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This is the list of Skills found in TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga.

Sword skills

Icon Skill Description Activation Characters
Earth Saint When activated, the user performs a critical hit that negates Terrain effects. (User’s Skill – Enemy’s Skill) +3% Kate (Lvl 18), Mahter (Lvl 15), Rishel, Sennet
TS Heaven Saint.gif
Heaven Saint When activated, damage done to the enemy is used to restore user’s HP. (User’s Skill – Enemy’s Skill) +3% Vega, Maruju (Lvl 20 Sage), Meriah (Lvl 30), Attrom (Lvl 15 Fighter), Lionheart, Tia
TS Life or Death.gif
Life or Death As user’s HP goes down, their critical rate rises. (100 – [HP x 100 / MHP])% Garo (Lvl 28), Estelle (Lvl 14), Zeek, Norton, Roger (Lvl 18), Meriah (Lvl 15 Mage), Billford, Lionel, Mintz, Loffaru, Sennet
TS Dragon Saint.gif
Dragon Saint When activated, the user performs a 5-hit attack on the enemy. (User’s Skill – Enemy’s Skill) +3% Julia (Map 30 Event), Bud (Lvl 40), Yoda
TS Geomancy.gif
Geomancy When activated, the user’s attack negates the enemy’s Defence/Magic. (User’s Skill – Enemy’s Skill) +3% Kreiss (Lvl 25), Meriah (Lvl 15 Sage), Sun(Lvl 25), Rennie (Lvl 19)
TS Gale.gif
Gale If the user is faster than the enemy, they will always strike first in combat. Kreiss (Lvl 19), Sasha (Lvl 8 Princess), Raffin (Lvl 17), Estelle (Lvl 28), Mahter, Vega (Lvl 35), Roger, Shigen (Lvl 38), Samson (Lvl 14), Rishel, Narsus (Lvl 25), Rina (Lvl 18)
TS Blazing Wind.gif
Blazing Wind When activated the user performs a critical hit, only activates if the enemy will be killed by the critical hit. (User’s Skill – Enemy’s Skill) +3% Arkis (Lvl 16), Garo (Lvl 31), Ezekiel, Narron (Lvl 12 Gold Knight), Xeno (Lvl 13 Fighter), Attrom (Lvl 26), Yoda
TS Continue.gif
Continue When activated, the user performs a 2-hit attack on the enemy (User’s Speed)% Runan (Lvl 7 or Promotion to Lord), Arkis (Lvl 25), Garo, Kate, Sasha (Lvl 15), Narron (Promotion to Gold Knight), Ruka (Lvl 30), Raffin (Lvl 24), Julia (Lvl 8), Raquel, Mahter (Lvl 25), Maruju (Lvl 19 Mage), Zeek, Thomas (Lvl 30), Yuni (Lvl 28), Billford (Lvl 31), Holmes (Lvl 32), Shigen, Alicia (Lvl 32), Samson(Lvl 29), Frau (Lvl 12), Rennie (Lvl 34), Shirou (Lvl 28), Lionheart, Rishel (Lvl 32), Narsus (Lvl 31), Rina (Lvl 23), Hagaru
Rising Dragon When activated, the user performs an attack that does triple damage (range of attack must be 1) (User’s Skill – Enemy’s Skill) +3% Runan (Lvl 15), Julia (Lvl 18), Vega (Lvl 15), Xeno (Lvl 30), Holmes (Lvl 16), Shigen (Lvl 28), Krisheenu (Lvl 17), Yoda, Tia
TS Big Shield.gif
Big Shield When activated, the user’s Defence is increased by 20 for one of the enemy’s attacks (User’s Level)% Narron (Promotion to Gold Knight), Norton (Lvl 12 Iron Knight or Lvl 25), Roger, Billford, Loffaru, Zachariah, Hagaru (Lvl 18)

