The following is a list of items from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade.

Name Uses Cost Effects
DelphishieldDelphi Shield - 10,000 Negates enemy's effective bonus towards flying units.
An amulet of the god Delphi. Protects fliers from arrows.
IronruneIron Rune - 5,000 Negates enemy critical attacks.
A device that negates enemy critical attacks.
FillasmightFilla's Might 15 - Raises ally's Attack by 10 for one turn.
A dance that increases allies' attack for a turn.
NinissgraceNinis' Grace 15 - Raises ally's Defence/Resistance by 10 for one turn.
A dance that increases allies' defenses for a turn.
Thorsire Thor's Ire 15 - Raises ally's Critical by 10 for one turn
A dance that increases critical hit% for a turn.
SetlitanySet's Litany 15 - Raises ally's Avoid by 10 for one turn
A dance that increases allies' dodge for a turn.
Afadrops Afa's Drops 1 - Permanently increases all growth rates by 5 (also makes the character appear in Battle History).
Gives a little treat to the unit that uses it.
DoorkeyDoor Key 1 50 Opens a door.
Opens doors in adjacent spaces.
ChestkeyChest Key 1 300 Opens a chest.
ChestkeyChest Key 5 1,500 Opens a chest.
Opens chests.
VulneraryVulnerary 3 300 Restores 10 HP.
A medicinal solution used for healing minor wounds.
VulneraryVulnerary 60 6,000 Restores 10 HP. Cannot be obtained normally.
AntitoxinAntitoxin 3 450 Removes Poison.
A medicinal solution that cures poison.
TorchTorch 5 500 Increases sight in Fog of War by 4 squares. Effect decreases by 1 each turn.
A staff with burning pitch. Grows dimmer each turn.
MineMine 1 500 Stops movement and does 10 damage to anyone who crosses it.
A trap that damages units that step on it.
LightruneLight Rune 1 800 Temporarily makes an adjacent square on the map unable to be traversed.
A device that blocks units from entering spaces.
PurewaterPure Water 3 900 Raises Resistance by 7. Effect decreases by 1 each turn..
A draught that boosts Res. Grows weaker each turn.
LockpickLockpick 15 1,200 Thieves and Assassins Only. Opens a door or chest.
Opens doors and chests. Usable only by thieves.
ElixirElixir 3 3,000 Restores all HP.
A powerful solution that restores all HP.
SilvercardSilver Card - 4,000 User buy items in shops for half price.
A special card that reduces the cost of all items by half.
MembercardMember Card - 6,000 User can access Secret Shops.
If someone with this card stops in a suspicious space...
RedgemRed Gem - 5,000 Can be sold for 2,500G.
An uncommon gemstone worth 2,500 gold.
BluegemBlue Gem - 10,000 Can be sold for 5,000G.
A rare gemstone worth 5,000 gold.
WhitegemWhite Gem - 20,000 Can be sold for 10,000G.
A valuable gemstone worth 10,000 gold.
AngelicrobeAngelic Robe 1 8,000 Permanently increases Max HP by 7.
Increases HP by a max of 7 points. Vanishes after use.
EnergyringEnergy Ring 1 8,000 Permanently increases Strength/Magic by 2.
Increases Mag or Str by 2 points. Vanishes after use.
SecretbookSecret Book 1 8,000 Permanently increases Skill by 2
Increases Skill by 2 points. Vanishes after use.
SpeedwingsSpeedwing 1 8,000 Permanently increases Speed by 2.
Increases speed by 2 points. Vanishes after use.
GoddessiconGoddess Icon 1 8,000 Permanently increases Luck by 2.
Increases luck by 2 points. Vanishes after use.
DracoshieldDracoshield 1 8,000 Permanently increases Defense by 2.
TalismanTalisman 1 8,000 Permanently increases Resistance by 2.
Increases resistance by 2 points. Vanishes after use.
BootsBoots 1 8,000 Permanently increases Movement by 2.
Increases movement by 2 points. Vanishes after use.
BodyringBody Ring 1 8,000 Permanently increases Constitution by 2.
Increases constitution by 2 points. Vanishes after use.
HerocrestHero Crest 1 10,000 Allows Level 10+ Fighters, Mercenaries and Myrmidons to promote.
For mercenaries, myrmidons, and fighters Lv. 10 and up.
KnightcrestKnight Crest 1 10,000 Allows Level 10+ Cavaliers and Knights to promote.
For knights and cavaliers Lv. 10 and up.
OrionsboltOrion's Bolt 1 10,000 Allows Level 10+ Archers and Nomads to promote.
For archers and nomads Lv.10 and up.
ElysianwhipElysian Whip 1 10,000 Allows Level 10+ Pegasus Knights and Wyvern Riders to promote.
For pegasus knights and wyvern riders Lv.10 and up.
GuidingringGuiding Ring 1 10,000 Allows Level 10+ Clerics, Mages, Monks, Shamans and Troubadours to promote.
For magic wielders and troubadors Lv.10 and up.
EarthsealEarth Seal 1 20,000 Allows Level 10+ units (that can use a Hero Crest, Knight Crest, Orion's Bolt, Elysian Whip or Guiding Ring) to promote.
For some units above Lv.10 who have not changed class.'
HeavenSealHeaven's Seal 1 20,000 Allows Eliwood (Hector mode only), Lyn and Hector (Eliwood mode only) to promote.
For lords above Lv.10 who have been deemed worthy.
FellcontractFell Contract 1 50,000 Allows Level 10+ Thieves to promote.
Awaiting the signature of a thief Lv.10 or higher.
OceansealOcean Seal 1 50,000 Allows Level 10+ Pirates to promote.
For seafighters Lv.10 and up.
EmblemsealEmblem Seal - - Raises Accuracy and Avoid by 10.
Mark's scroll. Gives its carrier an advantage.
FlametongueFlametongue - - Fire Dragon Only. Negates enemy's defenses. Str +10, Skl +10, Def +20, Res +10. Stats: Range 1~3, Might 10, Accuracy 100, Weight 0, Critical 0, Weapon EXP 0.
Dragon's breath, which burns all it touches. There is no protection.
*The Emblem Seal can only be obtained by linking the game with the Mario Kart Double Dash!! bonus disc.
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