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The following is a List of Weapon Attributes in Fire Emblem Warriors.

Name Effect Type KO Count Weapon Required to Unlock
Strong I Increases Strong Attack I damage (X) Attack N/A N/A
Strong II Increases Strong Attack II damage (Y, X) Attack N/A N/A
Strong III Increases Strong Attack III damage (Y, Y, X) Attack N/A N/A
Strong IV Increases Strong Attack IV damage (Y, Y, Y, X) Attack N/A N/A
Strong V Increases Strong Attack V damage (Y, Y, Y, Y, X) Attack N/A N/A
Strong VI Increases Strong Attack VI damage (Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, X) Attack N/A N/A
Rainstorm Increases all Regular Attack damage (Y) Attack N/A N/A
Power Up Weapon drops will have more slots Drop N/A N/A
First Class Weapon drops are of higher quality Drop N/A N/A
Healer Increases drop chance of recovery items Drop N/A N/A
Topsy-Turvy Swaps physical and magical attack power Swap N/A FEW Sword.pngConduit Sword
FEW Lance.pngConduit Lance
FEW Axe.pngConduit Axe
FEW Bow.pngConduit Bow
FEW Tome.pngConduit Tome
Antitriangle Reverses weapon-triangle effects Swap N/A FEW Sword.pngLancereaver
FEW Lance.pngAxereaver
FEW Axe.pngSwordreaver
Statflip Swaps both Atk & Def and Mag & Res Swap N/A FEW Sword.pngStatflip Sword
FEW Lance.pngStatflip Lance
FEW Axe.pngStatflip Axe
FEW Bow.pngStatflip Bow
FEW Tome.pngStatflip Tome
FEW Stone.pngStatflipstone
Mountslayer Bonus vs. Mounted Units Bonus N/A FEW Sword.pngZanbato
FEW Lance.pngHorseslayer
FEW Axe.pngPoleax
FEW Bow.pngHunter's Bow
FEW Tome.pngUnsaddler Tome
FEW Stone.pngPiked Dragonstone
Wingslayer Bonus vs. Flying Units Bonus N/A FEW Sword.pngWing Clipper
FEW Lance.pngFlycatcher
FEW Axe.pngVolant Axe
FEW Tome.pngWingbane Tome
FEW Stone.pngRisestone
Plateslayer Bonus vs. Armored Units Bonus N/A FEW Sword.pngArmorslayer
FEW Lance.pngHeavy Spear
FEW Axe.pngHammer
FEW Bow.pngCleave Bow
FEW Tome.pngPiecing Tome
FEW Stone.pngIronbanestone
Dracoslayer Bonus vs. Dragon Units Bonus N/A FEW Sword.pngWyrmslayer
FEW Lance.pngDragonpike
FEW Axe.pngDragon Axe
FEW Bow.pngDragonkiller Bow
FEW Tome.pngCondragon Tome
FEW Stone.pngUndragonstone
Beastslayer Bonus vs. Monster Units Bonus N/A FEW Sword.pngSpirit Katana
FEW Lance.pngBlessed Lance
FEW Axe.pngBlessed Axe
FEW Bow.pngBlessed Bow
FEW Tome.pngBlessed Tome
FEW Stone.pngBlessedstone
Rampager Bonus vs. Mounted and Armored Units Bonus N/A Only available to the FEW Lance.pngWing Spear
Healing Gift Full HP after every 300 kills Defeat 2000 N/A
Warrior Gift Full Warrior Gauge after every 300 kills Defeat 2000 N/A
Awakening Gift Full Awakening after every 300 kills Defeat 2000 N/A
Fury Builder Increases damage per 100 foes defeated Fury 2500 N/A
Armor Strike Shatters armor with powerful attacks Break 3000 FEW Sword.pngArmorbane Sword
FEW Lance.pngArmorbane Lance
FEW Axe.pngArmorbane Axe
FEW Bow.pngArmorbane Bow
FEW Tome.pngArmorbane Tome
FEW Stone.pngArmorbanestone
Critical Focus Attacks deplete the Weak Point Gauge faster Focus 4000 N/A
Anti-Air Focus Increases damage versus launched foes Focus 4000 N/A
Triangle+ Increases weapon-triangle advantages Boost 5000 N/A
Pair Up+ Increases damage when paired up Boost 5000 N/A
Critical+ Increases Critical Hit damage Boost 5000 N/A
Warrior+ Increases special attack damage Boost 5000 N/A
