Beginning of Battle Edit

 Intro Cutscene Edit

  • "By Father's sword, and my own hands... I will save our future!" (Normal)
  • "With every foe we have the heart to face... we take back our future!" ("Marth")

Start of battle lines

  • “Must we really fight?”


  • "I will not be bested!"

Switching to Character Edit

  • "It's my turn!"

Ally Assist Edit

  • (being healed) "I knew you'd be the one to save me!"

Critical Lines Edit

Alone Edit


  • "I challenge my fate!"


  • "Hope will never die!"
  • "Don't let your guard down!"

Dual Strike Lines (neutral) Edit

As Vanguard

  • "Can we really change our fate?"
  • "We'll carve our way forward!" (A-support)

As Support

  • ""
  • "Make them scramble!" (A-support)

Dual Strike Lines (special) Edit

With Lianna Edit

With Lianna as Vanguard

  • Lucina: "Let's change the future together!"
  • Lianna: "Roger that!"

With Lianna as Support

  • Lianna: "You ready, Lucina?"
  • Lucina: "Always! Let's strike!"
With Chrom Edit

With Chrom as Vanguard

  • Lucina: "Father, let's challenge our fate!"
  • Chrom: "We can do this, I know it!

With Chrom as Vanguard (A)

  • Lucina: "Let's take this one together, Father!"
  • Chrom: "Our family bond is stronger than steel!"

With Chrom as Support

  • Chrom: "Lucina, we fight together."
  • Lucina: "I'm with you, Father."

With Chrom as Support 2

  • Chrom: "Let's end this, together."
  • Lucina: "Let's show them our bond."
With Robin Edit

With Robin as Vanguard

  • Lucina: "Our bond spans time itself."
  • Robin: "No one can stop us!"

With Robin as Support

  • Robin: "This is for Chrom!"
  • Lucina: "We can do it together!"

With Robin as Support (A+ Support)

  • Robin: "Are you with me, Lucina?"
  • Lucina: "We will not fall."
With Marth Edit

With Marth as Vanguard

  • Lucina: "After you, Prince Marth!"
  • Marth: "Watch closely, Lucina!"

With Marth as Vanguard (A+ Support)

  • Lucina: "Give me the strength of the Hero-King!"
  • Marth: "It's yours to use!"

With Marth as Support

  • Marth: "Attack with me, Lucina!"
  • Lucina: "A chance to fight alongside the Hero-King?"

With Marth as Support (A+ Support)

  • Marth: "Witness the strength of legends!"
  • Lucina: "We can change any fate!"
With Caeda Edit

With Caeda as Vanguard

  • Lucina: "I need some help here, Caeda!"
  • Caeda: "Then you can have it."

With Caeda as Support

  • Caeda: "Can you help me out, Lucina?"
  • Lucina: "I would be glad to, Caeda!"
With Lyn Edit

With Lyn as Vanguard

  • Lucina: "Let's go, Lyn!"
  • Lyn: "We'll show them what we're made of!"

With Lyn as Support

  • Lyn: "Let's finish this quick, Lucina."
  • Lucina: "One strike is all it takes."
With Oboro Edit

With Oboro as Vanguard

  • Lucina: "After this, I'll show you my stylish clothes!"
  • Oboro: "Eh he, if you insist..."

With Oboro as Support

  • Oboro: "Ready to strike, Princess Lucina?"
  • Lucina: "Show me the strength of a tailor's daughter."
With Tiki Edit

With Tiki as Vanguard

  • Lucina: "Let's do this together, Tiki."
  • Tiki: "I'll try my best, Lucina"

With Tiki as Support

  • Tiki: "Lucina, will you help me out?"
  • Lucina: "Anything for you, Tiki."

During Battle Edit

Praise Edit

From Robin Edit
  • Robin: "Chrom was right, Lucina! Your swordplay is unparalleled."

Level Up Edit

  • "Good. I must stay this course."
  • "I can not settled for just this."

Class Change Line

  • "Perhaps change is my best hope"

Enemy KO Lines

  • "Target down! I'm moving on!"
  • "I've defeated the enemy commander!"
  • "That was a strong one. But let move on to the next!"
  • "I'll keep fighting until I save are future!"

Defeating Lianna

  • "Maybe we could spar off the battlefield sometime. Just for fun."

Defeating Corrin

  • "That was a hard-earned victory. You're a strong one, Corrin."

Defeating Marth

  • "Thank you Marth. It was an honor to fight you."

Low Health Edit

  • (in trouble) "This... Doesn't look good... Can't do it alone..."
  • (in peril) ""

Death Lines Edit

  • "I'm not destined to die here. I need to retreat for now." (Normal)
  • "I'm sorry, but... I must retreat." ("Marth")
  • "It seemed my strength is never quite enough." (Normal)

Game Over Line

  • “We lost? If only I was stronger...”

Victory Lines Edit

  • "One day I will match him... For now, I do my best!" (Normal)
  • "" ("Marth")
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