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The Lord of the Lake is a class that first appears in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It is unique to the true identity of the Immovable when fought in the paralogue Legend of the Lake.


Class Skills

Skill Requirements
FE16 Ancient Dragonskin.pngAncient Dragonskin Innate.
Armored Blow FE16.pngArmored Blow Innate.
Counterattack.pngCounterattack Innate.
FE16 Icon Barrier.pngDragon-Scale Wall Barrier ability.
FE16 Icon Barrier Skill.pngPavise Barrier ability.
FE16 Icon Barrier Skill.pngAegis Barrier ability.
Staggering Blow FE16.pngRapids Staggering Blow; innate.
Renewal FE16.pngRenewal Latent Ability; active when three or fewer health bars remain.
Miracle FE16.pngMiracle Latent ability; active when two or fewer health bars remain.
Quick Riposte FE16.pngQuick Riposte Latent ability; active when only one health bar remains.

Notable Lords of the Lake

Three Houses

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