Other skills

Icon Skill Description Characters
TS Mug.gif
Mug User can steal all items from enemies they defeat. However it reduces the Accuracy and Avoid of all allies within a 3 square radius Maerhen, can be taught to anyone with Guilty Heart item
TS Steal.gif
Steal During battles, the user can steal an item from the enemy. Chance of success is equal to: (User’s Speed + Skill)% Yuni, Krisheenu, Maerhen, Bud
TS Awareness.gif
Awareness Negates all Skills other than Mug, Steal and Elite. Runan (Lvl 35), Kreiss (Lvl 37), Garo (Lvl 30), Raquel (Lvl 31), Zeek, Billford (Lvl 26), Samson (Lvl 20 Axe Fighter), Lionel (Lvl 17), Sun (Lvl 40), Narsus (Lvl 17)
TS Elite.gif
Elite Doubles EXP received Sasha (Lvl 10 Princess), Narron, Estelle (Lvl 20), Raquel, Zeek, Sun (Lvl 5), Rennie (Lvl 9), Bud (Lvl 10), Rebecca (Lvl 16), Leteena, Rina, Hagaru
TS Re-Move.gif
Re-Move The user can use up left-over movement after attacking. Only usable if user is mounted. Arkis (Lvl 38), Kate (Lvl 27), Sasha (Promotion to Pegasus Knight), Narron (Lvl 16), Raffin, Mahter, Zeek (Lvl 14), Mel (Lvl 14), Sharon (Lvl 32), Frau, Sun, Shirou (Lvl 14), Lionheart, Rina (Lvl 9), Verna, can be taught to mounted heroes with Re-Move Manual item
Transform The user can change form into one of the units adjacent to them. Narsus
TS Charge.gif
Charge When used, activates 2~5 rounds of battle. Can only be used if the user’s Speed is greater than the enemy’s. Garo (Lvl 29), Ruka (Lvl 15), Barts (Lvl 15), Maruju (Lvl 39), Sharon (Lvl 15), Billford (Lvl 38), Alicia (Lvl 16), Sun (Promotion to Black Knight), Mintz, Rennie, Loffaru (Lvl 32)
TS Dance.gif
Dance When used, allows an ally to move again and has a chance to raise their stats. Plum (Map 10-14 Event)
Song Restores HP of allies and may allow them to move again. Range of effect grows from 1 to 4. Lyria
TS Warp.gif
Warp Teleports user to a traversable square on the map, and allows them to perform standard actions afterwards. Sierra, Alfred
TS Summon.gif
Summon User can use special staves to summon allied monsters on the field. Enteh (Lvl 30), Katri, Rebecca, Leteena (Lvl 8), Renee
TS Picklock.gif
Picklock User can open normal doors or chests without keys. Yuni, Holmes, Maerhen, Bud, Narsus
Anti-Evil Increases user’s battle stats when fighting monsters. Julia (Lvl 25), Raquel (Lvl 16), Xeno (Lvl 20), Frau (Lvl 25) Loffaru (Lvl 37), Lionheart (Lvl 22), Rishel, Yoda, Verna
TS Charisma.gif
Charisma Increases accuracy and evade of all allies within a 3 square radius. Runan (Promotion to Lord), Sasha, Yuni (Lvl 35), Holmes (Promotion to Hide Hunter), Rebecca (Lvl 38), Sennet

Terrain skills

Icon Skill Description Characters
Forest Fighter In forest maps, raises accuracy and evade by 10% and boosts movement by 1. Raquel, Bud
Plains Fighter In plains maps, raises accuracy and evade by 10% and boosts movement by 1. Ezekiel (Lvl 18), Shirou, Lionheart
Mountain Fighter In mountain maps, raises accuracy and evade by 10% and boosts movement by 1. Ezekiel (Lvl 12), Barts
Sea Fighter In sea maps, raises accuracy and evade by 10% and boosts movement by 1. Garo, Xeno, Holmes, Shigen
Frontier Fighter In frontier maps, raises accuracy and evade by 10% and boosts movement by 1. Also prevents taking damage in swamps. Ezekiel (Lvl 24), Zeek, Yuni (Lvl 12), Samson, Renee, Yoda
City Fighter In city maps, raises accuracy and evade by 10% and boosts movement by 1. Runan, Kate, Ezekiel, Ruka (Promotion to Bow Master), Estelle, Raquel, Norton, Roger, Sharon, Lionel, Rennie (Promotion to Bow Master), Loffaru, Zachariah
Arena Fighter When fighting in the arena, boosts accuracy and evade by 20% Shigen (Lvl 21), Lionel (Lvl 21)