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|[[File:FEW_Sword.png|15px]][[Axebane Sword]]<br />[[File:FEW_Lance.png|15px]][[Axebane Lance]]<br />[[File:FEW_Axe.png|15px]][[Axeebane Axe]]<br />[[File:FEW_Bow.png|15px]][[Axebane Bow]]<br />[[File:FEW_Tome.png|15px]][[Axebane Tome]]<br />[[File:FEW_Stone.png|15px]][[Axebanestone]]
|[[File:FEW_Sword.png|15px]][[Axebane Sword]]<br />[[File:FEW_Lance.png|15px]][[Axebane Lance]]<br />[[File:FEW_Axe.png|15px]][[Axebane Axe]]<br />[[File:FEW_Bow.png|15px]][[Axebane Bow]]<br />[[File:FEW_Tome.png|15px]][[Axebane Tome]]<br />[[File:FEW_Stone.png|15px]][[Axebanestone]]

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The following is a List of Weapon Attributes in Fire Emblem Warriors.

Name Effect Type KO Count Weapon Required to Unlock
Strong I Increases Strong Attack I damage (X) Attack N/A N/A
Strong II Increases Strong Attack II damage (Y, X) Attack N/A N/A
Strong III Increases Strong Attack III damage (Y, Y, X) Attack N/A N/A
Strong IV Increases Strong Attack IV damage (Y, Y, Y, X) Attack N/A N/A
Strong V Increases Strong Attack V damage (Y, Y, Y, Y, X) Attack N/A N/A
Strong VI Increases Strong Attack VI damage (Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, X) Attack N/A N/A
Rainstorm Increases all Regular Attack damage (Y) Attack N/A N/A
Power Up Weapon drops will have more slots Drop N/A N/A
First Class Weapon drops are of higher quality Drop N/A N/A
Healer Increases drop chance of recovery items Drop N/A N/A
Topsy-Turvy Swaps physical and magical attack power Swap N/A FEW SwordConduit Sword
FEW LanceConduit Lance
FEW AxeConduit Axe
FEW BowConduit Bow
FEW TomeConduit Tome
Antitriangle Reverses weapon-triangle effects Swap N/A FEW SwordLancereaver
FEW LanceAxereaver
FEW AxeSwordreaver
Statflip Swaps both Atk & Def and Mag & Res Swap N/A FEW SwordStatflip Sword
FEW LanceStatflip Lance
FEW AxeStatflip Axe
FEW BowStatflip Bow
FEW TomeStatflip Tome
FEW StoneStatflipstone
Mountslayer Bonus vs. Mounted Units Bonus N/A FEW SwordZanbato
FEW LanceHorseslayer
FEW AxePoleax
FEW BowHunter's Bow
FEW TomeUnsaddler Tome
FEW StonePiked Dragonstone
Wingslayer Bonus vs. Flying Units Bonus N/A FEW SwordWing Clipper
FEW LanceFlycatcher
FEW AxeVolant Axe
FEW TomeWingbane Tome
FEW StoneRisestone
Plateslayer Bonus vs. Armored Units Bonus N/A FEW SwordArmorslayer
FEW LanceHeavy Spear
FEW AxeHammer
FEW BowCleave Bow
FEW TomePiecing Tome
FEW StoneIronbanestone
Dracoslayer Bonus vs. Dragon Units Bonus N/A FEW SwordWyrmslayer
FEW LanceDragonpike
FEW AxeDragon Axe
FEW BowDragonkiller Bow
FEW TomeCondragon Tome
FEW StoneUndragonstone
Beastslayer Bonus vs. Monster Units Bonus N/A FEW SwordSpirit Katana
FEW LanceBlessed Lance
FEW AxeBlessed Axe
FEW BowBlessed Bow
FEW TomeBlessed Tome
FEW StoneBlessedstone
Rampager Bonus vs. Mounted and Armored Units Bonus N/A Only available to the FEW LanceWing Spear
Healing Gift Full HP after every 300 kills Defeat 2000 N/A
Warrior Gift Full Warrior Gauge after every 300 kills Defeat 2000 N/A
Awakening Gift Full Awakening after every 300 kills Defeat 2000 N/A
Fury Builder Increases damage per 100 foes defeated Fury 2500 N/A
Armor Strike Shatters armor with powerful attacks Break 3000 FEW SwordArmorbane Sword
FEW LanceArmorbane Lance
FEW AxeArmorbane Axe
FEW BowArmorbane Bow
FEW TomeArmorbane Tome
FEW StoneArmorbanestone
