twice Leif, Ronan, Asbel, Amalda Swordmaster, Sage Continue Manual
Steal (SNES)
Steal If (Speed > Enemy Speed) character can steal an item from enemy inventory so long as (Build > Item Weight). Also allows to use Lockpicks Lara Thief, Thief Fighter
CharmAllied units within 3 tiles get +10 Hit/Avoid Nanna, Diarmuid Emperor (unused) King Sword, Gáe Bolg (unused)
NihilNullifies opponent's battle skills Troude, Saias Awareness Manual, Shadow Sword, Mareeta's Sword, Darkness Lance (unused), Gáe Bolg (unused), Gungnir (unused)
MiracleLuck*3% chance of avoiding lethal attacks Finn, Ilios, Sara Falcon Knight (unused) Blessed Sword, Bragi Sword, Prayer Manual (unused)
VantageAlways attack first Halvan, Machyua Thief Fighter Ambush Manual, Beo Sword, Dragonpike, Gáe Bolg (unused), Gungnir (unused)
ChargeActivates another round of combat if both user's AS and HP are higher than opponent's Dagdar, Selfina, Xavier, Conomor Master Knight (unused) Charge Manual
Shooting Star Sword
AstraSkill% chance of attacking five times. Galzus, Mareeta*
LunaSkill% chance of negating defence. Ensures hit. Mareeta, Galzus Moonlight Sword Manual
Sun Sword
SolSkill% chance of restoring HP equal to damage dealt. Ensures hit. Shiva, Perne, Ilios Sun Sword Manual
Life (Skill)
RenewalRestores 10~20 HP at the beginning if each turn. Enemy only.
ParagonUser recieves double experience Homer, Sara Elite Manual, Elite Sword, Gungnir (unused)
BargainGrants the character a 50% discount in the shops. Shannam Bargain Manual (unused)
Dance (SNES)
DanceCommand: When used, gives another turn to an ally. Dancer
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