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Star Ranked weapons are weapons that are locked to one unit or an exclusive group of units and/or classes, and can be wielded by only them. If the weapon appears in multiple games (e.g. Mercurius), only instances where it is exclusive are noted.

In case of Berwick Saga the instances where the character can use the weapons regardless of level without failure is noted. In case of Three Houses the characters who have a matching crest are noted.


Name Wielder(s)
Rapier Marth only (FE1/3/11/12), Dancers only (FE3), Runan only (TRS), Roy only (FE6), Eliwood ony (FE7), Eirika only (FE8), Lords/Great Lords/Lodestars only (FE13) only, Phina and Young Marth only (FEH)
Mercurius Marth only (FE1), Astram only (FEH)
Falchion Marth only (FE1/3/11/12/13/14/15/H/W), Alm/Alm (Imperial Ascent) only (FE2/15/H), Chrom/Chrom (Knight Exalt) only (FE13/14/H/W), Lucina only (FE13/14/15/H/W), Itsuki only (FEH)
Levin Sword anyone but Generals (FE1)
Royal Sword Alm only (FE2/15), Celica (Brave) only (FEH)
Ladyblade Females only (FE3/12/BS), Celica only (FEW)
Prayer Sword Females only (FE4)
Tyrfing Byron only (FE4), Sigurd/Seliph only (FE4/H), Conqueror only (TMS♯FE)
Mystletainn Eldigan/Ares only (FE4/H), Great Lord only (TMS♯FE)
Balmung Shannan only (FE4/H), Kramer only (BS), Conqueror only (TMS♯FE) (Ulster and Larcei in FE4 can use Balmung if their parents are Ayra and Chulainn, but cannot legitimately get the sword).
Light Brand Leif only (FE5/H)
Earth Sword Nanna only (FE5)
Shadow Sword Mareeta only (FE5/H)
Mareeta's Sword Mareeta only (FE5/H)
Beo Sword Fergus/Diarmuid only (FE5)
Blessed Sword Olwen only (FE5)
Bragi Sword Leif/Nanna/Fergus/Diarmuid only (FE5)
Loptous Sword Raydrik/Mus only (FE5)
Shramm Vega only (TRS)
Dullahan Shigen only (TRS)
Seiken Reeve Runan only (TRS)
Seiken Salia Holmes only (TRS)
Seiken Canaan Sennet only (TRS)
Seiken Leda Tia only (TRS)
Wo Dao Myrmidons/Swordmasters/Lyn only (FE6/7), Navarre only (FEW)
Binding Blade Roy/Roy (Blazing Lion) only (FE6/15/H)
Eckesachs Zephiel only (FE6/H)
Mani Katti Lyn only (FE7)
Sol Katti Lyn only (FE7/H/W), Myrmidons/Swordmasters only (FE13), Great Lord only (TMS♯FE)
Durandal Eliwood/Eliwood (Blazing Knight) only (FE7/H), Roy (Brave) only (FEH),
Shamshir Eirika/Myrmidons/Bonewalkers/Swordmasters/Assassins/Wights only (FE8)
Sieglinde Eirika/Eirika (Graceful Resolve) only (FE8/H)
Regal Sword Ike only (FE9)
Ragnell Ike/Ike (Legendary Hero) only (FE9/10/14/15/H)
Amiti Elincia only (FE9/10/H), Renning only (FE10), Renning can use but cannot legimitely gain Amiti.
Alondite Black Knight/Zelgius only (FE9/H)
Gurgurant Ashnard only (FE9)
Cutlass Faye only (BS)
Over Cutlass Faramir only (BS)
Raze Tar ??? only (BS)
Lord Gram Reese only (BS)
Succeed Reese only (BS)
Seiken Vritra Faye only (BS)
Zweihander Marcel only

* (BS)

Brimranger Sherpa only

* (BS)

