“Those humans burned Serenes Forest and killed my people. No amount of human blood can slake my thirst for vengeance. For my siblings, for my countrymen, I demand justice. I cannot even return my bedridden father to our forest home!”
Reyson mentioning Lorazieh

Lorazieh is a background character from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. He is the king of Serenes and the father of Rafiel, Lillia, Reyson, and Leanne as well as several herons who were slain in the Serenes Massacre. He has been almost permanently bedridden since the events of the massacre. Like Reyson, Lorazieh has been under Tibarn's protection since the fall of Serenes. Although he is an important figure in Tellius, he is never seen in the game.

In the ending of Radiant Dawn, Lorazieh is healed through a ceremony performed by Rafiel in Serenes Forest. He also urges Lehran to lay himself down in the forest and be healed by the galdrar of the herons.

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