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“Ah, Lord Raydrik. We have gathered all of the children in this area. I've locked them in the dungeon for now, but what do you wish to do with them?”

Lobos is a boss character in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. He is a general under Raydrik. He had kidnapped a number of children and locked them up in the dungeon and is ordered by Raydrik to guard them until the Loptyrian Mages take them away. Leif charges into Fort Kelves where Lobos is staying with his men and then slay Lobos to rescue the children.


Starting Class
FE5 General.gifGeneral
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
-FE5 Sword Icon.pngSword - E
FE5 Lance Icon.pngLance - E
FE5 Axe Icon.pngAxe - E
FE5 Bow Icon.pngBow - D
Short Lance
  • Note that stats may vary due to auto-leveling.


Lobos is a defensive beast when it comes to stats, as he will always have at least 23 defense due to the terrain bonuses from the throne, which provides him with an extra 10 defense. However, his low magic is a critical weakness which means that you can usually take him down using Eyvel with a Flame Sword or Leif with his Light Brand. If this still proves too difficult, using weapons such as Dagdar's Hammer or the Armorslayer that can be looted from a chest in this chapter can also make short work of him due to their effectiveness against armored enemies and the fact that he usually starts with a Longbow equipped, so he cannot hit back.


Battle Quote[]

“What's it like, being so oblivious? You honestly believe you'll get away with this?!”
—Lobos' battle quote in Thracia 776

Death Quote[]

“Ugh... You fools... This doesn't end with me...”
—Lobos' death quote in Thracia 776

Release Quote[]

“Hmph. You'll come to regret this. Baron Raydrik will hear every detail!”
—Lobos' release quote in Thracia 776


  • Lobos portrait was reuse for a Thracian Dragon Knight boss name Makroy and a unused character Mannheim.