Luna (月光 Gekkō, lit. Moonlight in the Japanese versions) is a weapon that makes its debut to the series in Fire Emblem Gaiden. In Gaiden, this bow negates the enemy's terrain bonuses and restores the user's HP by 5 points every turn.

The Luna's Awakening iteration completely deviates from its original design; in this game, it is instead inspired by the Skill of the same name, where it grants its wielder with the ability to employ said skill when equipped.

Weapon Stats[edit | edit source]

Fire Emblem Gaiden[edit | edit source]

Name Type



Mt Hit Crt Rng Wt
10 100% 0% 1 1

Negates terrain bonuses and restores user's HP by 5 every turn.

Fire Emblem Awakening[edit | edit source]

Name Type

Luna FE13.png Luna

LanceIconFE13.png Lance

Rank Uses Mt Hit Crt Rng WEx Worth
B 30 14 80% 5% 1 ? 0

Ignores half of a given enemy unit's Defense or Resistance. (Skill% chance)

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia[edit | edit source]

Name Type

Echoes luna icon.pngLuna

Echoes bow weapon type icon.png Bow

Mt Hit Crt Rng Wt
10 85% 0% 1-3 5

Grants Echoes Bow Skill icon.pngAnti-Fliers
Teaches Echoes Bow Skill icon.pngLunar Flash

Fire Emblem Heroes[edit | edit source]

Name Type

Luna Arc

FEH Bow.png Bow

Mt Rng SP Rarity
14 2 400 FEH Star Rarity 5.png

Effective against flying foes. Grants Spd+3. If unit initiates
combat, deals damage = 25% of foe's Def. (Ignores
reductions to Def from special skills like Lunar Flash.)

Item Locations[edit | edit source]

Fire Emblem Gaiden[edit | edit source]

Method Location
Dropped Fiends [0.258% chance]

Fire Emblem Awakening[edit | edit source]

Method Location
Treasure Xeno. 15 - Random from Chest.
SpotPass Bonus Item Available for download from the following dates onwards:
10 May 2012 JP
21 February 2013 NA
8 May 2013 EU

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Luna is the only one of the three Valentian Regalia that was not changed into a different weapon type in Awakening.
    • It was later changed to a bow in Shadows of Valentia, however.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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