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Emblem of Ljósálfheimr

Ljósálfheimr (アルフ Arufu, Alf in the Japanese version) is a location in Fire Emblem Heroes. It is the realm of dreams, reated by the dreams of mortals. It’s a world that’s easily forgotten, for as people grow up, they forget how to dream because reality demands focus. It can be shaped freely by the wishes of those who still retain their childlike innocence.


At a time when the mortal world gave up their dreams, the dream world was being torn apart, and was on the verge of vanishing entirely. Faced with the end of both of their worlds, Dream-King Freyr of Ljósálfheimr and Lady Freyja of Dökkálfheimr sought out children of pure heart to save their respective realms. They offered these children dream nectar that would make them their most extraordinary selves, something they could only become in dreams. These children became álfr, meaning they could never again return home. Knowing this, Freyr and Freyja made sure to only seek out children who had no home to return to, and no family that loved them. These mortals turned álfr pulled the world back from the brink of nothingness, and saved Freyr, Freyja, and the realm of dreams.

After Alfonse, Sharena, and Anna wake up in Ljósálfheimr, they run into Peony, who takes them to Dream-King Freyr in order to help them search for Kiran. Along their way, they run into Triandra and Plumeria of Dökkálfheimr, the realm of nightmares, who have brought nightmare soldiers into Ljósálfheimr under the orders of its ruler, Lady Freyja. After repelling Triandra and Plumeria, Peony takes Alfonse and Sharena into the realm of fantasy, the dream within dreams where Freyr resides. Freyr gives Alfonse the Gullinkambi, a horn that allow him to return to reality if sounded, given that the corrupting influence of the nightmares from Dökkálfheimr are removed.

After journeying to the Dream Gate, where the Gullinkambi needs to be played, the group once again encounter the dökkálfar Triandra and Plumeria. After successfully repelling them, Alfonse sounds the Gullinkambi, and the dream of Ljósálfheimr begins to end. The memories of their journey in the realm of dreams should also be gone on waking, as always happens on the waking of adults. After the horn is played, Freyja appears to Freyr, and asks him to come with her to Dökkálfheimr, which would result in reality being overrun with nightmares. Believing that no one is worthy of Freyr’s gifts but herself, Freyja orders Triandra and Plumeria to seize Freyr, as he is defenseless without the Gullinkambi. Doing so causes the Waking Dream, an event in which the dream realm begins to influence other worlds.

Later, Freyr willingly sacrificed himself by letting the Order of Heroes kill him during the events in Dökkálfheimr, in order to weaken Freyja and end the Waking Dream.

Notable Locations

  • Dream Gate - The location at which one can pass between dream and reality. The Gullinkambi must be blown here.
  • The Realm of Fantasy - The dream within dreams where Freyr resides.

Notable people from Ljósálfheimr

  • Freyr - King of Ljósálfheimr.
  • Peony - A ljósálfar who delivers pleasant dreams to mortals. Both sincere and positive, she enjoys playing with children.
  • Mirabilis - A ljósálfar who reigns over daydreams and is often seen dozing off.


In Norse mythology Ljósálfar (light elves) are a type of elves that live in Alfheim. They are said to be "fairer than the sun to look at."