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Lost Memories is Maiko Shimazaki's second side story in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.


Maiko has decided to get some much-needed organizing done around the office (despite being slightly drunk), and requests Itsuki's help to do so. He agrees, and helps empty out a box containing personal documents related to one of Touma's acting gigs, a copy of Kiria's debut CD, a copy of the first magazine to feature a photo of Eleonora, and a model of the Tiki Uta-loid program, all of which bring back memories for Maiko.

After emptying out the box, Itsuki finds a photo album of the main party together, which Maiko admits keeps her going. She explains that she founded Fortuna Entertainment in the wake of the Mass Disappearance out of a moral obligation to stop any similar events from happening, even though it meant she had to retire from being a model. As thanks for helping her get things organized, Maiko gives Itsuki a copy of "My Complex 2", the second in her line of model magazines (it was supposed to be a trilogy, but the third part had to be canceled due to Maiko's retirement).

Completing this side story unlocks Maiko's Backup Skill Organizational Skills, which increases the maximum quantity of consumaable items that can be held, as well as increases the number of items.