The Loptyrian Empire was an ancient empire that worshiped the Dark Lord Loptous and ruled Jugdral hundreds of years before the events of Genealogy of the Holy War. The Empire features prominently in the backstory of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War and Fire Emblem: Thracia 776

The Empire was founded in the year 448 by the bishop Galle after he returned from Archanea to Jugdral, having made a blood pact with Loptous, an Earth Dragon survivor of the celestial war against the Divine Dragons. Using his new-found power, Galle quickly conquered the established Kingdom of Gran with the aid of the Deadlords, erecting the Loptyrian Empire from the ashes of the conquered kingdom. For the next several years, Emperor Galle I and the Empire would commit multiple atrocities, such as the Great Purge, where a hundred thousand people were killed, the Sorrow of Miletos, where numerous children were sacrificed to Loptous and the Massacre of Edda, where tens of thousands of people were slaughtered. After Emperor Galle I's death, each of his successors would take on his name, inheriting his cursed pact he had made with Loptous in exchange for power through outright possession.

In the year 535, Maera, brother to the ruling Emperor Galle, and his priestly followers staged a rebellion against the Empire, attempting to end their brutal practices and create a new sect that ended discrimination by harmonizing Loptous with the old gods of Gran. Regarded as a saint by many, Maera was eventually defeated nonetheless and banished along with his followers to Orgahill, where they continued to work to protect people from the Empire.

In the year 611, several other rebellions sprung up and united against the Empire, which led to the Miracle of Darna in 632 and the swift destruction of the Empire at the hands of the Twelve Crusaders in 648. The remnants of the Empire were forced to go into hiding, primarily beneath the Yied Shrine in the Yied Desert. Later the survivors organized into the Loptyrian Cult under Archbishop Manfroy and others, who sought to revive the Loptyrian Empire through the birth of Julius, a once thought lost perfect vessel especially bred for the Dark Lord Loptous to occupy once more.

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