Ettard Ike only (FE10)
Florete Mist only (FE10), Great Lord only (TMS♯FE)
Caladbolg Edward only (FE10)
Noble Rapier Lords/Great Lords/Lodestars only (FE13)
Amatsu Myrmidons/Swordmasters only (FE13), Hero only (TMS♯FE)
Missiletainn Owain only (FE13/H/W)
Raijinto Ryoma/Ryoma (Supreme Samurai) only (FE14/H/W), Shiro (Heirs of Fate) only (FE14)
Siegfried Xander only (FE14/H/W), Siegbert (Heirs of Fate) only (FE14)
Ganglari Corrin only (FE14, Base version only)
Yato Corrin only (FE14/15/H/W), Kana (Heirs of Fate) only (FE14)
Beloved Zofia Celica only (FE15), Celica (Fallen) only (FEH)
Sword of the Creator Byleth (Male/Female) only (FE16/H)*
Laevateinn Conqueror only (TMS♯FE)
Masamune Swordmaster only (TMS♯FE)
Hi-no-Kagatsuchi Hero only (TMS♯FE)
Ame-no-Murakumo Swordmaster only (TMS♯FE)
Fólkvangr Alfonse only (FEH)
Regal Blade Lloyd only (FEH)
Ayra's Blade Ayra only (FEH)
Resolute Blade Mia only (FEH)
Audhulma Joshua only (FEH)
Laevatein Laevatein only (FEH)
Dark Greatsword Siegbert only (FEH)
Wing Sword Caeda only (FEH)
Nameless Blade Fir/Karel only (FEH)
Meisterschwert Reinhardt (World of Thracia) only (FEH)
Vassal's Blade Karla only (FEH)
Skuld Olivia (Sky-High Dancer) only (FEH)
Golden Dagger Saber only (FEH)
Solitary Blade Lon'qu only (FEH)
Gladiator's Blade Ogma only (FEH)
Scarlet Sword Navarre only (FEH)
Whitewing Blade Palla only (FEH)
Sökkvabekkr Líf only (FEH)
Hikami Gunnthrá (Year's First Dream) only (FEH)
Silverbrand Seth only (FEH)
Hinata's Katana Hinata only (FEH)
Bull Blade Cain only (FEH)
Hana's Katana Hana only (FEH)
Panther Sword Stahl only (FEH)
Rowdy Sword Luke only (FEH)
Selena's Blade Selena only (FEH)
Conjurer Curios Hector (Dressed-Up Duo) only (FEH)
Astra Blade Catria (Mild Middle Sister) only (FEH)
Concealed Blade Athena only (FEH)
Ragnell·Alondite Altina only (FEH)
Venin Edge Kempf only (FEH)
Larcei's Edge Larcei only (FEH)
Laslow's Blade Laslow only (FEH)
Laid-Back Blade Gray only (FEH)
Jubilant Blade Tobin only (FEH)
Enliron Rowan/Lianna only (FEW)
Facinna Lianna/Rowan only (FEW)
Risyl Darios only (FEW)
Chrom's Training Sword Chrom only (FEW)
Olivia's Blade Olivia only (FEW)


Name Wielders
Helswath Lombard/Brian only (FE4). Danann is capable of wielding the Helswath, even though he is never shown to do so in game.
Vouge Orsin only (FE5/H)
Wolf Beil Hector only (FE7)
Armads Hector/Hector (Love Abounds)/Hector (Marquess of Ostia) only (FE7/H)
Bhuj Dean only (BS)
Gigas Axe Gigas Knights only (BS)
Tarvos Nolan only (FE10)
Wolf Berg Walhart only (FE13/H)
Camilla's Axe Females only (FE14), Camilla only (FEH/W)
Arthur's Axe Males only (FE14), Arthur only (FEH)
Bolverk Garon only (FE14)
Aymr Edelgard only (FEH)
Freikugel Hilda only (FEH)
Crusher Annette only (FEH)
Urvan General only (TMS♯FE), Ike (Brave) only (FEH)
Devil Axe Berserker only (TMS♯FE), Barst only (FEH)
Wunderland General only (TMS♯FE)
Parashurama Axe Berserker only (TMS♯FE)
Nóatún Anna only (FEH)
Hauteclere Minerva/Michalis only (FEH)
Urðr Azura (Performing) only (FEH)
Stout Tomahawk Dorcas only (FEH)
Sinmara Surtr only (FEH)
Basilikos Raven/Linus only (FEH)
Býleistr Helbindi only (FEH)
Draconic Poleax Titania only (FEH)
Garm Ephraim (Brave) only (FEH)
Cherche's Axe Cherche only (FEH)
Axe of Virility Bartre only (FEH)
Hel's Reaper Hel only (FEH)
Glitnir Gustav only (FEH)
Eldhrímnir Felicia (Off the Menu) only (FEH)
Victorious Axe Edelgard only (FEH)
Beruka's Axe Beruka only (FEH)
Guardian's Axe Hawkeye only (FEH)
Mirage Axe Mamori only (FEH)
Scepter of Love Alm (Lovebird Duo) only (FEH)
Bun-Bun Baton Fir (Student of Spring) only (FEH)
Inveterate Axe Gunter only (FEH)
Rinkah's Club Rinkah only (FEH)
Lissa's Axe Lissa only (FEW)
Frederick's Axe Frederick only (FEH/W)


