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This is a list of items in Fire Emblem Awakening.


Regular Items

Name Uses Cost Effects
Vulnerary FE13 Icon.pngVulnerary 3 300 Restores 10 HP.
Concoction FE13 Icon.pngConcoction 3 600 Restores 20 HP.
Elixir FE13 Icon.pngElixir 3 900 Restores all HP.
Pure Water FE13.pngPure Water 3 600 Temporarily increases Resistance by 5 during a map (effect decreases by 1 each turn).
HP Tonic 1 150 Max HP +5 until end of chapter/skirmish.
Strength Tonic FE13.pngStrength Tonic 1 150 Strength +2 until the end of the chapter/skirmish.
Magic Tonic FE13.pngMagic Tonic 1 150 Magic +2 until the end of the chapter/skirmish.
Skill Tonic FE13.pngSkill Tonic 1 150 Skill +2 until the end of the chapter/skirmish.
Speed Tonic FE13.pngSpeed Tonic 1 150 Speed +2 until the end of the chapter/skirmish.
Luck Tonic FE13.pngLuck Tonic 1 150 Luck +2 until the end of the chapter/skirmish.
Defense Tonic FE13.pngDefense Tonic 1 150 Defense +2 until the end of the chapter/skirmish.
Resistance Tonic FE13.pngResistance Tonic 1 150 Resistance +2 until the end of the chapter/skirmish.
Door Key FE13.pngDoor Key 1 300 Opens a door.
Chest Key FE13.pngChest Key 1 300 Opens a chest.
Master Key FE13.pngMaster Key 1 300 Opens a door or a chest.
Seraph Robe FE13.pngSeraph Robe 1 2500 Permanently raises HP by 5.
Energy Drop FE13.pngEnergy Drop 1 2500 Permanently raises Strength by 2.
Spirit Dust FE13.pngSpirit Dust 1 2500 Permanently raises magic by 2.
Secret Book FE13.pngSecret Book 1 2500 Permanently raises skill by 2.
Speedwing FE13.pngSpeedwing 1 2500 Permanently raises speed by 2.
Goddess Icon FE13.pngGoddess Icon 1 2500 Permanently raises luck by 2.
Dracoshield FE13.pngDracoshield 1 2500 Permanently raises defense by 2.
Talisman FE13.pngTalisman 1 2500 Permanently raises resistance by 2.
Nagatear.pngNaga's Tear 1 5000 Permanently raises Max HP by 5 and other stats by 2.
Boots FE13.pngBoots 1 2500 Permanently raises Movement by 2 (cannot be used on the same character twice).
Arms Scroll FE13.pngArms Scroll 1 2500 Permanently raises the user's current weapon ranks by 1 rank.
Master Seal FE13 Icon.pngMaster Seal 1 2500 Promotes a Level 10 or higher first tier unit into their second tier class promotions.
Change Seal FE13 Icon.pngSecond Seal 1 2500 Reclasses a unit into another class. Effect varies on the user's current class tier and level.
FE11bullion.pngBullion (S) - 2000 Sells for 1,000G.
Bullion (M) FE13.pngBullion (M) - 10000 Sells for 5,000G.
31 Bullion (L) FE13.pngBullion (L) - 20000 Sells for 10,000G.
Sweet Tincture FE13.pngSweet Tincture 3 150* Restores a small amount of HP.
Gaius's Confect FE13.pngGaius's Confect 5 1000* Strength, Skill, and Speed by 2 until the end of the chapter/skirmish.
Kris's Confect FE13.pngKris's Confect 5 1000* Max HP +5, Defense and resistance +2 until the end of the chapter/skirmish.
Tiki's Tear FE13.pngTiki's Tear 1 1000* Max HP +5 and all other stats +2 until the end of the map/skirmish.
Seed of Trust FE13.pngSeed of Trust 1 1000* Improves support relationships when in a Pair Up (Both units must be able to support in order to work).
Reeking Box.pngReeking Box 1 500* Summons Risen on the current location on the World Map. (costs 4800G on Hard mode and above).
Riftdoor.pngRift Door 1 1000 Summons a Merchant onto the current location on the World Map.
Supreme Emblem 1 - Reward for earning 99999 Renown Points or completing Apotheosis: Secret Route. Sells for 99,999G.
* Indicates that this item sells for 1/4 of it's worth instead of half

DLC Items

Name Uses DLC Chapter Effect
Dread Scroll FE13.pngDread Scroll 1 Lost Bloodlines 2 Reclasses a Male Unit into the Dread Fighter class
Wedding Bouquet FE13.pngWedding Bouquet 1 Smash Brethren 2 Reclasses a Female Unit into the Bride class
All Stats +2 Manual FE13.pngAll Stats +2 1 Champions of Yore 3 Teaches the All Stats +2 skill
Paragon Manual FE13.pngParagon 1 Lost Bloodlines 3 Teaches the Paragon skill
Iote's Shield 1 Smash Brethren 3 Teaches the Iote's Shield skill
45 Limit Break Manual FE13.pngLimit Breaker 1 Rogues & Redeemers 3 Teaches the Limit Breaker skill
Silver Card FE13.pngSilver Card - Infinite Regalia Shop items can be bought at half price
Outrealm Item FE13.pngOutrealm Item - - An item from the Outrealms. What a DLC item looks like to a player without DLC installed