The Lorca (ロルカ, Roruka) were a Sacean tribe mentioned in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, and the tribe that Lyn belonged to. The chieftain of the Lorca tribe, Hassar, once had a romance with Caelin noblewoman Madelyn, which resulted in her abandoning her position to live with him on the plains.

One night, the Taliver Bandits from the Bern/Sacae border poisoned their water supply and massacred the tribe in the night. Lyn was the only survivor, and she was found unconscious by another tribe several days later.

It is implied that the Lorca tribe, compared to the other tribes of Sacae, was not as powerful or well known, even before the bandit attack, because Guy admits that he has never heard of the tribe in a support conversation with Rath. Rath himself had assumed that there had been no survivors of the tribe after the bandit attack until he met Lyn.

It is later learned that the tribe's massacre at the hands of the Taliver Bandits was eventually avenged by Wallace, who traveled to their hideout and wiped them out. He tells Lyn that he did this because he did not want her to live for revenge.

Notable Members Edit

  • Hassar - Chieftain of the Lorca
  • Madelyn - Originally from Caelin, she ran away from home to be with Hassar
  • Lyn - The daughter of Hassar and Madelyn, and sole survivor of the Lorca tribe as of The Blazing Blade

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