Health+ Increases damage when at max HP Boost 5000 N/A
Desperate+ Increases damage when at low HP Boost 5000 N/A
Swordbreaker Increased damage vs. sword wielders Slay N/A FEW Sword.pngSwordbane Sword
FEW Lance.pngSwordbane Lance
FEW Axe.pngSwordbane Axe
FEW Bow.pngSwordbane Bow
FEW Tome.pngSwordbane Tome
FEW Stone.pngSwordbanestone
Lancebreaker Increased damage vs. lance wielders Slay N/A FEW Sword.pngLancebane Sword
FEW Lance.pngLancebane Lance
FEW Axe.pngLancebane Axe
FEW Bow.pngLancebane Bow
FEW Tome.pngLancebane Tome
FEW Stone.pngLancebanestone
Axebreaker Increased damage vs. axe wielders Slay N/A FEW Sword.pngAxebane Sword
FEW Lance.pngAxebane Lance
FEW Axe.pngAxebane Axe
FEW Bow.pngAxebane Bow
FEW Tome.pngAxebane Tome
FEW Stone.pngAxebanestone
Bowbreaker Increased damage vs. bow wielders Slay N/A FEW Sword.pngBowbane Sword
FEW Lance.pngBowbane Lance
FEW Axe.pngBowbane Axe
FEW Bow.pngBowbane Bow
FEW Tome.pngBowbane Tome
FEW Stone.pngBowbanestone
Tomebreaker Increased damage vs. tome wielders Slay N/A FEW Sword.pngTomebane Sword
FEW Lance.pngTomebane Lance
FEW Axe.pngTomebane Axe
FEW Bow.pngTomebane Bow
FEW Tome.pngTomebane Tome
FEW Stone.pngTomebanestone
Stonebreaker Increased damage vs. stone wielders Slay N/A FEW Sword.pngDragonbane Sword
FEW Lance.pngDragonbane Lance
FEW Axe.pngDragonbane Axe
FEW Bow.pngDragonbane Bow
FEW Tome.pngDragonbane Tome
FEW Stone.pngDragonbanestone
Clawbreaker Increased damage vs. claw wielders Slay N/A FEW Sword.pngClawbane Sword
FEW Lance.pngClawbane Lance
FEW Axe.pngClawbane Axe
FEW Bow.pngClawbane Bow
FEW Tome.pngClawbane Tome
FEW Stone.pngClawbanestone
Gencross Bonus vs. other gender; weaker vs. same Gen N/A FEW Sword.pngGencross Sword
FEW Lance.pngGencross Lance
FEW Axe.pngGencross Axe
FEW Bow.pngGencross Bow
FEW Tome.pngGencross Tome
FEW Stone.pngGencrossstone
Genpeer Bonus vs. Same gender; weaker vs. other Gen N/A FEW Sword.pngGenpeer Sword
FEW Lance.pngGenpeer Lance
FEW Axe.pngGenpeer Axe
FEW Bow.pngGenpeer Bow
FEW Tome.pngGenpeer Tome
FEW Stone.pngGenpeerstone
Amped Boosts all stats except Mov. (20%) Spirit N/A FEW Sword.pngAmped Sword
FEW Lance.pngAmped Lance
FEW Axe.pngAmped Axe
FEW Sword.pngAmped Bow
FEW Tome.pngAmped Tome
FEW Stone.pngAmpedstone
Bolster Strengthens Attack and Boost attributes Spirit N/A FEW Sword.pngBolster Sword
FEW Lance.pngBolster Lance
FEW Axe.pngBolster Axe
FEW Sword.pngBolster Bow
FEW Tome.pngBolster Tome
FEW Stone.pngBolsterstone
Acceleration Increases attack speed Spirit N/A FEW Sword.pngAcceleration Sword
FEW Lance.pngAcceleration Lance
FEW Axe.pngAcceleration Axe
FEW Sword.pngAcceleration Bow
FEW Tome.pngAcceleration Tome
FEW Stone.pngAccelerationstone
True Power Increases stats of exclusive weapons (240) Awake 10,000 Unique weapons only. Requires Mastery Crest.
Divine Favor A divine blessing that improves a weapon (720) Awake N/A Unique weapons only. Requires Sanctuary Crest. Replaces True Power.
Legendary Increases a weapon's basic stats Awake 6000 FEW Sword.pngLegendary Sword
FEW Lance.pngLegendary Lance
FEW Axe.pngLegendary Axe
FEW Sword.pngLegendary Bow
FEW Tome.pngLegendary Tome
FEW Stone.pngLegendarystone
Strike Rate+ Increases attack speed Awake N/A FEW Sword.pngChrom's Training Sword only
All Stats+ Increases all stats except Mov Awake N/A FEW Stone.pngTiki's Tear only