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Lycaon I is a character mentioned in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. He was the son of Great Emperor Wilhelm I, and the second emperor of the Adrestian Empire.


In Imperial Year 32, Emperor Wilhelm I raised an army and instigated the War of Heroes with the goal of uniting Fódlan under his rule and ending the tyranny of Nemesis, the King of Liberation. At some point during the War of Heroes, Wilhelm died and was succeeded by his son Lycaon I, who continued his father's crusade.

Lycaon I succumbed to sudden illness in Imperial Year 98. The Empire took the opportunity to bring the War of Heroes to an end, as Nemesis had been slain by Saint Seiros in the Battle of Tailtean seven years earlier, and almost all of Fódlan had been conquered.


Lycaon is a name of Greek origin carried by various characters of Greek mythology, including a king of Arcadia who, having offered the flesh of one of his sons to the gods to see if they would distinguish between human flesh and animal flesh, was cursed by Zeus who turned him into a wolf.

The name also refers to a species of African wild dog as well as a species of wolf native to the Great Lakes region of North America.