This is a list of items in TearRing Saga: Berwick Saga.

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Small Shields Edit

Name Rank Mt Shield% Weight Durability Notes
Buckler 1
Folenden 1 +8 Light damage, +3 Magic
Imperial Soldier Round Shield 1
Imperial Soldier Round Shield+ 1
Leather S Shield 1
Old Imperial Round Shield 1
Royal Soldier Round Shield 1
Aspis 4
Prototype Round Shield 4
Imperial Officer Round Shield 5
Shield of Aias 6 always shields against arrows and bolts
Round Shield 7
Dark Shield 10 +5 Dark resistance
Flame Shield 10 +5 Fire resistance(unused)
Imperial Knight Round Shield 10
Light Shield 10 +5 Light resistance(unused)
Metal Shield 10
Thunder Shield 10 +5 Thunder resistance(unused)
Wind Shield 10 +5 Wind resistance
Mithril Shield 15
Shine Shield 20 66% chance of nullifying Dark-type attacks
Chalice Shield (50) women only
Persida (50) Reese only

Medium Shields Edit

Name Rank Mt Shield% Weight Durability Notes
Imperial Soldier Square Shield 1
Imperial Soldier Square Shield+ 1
Leather M Shield 1
Royal Soldier Square Shield 1
Kiteshield 4
Imperial Officer Square Shield 4
Tower Shield 9
Dragon Shield 10
Imperial Knight Square Shield 10
Flame Shield Hestia 11 +7 Fire damage on block, +7 Fire resistance
Knight Shield 12
Blazing Shield 15 +10 Fire restistance
Darkness Shield 15 +10 Dark resistance
Gale Shield 15 +10 Wind resistance
Glittering Shield 15 +10 Light resistance
Thundercloud Shield 15 +10 Thunder resistance
Limit Shield 15
Black Shield 20 Black Knights only

33% chance to reflect damage

Holy Knight Shield 20 Paladins only

+3 Magic

Large Shields Edit

Name Rank Mt Shield% Weight Durability Notes
Imperial Soldier Large Shield 1
Imperial Soldier Large Shield+ 1
Leather L Shield 1
Royal Soldier Shield 1
Imperial Officer Large Shield 5
Large Shield 5
Imperial Knight Large Shield 10
Iron Shield 10
Great Shield 15
Evil-God Shield 16 +18 Fire, Wind, Thunder, Light resistances
Fire-God Shield 16 +15 Fire resistance
Thunder-God Shield 16 +15 Thunder resistance
Wind-God Shield 16 +15 Wind resistance
General's Shield 20 Generals only

Accessories Edit

Bracelets Edit

Name Notes
Precision Bracelet +5 Hit
White Tiger Bracelet +10 Hit, -10 Avoid
Monk Bracelet +1 Magic
Priest Bracelet +2 Magic, -2 Speed
Bishop Bracelet +3 Magic, -2 Speed & Defense
Agility Bracelet +1 Speed
Pegasus Bracelet +2 Speed, -2 Defense
Power Bracelet +1 Strength
Giant's Bracelet +2 Strength, -2 Speed
Defense Bracelet +1 Defense
Phoenix Bracelet +2 Defense, -2 Strength
Peerless Bracelet +5 Hit and Avoid+1 Strength, Defense, Speed, and Magic
Purgatory Bracelet +2 Strength and Defense-10 Hit and Avoid

Charms Edit

Name Notes
Sun Charm +17 Hit
Meteor Charm +17 Avoid
Healing Charm restores 1-5 HP per turn
Miracle Charm negates one fatal attack,

breaks after use

Thieving Charm 15% chance to activate the skill Mug I
Moonlight Charm provides the skill Hide
Prayer Charm 50% chance of negating a critical hit, may break after use

Rings Edit

Name Notes
Dark Ring +15 Defense, -10 Light resistance
Demon Ring +10 Magic, -10 Defense
Fire Ring (unused)
Thunder RIng +10 Thunder resistance-10 Fire resistance
Wind RIng +10 Wind resistance-10 Thunder resistance

Scales Edit

Name Notes
Fire Dragon Scale +30 Fire resistance-8 Wind resistance

-12 enemy Dodge

Ice Dragon Scale +30 Wind resistance+10 Thunder resistance

-8 Fire resistance

-12 enemy Dodge

Thor's Scale +7 Thunder damage+30 Thunder resistance

+15 Wind resistance

+10 Fire resistance

-6 enemy Dodge

Thunder Dragon Scale +6 Thunder damage+30 Thunder resistance

+5 Wind resistance

+8 Fire resistance


Wyvern Scale +20 Wind resistance-5 Fire resistance

-5 Thunder resistance

-18 enemy Dodge

Other Edit

Name Notes
Sleep Lyre 100% chance to cause sleep
Broken Lyre no effect

Other Items Edit

Consumables Edit

All consumables are single-use.