Critical Focus Attacks deplete the Weak Point Gauge faster Focus 4000 N/A
Anti-Air Focus Increases damage versus launched foes Focus 4000 N/A
Triangle+ Increases weapon-triangle advantages Boost 5000 N/A
Pair Up+ Increases damage when paired up Boost 5000 N/A
Critical+ Increases Critical Hit damage Boost 5000 N/A
Warrior+ Increases special attack damage Boost 5000 N/A
Health+ Increases damage when at max HP Boost 5000 N/A
Desperate+ Increases damage when at low HP Boost 5000 N/A
Swordbreaker Increased damage vs. sword wielders Slay N/A FEW SwordSwordbane Sword
FEW LanceSwordbane Lance
FEW AxeSwordbane Axe
FEW BowSwordbane Bow
FEW TomeSwordbane Tome
FEW StoneSwordbanestone
Lancebreaker Increased damage vs. lance wielders Slay N/A FEW SwordLancebane Sword
FEW LanceLancebane Lance
FEW AxeLancebane Axe
FEW BowLancebane Bow
FEW TomeLancebane Tome
FEW StoneLancebanestone
Axebreaker Increased damage vs. axe wielders Slay N/A FEW SwordAxebane Sword
FEW LanceAxebane Lance
FEW AxeAxebane Axe
FEW BowAxebane Bow
FEW TomeAxebane Tome
FEW StoneAxebanestone
Bowbreaker Increased damage vs. bow wielders Slay N/A FEW SwordBowbane Sword
FEW LanceBowbane Lance
FEW AxeBowbane Axe
FEW BowBowbane Bow
FEW TomeBowbane Tome
FEW StoneBowbanestone
Tomebreaker Increased damage vs. tome wielders Slay N/A FEW SwordTomebane Sword
FEW LanceTomebane Lance
FEW AxeBowbane Axe
FEW BowBowbane Bow
FEW TomeBowbane Tome
FEW StoneBowbanestone
Stonebreaker Increased damage vs. stone wielders Slay N/A FEW SwordStonebane Sword
FEW LanceStonebane Lance
FEW AxeStonebane Axe
FEW BowStonebane Bow
FEW TomeStonebane Tome
FEW StoneStonebanestone
Clawbreaker Increased damage vs. claw wielders Slay N/A FEW SwordClawbane Sword
FEW LanceClawbane Lance
FEW AxeClawbane Axe
FEW BowClawbane Bow
FEW TomeClawbane Tome
FEW StoneClawbanestone
Gencross Bonus vs. other gender; weaker vs. same Gen N/A FEW SwordGencross Sword
FEW LanceGencross Lance
FEW AxeGencross Axe
FEW BowGencross Bow
FEW TomeGencross Tome
FEW StoneGencross Stone
Genpeer Bonus vs. Same gender; weaker vs. other Gen N/A FEW SwordGenpeer Sword
FEW LanceGenpeer Lance
FEW AxeGenpeer Axe
FEW BowGenpeer Bow
FEW TomeGenpeer Tome
FEW StoneGenpeer Stone
Amped Boosts all stats except Mov. (20%) Spirit N/A FEW SwordAmped Sword
FEW LanceAmped Lance
FEW AxeAmped Axe
FEW SwordAmped Bow
FEW TomeAmped Tome
FEW StoneAmpedstone
Bolster Strengthens Attack and Boost attributes Spirit N/A FEW SwordBolster Sword
FEW LanceBolster Lance
FEW AxeBolster Axe
FEW SwordBolster Bow
FEW TomeBolster Tome
FEW StoneAmpedstone
Acceleration Increases attack speed Spirit N/A FEW SwordAcceleration Sword
FEW LanceAcceleration Lance
FEW AxeAcceleration Axe
FEW SwordAcceleration Bow
FEW TomeAcceleration Tome
FEW StoneAccelerationstone
True Power Increases stats of exclusive weapons (240) Awake 10,000 Unique weapons only. Requires Mastery Crest.
Divine Favor A divine blessing that improves a weapon (720) Awake N/A Unique weapons only. Requires Sanctuary Crest. Replaces True Power.
Legendary Increases a weapon's basic stats Awake 6000 FEW SwordLegendary Sword
FEW LanceLegendary Lance
FEW AxeLegendary Axe
FEW SwordLegendary Bow
FEW TomeLegendary Tome
FEW StoneLegendarystone
Strike Rate+ Increases attack speed Awake N/A FEW SwordChrom's Training Sword only
All Stats+ Increases all stats except Mov Awake N/A FEW StoneTiki's Tear only
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