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M-DEUS is an optional secret boss from Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE that can only be fought in a New Game+. He is the true form of Nieg, the Phantom Mirage that trades Incenses to Itsuki in exchange for Detritus in the Urahara Arena. King says that he is a Mage Dragon and an ally of Medeus. He can fought by being spoken to at the Arena and selecting the option, "I want to challenge you to a battle." King then takes on his true form of M-DEUS, and the battle begins.

He is an extra-powerful boss patterned after Medeus with a level of 99, making him the most challenging fight in the game on all difficulty levels. When defeated, Nieg will give Itsuki a Luck Incense.


Base Stats

Starting Class
TMS Dragon icon.png Dark Dragon
GIR Sword Icon.pngGIR Lance Icon.pngGIR Axe Icon.pngGIR Bow Icon.pngGIR Fire Icon.pngGIR Ice Icon.pngGIR Electricity Icon.pngGIR Force Icon.pngGIR Light Icon.pngGIR Dark Icon.png
GIR Sword Icon.png Tail

TMS Beast icon.png Giant Fang
GIR Electricity Icon.png Thunder Strike
GIR Support Icon.png Dark Breath
GIR Almighty Icon.png Energy Drain

GIR Almighty Icon.png Dies Irae


M-DEUS's name is a direct play on Medeus. "Deus" is also the Latin word for "god."

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