Name Wielders
Javelin All but Soldiers (FE2)
Gradivus All but Soldiers (FE2), Wyvern Rider only (TMS♯FE), Camus/Hardin only (FEH)
Gáe Bolg Quan/Altena only (FE4/H), Dark Knight only (TMS♯FE)
Gungnir Travant/Arion only (FE4)
Dragonpike Dean/Altena only (FE5), Galle only (FE6)
Brave Lance Finn only (FE5)
Reginleif Ephraim/Ephraim (Dynastic Duo) only (FE8/H)
Siegmund Ephraim/Ephraim (Legendary Lord)/Ephraim (Sparkling Gallantly) only (FE8/H)
Follage Alvina only (BS)
Wing Spear Caeda only (FE11/12/W), Falcon Knight only (TMS♯FE)
Dragoon Lance Wyvern Rider only (TMS♯FE)
Brave Feather Falcon Knight only (TMS♯FE)
Tonbo-kiri Wyvern Rider only (TMS♯FE)
Ame-no-Nuboko Falcon Knight only (TMS♯FE)
Longinus Paladin only (TMS♯FE)
Butcherer Dark Knight only (TMS♯FE)
Ote-gine Paladin only (TMS♯FE)
Spear of Light Paladin only (TMS♯FE)
Ruin Dark Knight only (TMS♯FE)
Fensalir Sharena only (FEH)
Vidofnir Tana only (FEH)
Cursed Lance Valter only (FEH)
Geirskögul Lucina (Brave) only (FEH)
Leiptr Fjorm only (FEH)
Bright Naginata Shiro only (FEH)
Rhomphaia Clair only (FEH)
Hinoka's Spear Hinoka only (FEH/W)
Dauntless Lance Nephenee only (FEH)
Maltet Hector (Brave) only (FEH)
Shanna's Lance Shanna only (FEH)
Florina's Lance Florina only (FEH)
Whitewing Lance Catria only (FEH)
Whitewing Spear Est only (FEH)
Oboro's Spear Oboro only (FEH/W)
Panther Lance Abel only (FEH)
Peri's Lance Peri only (FEH)
Daybreak Lance Lukas only (FEH)
Bull Spear Sully only (FEH)
Kriemhild Berkut (Purgatorial Prince) only (FEH)
Loyal Greatlance Oscar only (FEH)
Steady Lance Roderick only (FEH)
Noble Lance Dimitri only (FEH)
Scythe of Sariel Death Knight only (FEH)
Ninis's Ice Lance Eliwood (Marquess Pherae) only (FEH)
Verðandi Berkut (Debonair Noble) only (FEH)
Sable Lance Sirius only (FEH)
Sol Lance Forsyth only (FEH)
Golden Naginata Subaki only (FEH)
Prized Lance Perceval only (FEH)
Knightly Lance Mathilda only (FEH)
Lordly Lance Clive only (FEH)
Mirage Feather Tsubasa only (FEH)
Thorn Lance Rudolf (Emperor of Rigel) only (FEH)
Veteran Lance Jagen only (FEH)
Blessed Lance Azura only (FEW)
Cordelia's Lance Cordelia only (FEH/W)

