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“Friendship is fakery—a shroud of lies and deception. I will burn that idea out of you, until only your true self remains. The raw fire at your core... Mortals are beasts! And I will tear you down until you realize THAT is your true nature.”
—Múspell to Laegjarn

Múspell is a boss character in Fire Emblem Heroes and the overarching antagonist of Book II. He's said to be the protector of the Kingdom of Múspell similar to how Nifl is the protector of the Kingdom of Nifl.


As explained by Nifl, many years ago, Múspell was the one who killed Hvergel by in-acting the flames of Múspell on her. He did this on purpose for he knew that Nifl would have no choice but to kill her in order to end her suffering.

A year after Laegjarn performed the rite of flame, Muspell revived Laegjarn by using the power of his flames. He demands her to kneel; he explains to her that he has leant her his power for the time being until he reclaims it back, until then she is his servant; her life is in his hands. Although she is aware of who he is, she has no intentions to becoming his slave. Muspell is impressed by her attitude, claiming it reminded him of 'another he lent his flame to long ago.' He then explains to her that he has revived her to fight against Nifl's champion, Fjorm. Laegjan instantly refuses, telling him that Fjorm is her friend. Muspell does not care for this, telling her to kneel and beg, as she then screams in pain.


As Nifl's opposite, Múspell is an emotional, hot-blooded being who desires war and for things to be constantly changing. He even brought Laegjarn back to life for the sole purpose of forcing her to fight Nifl's champion, who happens to be Fjorm.


Fire Emblem Heroes[]

Flame God
The god of Múspell, the Kingdom of Flame. His raging personality burns white-hot with a drive toward violence.

Base Stats[]

Rarity: ✯✯✯✯✯

Múspell Heroes sprite.pngTitle
Flame God
Heroes Cavalry.png Cavalry
FEH skill offense.png Flamelick Breath
FEH skill support.png Rally Attack
FEH Fire Breath.png Breath


FEH skill offense.pngFire Breath---
Fire Breath+Fire Breath--
FlametongueFire Breath+--
Flamelick BreathFlametongueFEH Star Rarity 5.pngFEH Star Rarity 5.png
FEH skill support.pngRally Attack---
Rally Up AtkRally Attack--
Rally Up Atk+Rally Up Atk--
AFEH AR-D Def Res 1.png AR-D Def/Res 1--
FEH AR-D Def Res 2.png AR-D Def/Res 2FEH AR-D Def Res 1.png AR-D Def/Res 1-
FEH AR-D Def Res 3.png AR-D Def/Res 3FEH AR-D Def Res 2.png AR-D Def/Res 2-
FEH AR-D Def Res 4.png AR-D Def/Res 4FEH AR-D Def Res 3.png AR-D Def/Res 3FEH Star Rarity 5.png
BFEH Dragon Wall 1.png Dragon Wall 1--
FEH Dragon Wall 2.png Dragon Wall 2FEH Dragon Wall 1.png Dragon Wall 1-
FEH Dragon Wall 3.png Dragon Wall 3FEH Dragon Wall 2.png Dragon Wall 2-
CFEH Domain of Flame.png Domain of Flame-FEH Star Rarity 5.png


Base Skills[]
Skill Inheritance Options[]


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Múspell's name is based off the realm of Norse Mythology that inspired the Múspell kingdom. In Norse Mythology, Múspelheim is the name of one of the Nine Worlds and considered one of two primordial realms alongside Niflheim. It is said to be a realm of fire and lava. It is home of the Jötunn Surtr.


  • Múspell shares his Japanese voice actor, Tessho Genda, with Surtr.
  • Múspell and Nifl are the only Book II associated characters who have their artwork not being made by Maeshima Shigeki.


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