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The following is a list of skills in Fire Emblem Warriors.

Icon Skill Description User
FEW Potent Potion.png Potent Potion Using a recovery item heals nearby allies by the same amount. Rowan
FEW Live to Serve.png Live to Serve Using a staff heals yourself by the same amount. Lianna
FEW Luna.png Luna Lower enemy's Def and Res on a hit. Increases with Lck. Chrom
FEW Str 10.png Str +10 Increases Str by 10. Lissa
FEW Pavise.png Pavise Reduce damage from swords, axes, and spears. Increases with Lck. Frederick
FEW Sol.png Sol May recover HP by slaying strong enemies. Increases with Lck. Cordelia
FEW Solidarity.png Solidarity Increases Vanguard's damage when paired up as a Support unit. Robin
FEW Awakening.png Awakening Increases damage dealt during Awakening mode. Lucina
FEW Astra.png Astra Increases the speed of regular and combo attacks. Ryoma
FEW Def 10.png Def +10 Increases Def by 10. Hinoka
FEW Skl 10.png Skl +10 Increases Skl by 10. Takumi
FEW Max HP 50.png HP +50 Increases max HP by 50. Sakura
FEW Aegis.png Aegis Reduce damage from bows, tomes, and stones. Increases with Lck. Xander
FEW Trample.png Trample Increases damage dealt to foot soldiers. Camilla
FEW Mag 10.png Mag +10 Increases Mag by 10. Leo
FEW Res 10.png Res +10 Increases Res by 10. Elise
FEW Dracoshield.png Dragon Ward Decreases damage the Vanguard receives while in Pair Up. Corrin
FEW Paragon.png Paragon Grants more experience from defeating enemies. Marth
FEW Sp 10.png Sp +10 Increases Sp by 10. Caeda
FEW Armored Blow.png Armored Blow Prevents enemy attacks from interrupting your attacks. Tiki
FEW Pass.png Pass Prevents enemy attacks from interrupting your movement. Lyn
FEW Lck 20.png Lck +20 Increases Lck by 20. Celica
FEW Payday.png Payday Receive more gold. Increases with Lck. Anna
FEW Amaterasu.png Amaterasu Slowly heals the partner while in Pair Up. Azura
FEW Counter.png Counter Makes blocking powerful attacks sometimes emit shockwaves. Oboro
FEW Lethality.png Lethality May raise power of critical hits and combos. Increases with Lck. Niles
FEW Lone Wolf.png Lone Wolf Increases damage when not paired up with another unit. Navarre
FEW Iote's Shield.png Iote's Shield Nullifies enemy effectiveness. Minerva
FEW Quick Wit.png Quick Wit Critical hits fill Awakening gauge regardless of weapon advantage. Linde
FEW Resonating Power.png Resonating Power Boosts damage dealt based on how close the unit's Str and Mag are. Owain
FEW Vengeance.png Vengeance HP slowly drains; normal damage rises in proportion to remaining HP. Tharja
FEW Galeforce.png Galeforce Warrior and Awakening Gauges fill when defeating strong enemies. Olivia