Bows, Crossbows and Ballistae

Name Type Wielders
Yewfelle Bow Brigid, Febail only (FE4), Sniper only (TMS♯FE)
Ballista Ballista Ballistae only (FE4/5), Archers/Snipers only (FE6/7/8/9/10)
Iron Ballista Ballista Iron Ballistae only (FE4/5), Archers/Snipers only (FE6/7/8/9/10)
Killer Ballista Ballista Killer Ballistae only (FE4), Archers/Snipers only (FE6/7/8/9/10)
Great Arch Ballista Great Archs only (FE4)
Poison Arch Ballista Poison Archs only (FE5)
Stone Henge Ballista Ballisticians/Wood Shooters only (TRS)
Quick Rain Ballista Ballisticians/Wood Shooters only (TRS)
Longbow Bow Archers/Snipers only (FE9/11/12/13)
Rolf's Bow Bow Rolf only (FE9)
Onager Ballista Archers/Snipers only (FE9/10)
Double Bow Bow Archers/Snipers only (FE9/13/TMS♯FE)
Pascannon Bow Estobar only (BS)
Selenia Bow Bow Lanette only (BS)
Hawkeye Crossbow Chris only (BS)
Lughnasadh Bow Leonardo only (FE10)
Towering Bow Bow Archers/Snipers only (FE13)
Fujin Yumi Bow Takumi only (FE14/H/W), Kiragi (Heirs of Fate) only (FE14)
Skadi Bow Takumi only (FE14/H)
Gandiva Bow Assassin only (TMS♯FE)
Parthia Bow Sniper only (TMS♯FE), Jeorge only (FEH)
Rienfleche Bow Assassin only (TMS♯FE)
Ame-no-Kagoyumi Bow Assassin only (TMS♯FE)
Nidhogg Bow Innes only (FEH)
Mulagir Bow Lyn (Brave)/Lyn (Legendary) only (FEH)
Warrior Princess Bow Hinoka (Wings of Fate) only (FEH)
Thögn Bow Lucina (Glorious Archer) only (FEH)
Argent Bow Bow Klein only (FEH)
Luna Arc Bow Alm (Saint-King) only (FEH)
Bow of Devotion Bow Faye only (FEH)
Deep-Blue Bow Bow Lyn (Lady of the Beach) only (FEH)
Cunning Bow Bow Claude only (FEH)
Dignified Bow Bow Virion only (FEH)
Meisterbogen Bow Leif (Unifier of Thracia) only (FEH)
Renowned Bow Bow Gordin only (FEH)
Guardian's Bow Bow Igrene only (FEH)
Tanngrisnir Bow Marth (Royal Altean Duo) only (FEH)
Rebecca's Bow Bow Rebecca only (FEH)
Mirage Longbow Bow Eleonora only (FEH)
Randgríðr Bow Chrom (Crowned Exalt) only (FEH)
Persecution Bow Bow Bernadetta only (FEH)
Spellbane Yumi Bow Sakura only (FEW)
Niles's Bow Bow Niles only (FEH/W)
Anna's Bow Bow Anna only (FEW)


Name Type Wielders
Excalibur Wind Merric only (FE1/3/H), Sonya only (FEH) (In FE11/12, Merric can use with an E in tomes, any other male character can use with B in tomes.)
Aura Light Linde only (FE1/3/H/W), Delthea only (FEH) (In FE11/12, Linde can use with E in tomes, any other female character can use it with B in tomes.)
Imhullu Dark Gharnef only (FE11/12/H/W)
Nosferatu Light/Dark Females only (FE3/12), Dark Mages/Sorcerers only (FE13/14)[1]
Valflame Fire Arvis only (FE4/H)

??? only (FE5 unused)

Forseti Wind Only usable by those with major Forseti blood (Lewyn, possibly Ced, Arthur, Coirpre) (FE4), Lewyn only (FEH), Ced only (FE5)
Mjölnir Thunder Reptor/Bloom only (FE4), Ishtar only (FE4/5/H) (Unused in 5)
Book of Naga Light Deirdre/Julia/Julia (Crusader of Light) only (FE4/H) Deirdre can use, but cannot legimitely get Book of Naga in FE4
Loptous Dark Julius only (FE4/H)

??? only (FE5 unused)

