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The Lodestar (スターロード Sutā rōdo, lit. Star Lord in the Japanese version) is a combat physical class that is introduced in Fire Emblem Awakening. Originally the personal class of all versions of Marth in Awakening, the Lodestar class is armed with Swords as its sole weapon of choice.

In Fates, the Lodestar class is the personal class of the amiibo likeness of Marth. The class can be accessed by any male unit through use of the DLC-exclusive Hero's Brand.

In Warriors, the Lodestar returns, this time as Marth's promoted class.



The Lodestar class is defined by high Skill and Speed, key stats that allow for easier execution of skill activations and double attacks. These strengths are, however, offset by the class's low defenses, and caution should therefore be exercised when it engages enemies with high damage outputs in combat.

In Awakening, the Lodestar class's biggest disadvantage is the fact that it has no learnable skills, necessitating it being reclassed into other class lines in order to gain new skills. Restricted to wielding only Swords, the class will only be able to engage in direct combat, unless it is outfitted with either the Levin Sword or Ragnell.


Base Stats

FE13219110100846--SwordIconFE13.png E
FE1419701097726--FE14 Sword.png E

Maximum Stats

FE1380413043434541406--SwordIconFE13.png A
FE1460292635344030296--FE14 Sword.png S
FEW999125121471411531141095--FEW Sword.png S

Growth Rates


Class Skills

FE14Hit Rate +10
Critical +5
Avoid +10
Gentle Blade.pngDancing Blade
Charm (FE14).pngCharm
Guard Stance+.pngDual Guardsman
Speed Drain.pngSpeedtaker
Learnt at Level 1 and above.
Learnt at Level 10 and above.
Learnt at Level 25 and above.
Learnt at Level 35 and above.


Base ClassPromotion MethodPromoted Class
FE14(Any male unit)Use a Master Seal FE13 Icon.pngHero's Brand.FE14 Marth Lodestar Map Sprite.gifLodestar
FEWWarriors Marth Sprite.gifLordUse a Master Seal FE13 Icon.pngMaster Seal on Marth.Warriors Marth Sprite.gifLodestar


The term "Lodestar" is an alternate name for Polaris, the North Star, which is an important sky landmark that is used for guidance in travel. It is also a term for any star that aids in naval navigation.

The term can also refer to a person or thing that serves as a guide.


  • The Lodestar class is one of two playable classes in Awakening that is unable to learn any unique skills.
  • In Awakening, the Lodestar is considered to be a Lord class, meaning that it can wield the Rapier and Noble Rapier. The English name for the class obscures this fact, while other languages incorporate the word for 'Lord' into its name. It can also equip any of the 3 Falchions found in Awakening.
  • In Awakening, the Lodestar class uses Lucina's outfit; Marth, the only known example, also has the same hairstyle and circlet that she used when disguised as him. However, Lucina herself is not a Lodestar, assuming the classic Lord class instead.