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Kingdom of Askr[]

Feh the Owl.png

Emblian Empire[]

Kingdom of Nifl[]

Kingdom of Múspell[]

Hel: Realm of the Dead[]

Portrait Hel Heroes.png
Portrait Eir Heroes.png

Ljósálfheimr: Realm of Dreams[]

Dökkálfheimr: Realm of Nightmares[]

Kingdom of Niðavellir: Realm of the Dvergr[]

Kingdom of Jötunheimr: Realm of the Jötun[]


Order of Heroes[]

World of Mystery[]

Portrait Est Heroes.png

World of Shadows[]

Portrait Alm Heroes.png
Portrait Mae Heroes.png

World of Holy War[]

Portrait Lex Heroes.png
Portrait Ced Heroes.png

World of Blades[]

Portrait Roy Heroes.png
Portrait Sue Heroes.png
Portrait Fir Heroes.png
Portrait Fae Heroes.png
Portrait Lyn Heroes.png
Portrait Erk Heroes.png

The Sacred World[]

World of Radiance[]

Portrait Ike Heroes.png
Portrait Mia Heroes.png

World of Awakening[]

Portrait Nah Heroes.png

World of Fates[]

Portrait Leo Heroes.png
Portrait Nyx Heroes.png

World of Crests[]

World of Mirage[]

Choose Your Legends[]

Brave Heroes[]

Arrival of the Brave[]

Brave Echoes[]

A New Future[]

Keepers of Faith[]

Resplendent Heroes[]










Special Heroes[]

Spring Festival[]

Spring Festival[]

Hares at the Fair[]

Regal Rabbits[]

Familial Festivities[]

Willful Rabbits[]

Bridal Festival[]

Bridal Blessings[]

Bridal Bloom[]

Bridal Belonging[]

Bridal Beloveds[]

Bridal Grace[]

Summer Festival[]

Ylissean Summer[]

Summer's Arrival[]

Summer Returns[]

Summer Passing[]

Summer Vibrance[]

Midsummer Festival[]

Nohrian Summer[]

A Sketchy Summer[]

Summer Refreshes[]

Overseas Memories[]

Summer’s Dream[]

Dance Festival[]

Performing Arts[]

Festival in Hoshido[]

A Splendid Soiree[]

To Stay Dreaming[]

Harvest Festival[]

Trick or Defeat![]

The Land's Bounty[]

A Monstrous Harvest[]

Dragons Harvest[]

Shared Bounty[]

Winter Festival[]

Winter's Envoy[]

Gifts of Winter[]

Glorious Gifts[]

A Festival Miracle[]

New Year Festival[]

Happy New Year![]

New Year's Wish[]

Renewed Spirit[]

Beyond Dreaming[]

Day of Devotion[]

Love Abounds[]

Greil’s Devoted[]

Lovely Gifts[]

Love of a King[]

World of Origin[]

The Start of It All[]

Childhood Encounter[]

Pirate Festival[]

Pirate's Pride[]

Perilous Seas[]


Hostile Springs[]

A Season for Picnics[]

In the Moment[]

Dark Desert Rituals[]

Scions of Twelve[]