Dire Thunder Thunder Olwen/Reinhardt only (FE5/H)
Grafcalibur Wind Asbel only (FE5)
Hel Dark ??? only (FE5)
Wundergust Wind Eisenbaha/Maruju only (TRS)
☆Starlight Light Meriah only (TRS), Oracles only (BS)
Brenthunder Thunder Alicia only (TRS)
Sunflame Fire Rishel only (TRS)
Aura Rain Light Meriah only (TRS)
Black Rain Dark Gerxel only (TRS)
Forblaze Fire Athos only (FE7), Lilina only (FEH)
Pallas Leia Fire Enid only (BS)
Pallas Liana Wind Aegina only (BS)
Pallas Selenia Thunder Lanette only (BS)
Restore Light Izerna only (BS)
Thani Light Micaiah only (FE10/H)
Cymbeline Fire Sanaki only (FE10/H)
Creiddylad Light Sephiran/Lehran only (FE10)
Flux Dark Dark Mages/Sorcerers only (FE13)[1]
Ruin Dark Dark Mages/Sorcerers only (FE13)[1]
Mire Dark Dark Mages/Sorcerers only (FE13)[1]
Waste Dark Dark Mages/Sorcerers only (FE13)[1]
Aversa's Night Dark Dark Mages/Sorcerers only (FE13),[1] Aversa only (FEH)
Grima's Truth Dark Dark Mages/Sorcerers only (FE13),[1] Morgan (Male) only (FEH), Validar only (FEW)
Goetia Dark Dark Mages/Sorcerers only (FE13)[1]
Brynhildr Nature Leo only (FE14/H/W), Forrest (Heirs of Fate) only (FE14)
Missiletainn Wind (Ice) Ophelia only (FE14/H)
Thoron Thunder Robin only (FE14/W)
Valaskjálf Wind (Ice) Bruno only (FEH)
Élivágar Wind Veronica only (FEH)
Ragnarok Fire Celica only (FEH)
Grimoire Dark Nowi (Halloween) only (FEH)
Weirding Tome Thunder Lute only (FEH)
Blizzard Wind (Ice) Gunnthrá only (FEH)
Gleipnir Dark Eirika (Sacred Memories) only (FEH)
Ivaldi Light L'Arachel only (FEH)
Naglfar Dark Lyon only (FEH)
Wind's Brand Wind Soren only (FEH)
Muninn's Egg Wind Sharena (Hare) only (FEH)
Huginn's Egg Thunder Catria (Hare) only (FEH)
Thunderhead Wind Olwen (World of Thracia) only (FEH)
Wargod's Tome Light Saias only (FEH)
Nifl Frostflowers Wind (Ice) SanakI (Bridal Bloom) only (FEH)
Múspell Fireposy Fire Tharja (Bridal Bloom) only (FEH)
Giga Excalibur Wind Nino (Pale Flower) only (FEH)
Fruit of Iðunn Water Tana (Summer) only (FEH)
Reese's Tome Fire Katarina only (FEH)
Dawn Suzu Light Micaiah (Hoshidan Festival) only (FEH)
Odin's Grimoire Dark Odin only (FEH)
Sagittae Light Kliff only (FEH)
Book of Dreams Dark Camilla (Flower of Fantasy) only (FEH)
Book of Shadows Wind Azura (Young Songstress) only (FEH)
Tactical Bolt Thunder Robin (Male) only (FEH)
Tactical Gale Wind Robin (Female) only (FEH)
Ífingr Dark Thrasir only (FEH)
Prayer Wheel Light Azura (Vallite Songstress) only (FEH)
Iris's Tome Wind Nino only (FEH)
Eternal Tome Dark Sophia only (FEH)
Veðrfölnir's Egg Wind Veronica (Spring Princess) only (FEH)
Chaos Manifest Light Yune only (FEH)
Death Dark Delthea (Tatarrah's Puppet) only (FEH)
Worldsea Wave Water Laegjarn (Burning Sun) only (FEH)
Hermit's Tome Dark Raigh only (FEH)
Book of Orchids Light Mae only (FEH)
Inscribed Tome Light Boey only (FEH)
Light of Dawn Light Micaiah (Queen of Dawn) FEH
Mögþrasir Dark Ishtar (Thunder's Waltz) only (FEH)
Vafþrúðnir Wind Reinhardt (Lightning's Rondo) only (FEH)
Fimbulvetr Wind (Ice) Brunnya only (FEH)
Flower of Joy Light Peony only (FEH)
Flower of Sorrow Dark Triandra only (FEH)
Saintly Seraphim Light Celica (Queen of Valentia) only (FEH)
Imbued Koma Light/Wind Alfonse (Askran Duo) only (FEH)
Flower of Plenty Dark Plumeria only (FEH)
Winds of Silesse Wind Ced only (FEH)
Corvus Tome Dark Henry only (FEH)
Mirage Rod Dark Kiria only (FEH)
Father’s Tactics Thunder Morgan (Female) only (FEH)
Hades Ω Dark Lysithea only (FEH)
Eagle's Egg Thunder Est (Springtime Flier) only (FEH)
Void Tome Dark Bramimond only (FEH)
Blue-Crow Tome Thunder Ursula only (FEH)
Moonlight Light Elise only (FEW)
Iago's Tome Dark Iago only (FEH/W)
Tharja's Hex Dark Tharja only (FEH/W)