Name Notes
Potion I heals 20 HP
Potion II heals 40 HP
Potion III heals all HP
Antidote cures poisoning
Cure Potion cures a crippled ally
Sedative cures a berserk ally
Resuscitating Medicine cures a sleeping ally
Stamina Potion boosts HP +3
Strength Potion boosts Strength +2
Speed Potion boosts Speed +2
Defense Potion boosts Defense +2
Magic Potion boosts Magic +1

Utility Items Edit

Name Uses Notes
Carrying Bag - stores up to 8 items
Repair Stone 10 can repair weapons and items
Returning Magic-Stone 1 activates the skill Return
Vanishing Magic-Stone 1 activates the skill Hide
Equipment Maintenance Guide 1 teaches the skill Equipment Maintenance
Tulsa Circlet - negates critical hits

Reese only

Valuables Edit

Name Notes
Gold Coin becomes 1000D when obtained
Silver Coin becomes 250D when obtained
Treasure can be sold for 5000D

Horses Edit

Name HP Cost Notes
Liga Fast Horse 150 20000 +1 Movement
Ishs Fast Horse 80 10000 +1 Movement
Liga Black Horse 150 18000 +2 damage
Sinon Horse 120 12000 +2 Speed
Ishs White Horse 100 15000 +5 Speed
Morakia Warhorse 150 24000 +3 Defense
Skinny Horse 30 1000
Ordinary Horse 50 2500
Lively Horse 80 5000
Robust Horse 120 8000
Stubborn Horse 180 15000
Tico 80 - +1 damage & Movement+5 Speed

provides Horse Master skill

Czene only

Materials Edit


Cost Used to Craft
Amber Otinus Crossbow, Area Heal
Blood Ruby Shield of Aias, Escape
Lapis Lazuli Bren Thunder, Mandir
Obsidian Dark Shield, Repair Stone
Opal Narkose, Blizzard
Red Ruby Harperia, Hellfire
Arch-Sapphire Holy Bow Rossweisse, Magic Potion
Amalgam Mercury Brionac, Repair Stone
Dragon Pearl Area Heal, Mandir
Glowing-Hot Powder Flame Shield Hestia, Ignite Sword
Berdan Gold Dust Grimhild, Tabarzin
Guras Steel Adrasteia, Gullveig
Holy Stone of Light Area Heal, Mandir, Escape
Meteoric Iron Heavy Lance, Brionac
Mithril Powder Narkose, Repair Stone
Mithril Sheet Sensual, Wotan Spear
Notos Iron Shield of Aias, Dark Shield
Pantasuma Steel Adrasteia, Caelum Spear
Platinum Sensual, Gullveig
Serika Steel Harperia, Ignite Swort
Argentum Harperia, Bren Crossbow
Sinon Steel Tabarzin, Flame Shield Hestia
Steel Vine Otinus Crossbow, Bren Crossbow
Sun Fragment Ignite Sword, Hellfire
Lightning Fragment Thorhammer, Bren Thunder
Dust Fragment Narkose, Blizzard
F. mandschurica (Ash) Log Heavy Lance, Wotan Spear
Jugud/Yggdra Log Brionac, Caelum Spear
Tilia (Linden) Log Thorhammer, Defense Potion
T. cuspidata (Yew) Log Demon Bow Apeiron, Holy Bow Rossweisse
Pajuta Grass Magic Potion, Defense Potion
Antilope (Antelope) Pelt Wotan Spear, Tabarzin
Schwein (Swine) Pelt Sensual, Dark Shield
Stier (Steer) Pelt Thorhammer, Flame Shield Hestia
Löwe (Lion) Pelt Adreasteia, Caelum Spear
Tigris (Tiger) Pelt Shield of Aias, Heavy Lance
Λύκος (Wolf) Pelt Grimhild, Gullveig
Sīmurğ Feather Escape, Strength Potion
Ariadne's Thread Demon Bow Apeiron, Holy Bow Rossweisse
Balor's Evil Eye Grimhildr, Demon Boy Apeiron
Ancient Amulet Hellfire, Blizzard, Bren Thunder
Soma Drug Strength Potion,Magic Potion
Surab Bodily Fluid Strength Potion, Defense Potion
Wonder Winch Otinus Crossbow, Bren Crossbow

Key Items Edit

Furniture Edit

Name Cost Effect

Quest Items Edit

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