Death QuotesEdit

“No… It’s not… I’m sorry, [Tactician]… Everyone…forgive me…”
—Lyn’s death quote in Lyn’s Mode in The Blazing Blade.
“Oh… But I have so… so much… Oh, [Tactician]…”
—Lyn’s death quote in Eliwood/Hector’s Mode in The Blazing Blade.

Battle ConversationsEdit

“Lyn: Hey, listen! There’s something I wanted to ask you.

Migal: Begging for your life so soon, wench?
Lyn: Are you… Taliver bandits?
Migal: Taliver? Those greedy monsters? We’re nothing like them!! Those fiends will even kill women and children! We’re from Ganelon, and we know a little something of honor. We don’t harm women, for one thing. Heh heh heh. After all, why kill what you can sell?
Lyn: If you’re not Taliver, then there’s no reason for you to die here today. If you would like to tuck your tails and flee, do so now.

Migal: You… You… No more courtesies! You’re going to learn to watch your tongue!!!”
—Vs. Migal in Chapter 3
Lundgren: So you’re the girl claiming kinship with my brother!

Lyn: You’ll play this farce to the end, won’t you, Lundgren?
Lundgren: The royal house of Caelin has no need of a Sacaen mongrel! I’ll put an end to this foolishness here and now!
Lyn: To further your own black ambitions, you’ve harmed my grandfather and the very land you ought to serve. I have neither pity nor mercy for you. Lundgren! Prepare yourself!

Lundgren: Whelp!”
—Vs. Lundgren in Chapter 10
Lyn: …How can a proud man like you live as an assassin?

Uhai: …I sympathize with Brendan Reed’s ideology. He wants to help the weak, to break the overly proud… Discussing this philosophy with Brendan and his sons, training together, getting stronger together… For me, the Black Fang was the first place… that felt like home.
Lyn: “Felt”? Is that feeling gone?
Uhai: The Black Fang has changed. Nergal sent that woman……But it’s too late for me to change now.
Lyn: Why? Talk to us, we may be able to help.

Uhai: Expect no quarter merely because we are both nomads. Prepare yourself!”
—Vs. Uhai in Chapter 18
Lyn: Are you Darin? My grandfather… You tried to…

Darin: What? Who are you?
Lyn: I am Marquess Caelin’s granddaughter, Lyndis!
Darin: Oh…that senile fool? …That doddering wreck dared disagree with me… I was so happy to be rid of him.

Lyn: You’re a dead man!”
—Vs. Darin in Chapter 19
Nergal: Little girl from Sacae… You’d do well to vanish. One such as you is no match for me.

Lyn: The nomads of the plains do not abandon their fellow tribespeople. Eliwood and Hector are my dear friends… Their sorrow is my sorrow. Their anger is my anger.
Nergal: Pah…

Lyn: Nergal! In my friends’ names, I will cut you down!”
—Vs. Nergal in Final Chapter
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