Name Wielders
Hammerne Lena only (FE1/3/11/12), Marisha only (FE3/12), Safy only (FE5)
Aum Staff Elice only (FE1/3/11/12), Yuliya only (FE3/11/12), Maria/Caeda/Minerva only (FE11/12), Sheena/Nyna only (FE12)
Thief Staff Marisha only (FE3), Tina only (FE5)
Rescue Yuliya only (FE3)
Valkyrie Staff Only usable by those with major Bragi blood (Claud, possibly Coirpre, Ced) (FE4)
Unlock Tina only (FE5)
Kia Staff Sara only (FE5)
Defense Staff Plum only (TRS)
Magic Staff Mel only (TRS)
Strength Staff Lyria only (TRS)
Silence Staff Leteena only (TRS)
Warp Renee only (TRS)
Nightmare Fomortiis only (FE8)
Astral Blessing Lilith only (FE14)
Caduceus Staff Sage only (TMS♯FE)
Thyrsus Sorcerer only (TMS♯FE)
Demon's Rod Sorcerer only (TMS♯FE)
Mjolnir Sorcerer only (TMS♯FE)
Aymur Sage only (TMS♯FE)
Asclepius Sage only (TMS♯FE)
Thökk Loki only (FEH)
Hliðskjálf Veronica (Brave) only (FEH)
Gjallarbrú Fjorm (Bride of Rime) only (FEH)
Sanngriðr Camilla (Light of Nohr) only (FEH)

Breath Weapons, Dragonstones and Beast Weapons

Name Type Wielders
Firestone Dragonstone Bantu only (FE1)
Divinestone Dragonstone Tiki only (FE1/3/11/12/W), Fae only (FE6), Nagi only (FE11/12)
Earthstone Dragonstone Medeus only (FE1/3/11)
Beaststone/Beaststone+ Beaststone Taguel only (FE13)
Dragonstone/Dragonstone+ Bragonstone Manakete only (FE13)
Draconic Rage Breath Corrin/Kana only (FE14), Corrin (Dream Princess)/Corrin (Dream Prince) only (FEH)
Astral Breath Breath Lilith only (FE14/H)
Great Flame Breath Myrrh only (FEH)
Expiration Breath Robin (Fallen)/Robin (Legendary) only (FEH)
Breath of Fog Breath Tiki (Child/Adult) only (FEH)
Summer's Breath Breath Tiki (A Sketchy Summer) only (FEH)
Breath of Blight Breath Garon only (FEH)
Divine Mist Breath Tiki (Legendary Dragon) only (FEH)
Spirit Breath Breath Myrrh (The Land's Bouty) only (FEH)
Hawk King Claw Strike Tibarn only (FEH)
Heron Wing Strike Reyson/Leanne only (FEH)
Raven King Beak Strike Naesala only (FEH)
Fell Breath Breath Duma only (FEH)
Kitsune Fang Strike Kaden only (FEH)
Wolfskin Fang Strike Keaton only (FEH)
Foxkit Fang Strike Selkie only (FEH)
Wolfpup Fang Strike Velouria only (FEH)
Taguel Fang Strike Panne only (FEH)
Demonic Breath Breath Idunn only (FEH)
Lion King Fang Strike Caineghis only (FEH)
Brazen Cat Fang Strike Lethe only (FEH)
Sabertooth Fang Strike Mordecai only (FEH)
Covert Cat Fang Strike Ranulf only (FEH)
Savage Breath Breath Corrin (Wailing Soul) only (FEH)
Razing Breath Breath Tiki (Torpid Dragon) only (FEH)
Divine Breath Breath Naga only (FEH)
Oracle's Breath Breath Nah only (FEH)
Bunny Fang Strike Yarne only (FEH)
Sublime Surge Breath Sothis only (FEH)
Ethereal Breath Breath Nagi only (FEH)
Sun Dragonstone Breath Kana (Female) only (FEH)
Snow's Grace Breath Sothis (Silver Specter) only (FEH)
Guardian Fang Strike Lethe (New Year's Claw) only (FEH)
New Foxkit Fang Strike Selkie (New Year's Spirit) only (FEH)
Zephyr Breath Breath Idunn (Dragonkin Duo) only (FEH)
Tiki's Tear Dragonstone Tiki only (FEW)


Name Wielders
Assassin Dagger Assassins only (BS)
Hair Pin Females only (FE14)
Deathly Dagger Jaffar only (FEH)
Peshkatz Sothe only (FEH)
Felicia's Plate Felicia only (FEH)
Hoarfrost Knife Flora only (FEH)
Sylgr Ylgr only (FEH)
Lyfjaberg Eir only (FEH)
Sæhrímnir Flora (Signature Dish) only (FEH)
Saizo's Star Saizo only (FEH)
Kagero's Dart Kagero only (FEH)
Spy's Dagger Matthew only (FEH)
Athame Kronya only (FEH)
Hunting Blade Petra only (FEH)
Jakob's Tray Jakob only (FEH)
Constant Dagger Leila only (FEH)
Candied Dagger Gaius only (FEH)

Misc. Items

Name Type Wielders
All gauntlets Brawling Non-mounted classes only (FE16)
Lockpick Key Thieves only (FE1/5/6/7/8), Thief Fighters/Lara only (FE5), Assassins only (FE7/8), Rogues only (FE8)
Fire Emblem Shield Marth only (FE3/11/12)
Binding Shield Shield Marth only (FE3/12)
Circlet Accessory Deirdre/Julia only (FE4)
Lan's Mirror Accessory Plum only (TRS) Can be held by any character, but only provides its' bonuses when held by Plum
Ring of Salia Ring Katri only (TRS)
Ring of Canaan Ring Neyfa only (TRS)
Ring of Reeve Ring Enteh only (TRS)
Ring of Leda Ring Tia only (TRS)
Ninis' Grace Ring Ninian/Nils only (FE7)
Thor's Ire Ring Ninian/Nils only (FE7)
Set's Litany Ring Ninian/Nils only (FE7)
Filla's Might Ring Ninian/Nils only (FE7)
Beorcguard Accessory Laguz only (FE9)
Laguzguard Accessory Beorc only (FE9)
Knight Ward Shield Lance Knights/Paladins/Axe Knights/Knights/Soldiers/Bow Knights/Sword Knights/Halberdiers/Generals only (FE9)
Demi Band Ring Laguz (exscept Reyson) only (FE9)
Laguz Band Ring Naesala/Tibarn/Giffca only (FE9)
Chalice Shield Small Shield Females only (BS)
Pell Shield Small Shield Reese only (BS)
Paladin Shield Medium Shield Paladins can use from base rank (BS)
Black Shield Medium Shield Black Knights only (BS)
General Shield Large Shield Generals can use from base rank (BS)
Tulsa Ornament Accessory Reese only (BS)
Rudol Gem Accessory Sephiran/Sanaki only (FE10)
Spectre Card/Reaper Card/Daemon Card Card Anyone but Fire Mages, Thunder Mages, Wind Mages, Light Mages, Priests, Fire Sages, Thunder Sages, Wind Sages, Light Sages, Dark Sages, Bishops, Druids, Archsages, Light Priestesses, Saints, Summoners, Empresses (FE10)


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 Shadowgift skill allows usage of any tome only usable by Dark Mages/Sorcerers in other tome using classes.